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Mike and lauren investing for beginners

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She shared her story with us, and her tips for young New Zealanders wanting to do the same. I started investing because I was curious about options for my savings, and the opportunities this could present me for my future. I watched how my dad retired early due to having investments, which encouraged and inspired me to give it a go. When I started looking at more opportunities for my future, the thought of buying a house really kicked my savings and investing into gear.

My first investment was after university. No one in my immediate circle was talking about investing, so it was my older sister who referred me to one of her investment platforms, having invested for years herself. I put money away and paid no attention to it apart from the minimum monthly investment requirements. This was somewhat of a good method of investing, but I also had no understanding of where my money was going or what sort of gains I was making.

This initial investment broke the ice for me and gave me the confidence to take more control of my money and invest again somewhere else. About a year ago, I invested with Sharesies for the first time. At first, it was daunting having to decide where to invest—but it was super easy and rewarding. A dream I had held for many years came to fruition much faster than I had initially imagined.

Even if current you wants to treatyourself. Which you still can do…you might just need to scale it back a little bit. Since beginning to invest, my attitude has completely changed. My friends and I even text each other market updates, and have some healthy banter around who is buying shares and where!

I treat my Sharesies account like pocket money. When I have some leftover money in my account, no matter how small, it goes into my Sharesies Wallet. I like the sense of security and independence in investing. I also enjoy the conversations that have come out of investing, and the change I can see in my friends who have started. Sharesies has made investing incredibly accessible and easy for my friends and I because of the low buy-in amount.

Definitely flip my mindset. I would have asked more questions and gotten started earlier. Nowadays, I have a completely changed investment strategy and am really enjoying the process. I feel now, with my Sharesies, KiwiSaver and other investments, I have a much greater handle and understanding of how my money is working for me.

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Read more. SoFi Active Investing is geared toward young investors getting their start in trading, with commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs and fractional shares. SoFi also offers cryptocurrency trading. The latest. Done loading. By Alieza Durana. By Cara Smith.

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Investing for Teenagers

Tonight we'll discuss how she saved so much money and her first steps towards investing as a beginner. Tune in and be sure to chat with us LIV. He's been investing for over 40 years and financially independent for beginner, investing on December 5, by Mike And Lauren. Hi there, we are Mike and Lauren! We like to travel, build things, The Best Personal Finance and Investing Youtubers and Channels [Ranked!] - FinCon.