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Macroeconomic indicators for forex forex chart patterns mt4 indicators

Macroeconomic indicators for forex

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A Budget Deficit is the situation when the expenses of the budget are higher than the income. A significant deficit of budget results in the growth of the national debt, which, in its turn, speeds up the inflation. A deficit of budget may be provoked by the income too low or the expenses too high.

The state may pick up one of the two ways of reducing the deficit:. In both cases the measures are politically unpopular, and, solving one problem, the state generates other. Most often, if the state has a chance to take an international loan, it does so, keeping the state stable.

However, it increases the national debt and the expenses for its maintenance, which is another expensive item of the budget. Leaving the problem of the deficit as it is, the state enhances the growth of the inflation, which entails growth of the interest rates, which, in its turn, has a negative effect upon producers and the population using credit means. A deficit too low, however, means either taxes too high or budget expenses too low, most often reduced on the expense of social programs or financing of the defense industry.

An insignificant deficit of budget leads to low inflation, which will entail a decrease in interest rates. A moderate deficit of budget demonstrates the efficacy of the state's economic policy. The ideal deficit would be that based on moderate inflation rates when all the needs of the interested parties are in balance. Unemployment Rate is a significant indicator of the state's economic development.

What is more, keeping it on the optimal, so-called natural, the level is a sign of healthy competitiveness on the labour market. The natural unemployment rate may be different depending on the country. For example, in Japan, an efficient unemployment rate is between 2. In Europe, the unemployment rate is about 9. High unemployment rate increases social tension and leads to a decrease in the real income of the population.

Low unemployment levels cannot be called a good sign either, because a lack of free workforce on the labour market compromises the interest of employers. Growth of the unemployment rate or a decrease in the employment of population usually entails a weakening of the national currency. The data on the unemployment rate is published monthly on the first Friday. The most influential indicator is the data on the labour market in the USA.

The main attention is attracted to the Non-Farm Payrolls NFP , which tells about the employment out of the agricultural sector. This index reflects the gross number of employees, accounted in the payrolls of enterprises. It is based on interviews with some , companies and 50, households. This data is renewed every month and corrected in accordance with seasonal changes. The Retail Sales index characterizes consumer expenses. This index reflects consumer demand as well as consumer trust.

The retail sales in the US have the most influence, as long as the consumer demand is the main moving force of the country's economy. On the basis of the retail sales index, the volume of retail sales minus the expenses on services is evaluated. The index is divided into the index including car sales and the index of other goods.

The latter is more informative as it is not that prone to changes. The retail sales index is subject to the influence of the personal income data from the previous periods, the auto sales info as well as consumer confidence. And the higher the CPI and the unemployment rate, the worse the retail sales index. The growth of retail sales enhances industrial development and production volume.

The value of the indicator is announced by The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce in the middle of every month. Personal Income consists of the salary of employed workers, dividends, rent payments, bank deposits, social payments and other revenue of the population. The information on the personal income has a rather limited influence on the exchange rates; however, its growth, together with a rather high level of expenses has a positive influence on the retail sales volume, which is good for the economic development.

Hence, the growth of the personal income of the population has an indirect influence on the increase in the rates of the national currency. The personal spending index includes purchases of non-durable and durable goods, as well as spending on services. The retail sales index, which includes the spending of the population on the non-durable and durable goods, is considered independently. This index does not include spending on services, because this value changes stably and is quite predictable.

The growth of personal spending is good for the national economy and, accordingly, leads to the growth of the national currency. However, the publication of the data may influence the market quite significantly if the value strongly differs from the previous one.

The statistics are published together with the personal income information monthly after the 20th. This index includes the state of production orders, the volumes of the product in stocks as well as the prices of the production. If the index is , it signals a slowdown of economic development. The publication of the Chicago PMI Index attracts a lot of attention because it is published a short time before the issuing of the main business activity index of the ISM and can provide an idea about the national business activity index.

The growth of the business activity index has a good influence on the national currency exchange rate. The data is published on the last workday of each month. The Consumer Confidence index reflects consumer mood. This index has been calculated since , and initially, its value was points. Traditionally, the index has been used for forecasting employment rates as well as the state of the economy in general.

The growth of the index signifies the positive development of the national economy and, indirectly, leads to the growth of the national currency. The information is published after the 20th of each month. The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is based on consumer opinion on the current state of the economy. The growth of the index leads to the growth of the dollar exchange rate.

The preliminary report is published on the 15th each month, while the final report — two weeks later. What is difference between pi and ppi trading, are they corelated? Or are they completely different thing from each other? What are the forex economic indicators are necessary to follow? It is high time to look around while there are not much statistics around.

The pair can be traded by fundamental or tech analysis and with the help of indicators. This article explains what NFTs are and shares a Top 5 list of companies connected to non-fungible tokens. This new exchange market week will be full of statistics. Investors will keep analysing global economies and geopolitics.

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Try Free Demo. Interest Rate Interest rate is an efficient instrument of credit and monetary policy of the state. There are the following types of interest rates: The refinancing rate bank rate is the conditions on which Central banks provide loans external means to commercial banks for them to meet their commitments and sustain liquidity. Interest rate is the price for using the money that commercial banks loan one from another for a short time during their business.

In different countries, it has different names but the idea remains the same — it is the main instrument of the monetary policy of Central banks. The federal funds rate is used in the USA in connection with the peculiarities of its banking system.

This is the loan rate for banks-members of the Federal Reserve System. The Balance of Payment is a sum of three components: The current account, which export and import operations are related to. The red exclamation marks identify the most important readings, while the orange exclamation marks indicate the readings with average significance. Finally, the white indicates that the release is anticipated to have little or no impact on the markets.

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