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Is Spotify Stock a good buy inaccording to Wall Street analysts? What is SPOT's earnings growth forecast for ? What is SPOT's revenue growth forecast for ? Min Forecast. Avg Forecast. Max Forecast.

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Forex analysts on rbc

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We use over 50, data points and a consistent, fact-based methodology. Highest-rated brokers. Other popular brokers. Other reviews. The team evaluates opportunities in global bond and currency markets by utilizing a proven investment process with a robust risk-management culture. We aim to build resilient portfolios that deliver consistent returns over the market cycle and preserve capital. Managing people's wealth is a privilege. Our commitment to investors is personal, and we take that duty seriously.

Alternative investments Alternative investments list About alternative investments. We take an active-management approach with a long-term investment horizon, aiming to deliver consistent returns and preserve capital over the market cycle. We use a team-based approach in order to provide our clients with the full depth and breadth of our combined expertise and to ensure continuity in the event of management turnover. We diversify globally in order to lower volatility and access more opportunities for earning excess returns alpha.

We pay particular attention to portfolio construction and position sizing making sure that risks taken are proportional to opportunities available in the market at any given time. We de-emphasize forecasting as an investment tool in favour of building portfolios which are resilient in a range of economic and market scenarios.

We believe that hedging foreign-currency risk is essential in core investment grade global bond portfolios. We incorporate review of environmental, social and governance ESG risks into our investment process, believing that these factors are relevant to a complete assessment of credit risk and value of securities.

Multi-layered approach We rely on a multi-layered approach that is methodical, consistent and empirical.

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And yet, markets are partying like it's — Dow Jones had its best quarter since , Nasdaq hit a record high. But just how far will the Fed go to support the economy? And will markets get a reality check? Economist, shares his update on the U. If content is king, then streaming platforms are its thrones. And those thrones are getting higher and higher as consumers cut the cord with traditional media providers.

Audiences have been seeking refuge in front of their screens and services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max have offered their entertaining alms in-kind. And who among them can survive the ongoing streaming wars? While most people have been under lockdowns, The Everything Store has been everywhere. The explosive demand for online shopping and surge in remote work have been boons for both Amazon's core retail offering and AWS, its cloud computing business.

But can the company capture and sustain this once-in-a-generation opportunity? And how will ongoing antitrust probes in both the U. The summer months — crucial for internships, seasonal work, and starting careers — might not be much better, as employers may call back their furloughed full-timers before hiring students.

How will these setbacks affect this cohort's long-term employment prospects? And how effective have government relief programs actually been? They weren't pretty, but there's been enough of a boost in activity that RBC Economics has adjusted its forecasts.

Quebec was the most dramatic example, with the return of 30, jobs. Practically overnight, legions of office workers shifted to working from home as their employers figure out how to keep them productive. That meant installing or improving video conferencing tools, messaging apps and the like — keys to an effective distributed workforce.

Now, employers are going a step further to reimagine the first principles of work — from location dependent to location agnostic. Welcome to Work 2. What will this mean for employees? And how are software firms capitalizing on this opportunity? Canada's major telecom operators are forging ahead with their plans to build 5G networks, despite government delays on the decision to allow Huawei to bid and the 3, Mhz wireless spectrum auction. At least Canada has strong 4G networks, which may tide us over 5G's decade-long build.

But as the crisis has revealed, connectivity is key to thriving in the new economy. Could these delays affect Canada's growth? And how might telcos address the digital divide between urban, and rural and remote communities? Ongoing protests against racism and violence towards Black communities have hit a boiling point, forcing companies everywhere to re-examine their practices and histories.

In addition to questions about police practices and systemic racism across all parts of society, corporate America is being challenged anew on its own record. What more can the private sector do? Global stock markets plunged after the U. Federal Reserve issued grim economic projections for the rest of and beyond. Budding investor optimism was quickly replaced with the sobering reality of a weak economy and a jump in COVID cases in some U.

Will we see the Fed intervene again? And what could the stock market rout mean for other asset classes? Neither would fellow Gulf states, and Mexico. Add to this an improving but fragile demand picture and it could explain why oil prices have been whipsawing since. How will this play out for the oil majors? And where was President Trump this time around? Summer is around the corner, but the forecast for the tourism sector is less-than-sunny.

With border and travel restrictions still in place even between provinces , families wishing to travel have fewer options than before. Maybe take a road trip around your province. Maybe rent out an Airbnb for a month. Whatever Canadians choose, it will be a boon to Canadian tourism, which has historically depended more on domestic than foreign visitors.

But will summer road trips be enough to save the sector? In a bygone era, the Sharing Economy had spelled out the death of the personal car — why have your own vehicle when you could just hail an Uber or Lyft? But the auto sector might see some green lights ahead, as people shift from shared transportation towards their own cars.

And does it put the brakes on trends such as autonomous vehicle technology? Auto Sector Analyst, shares his take on the future of cars. How are sectors that depend on immigrants, such as agriculture and healthcare, faring?

What are the broader consequences if newcomers stop coming? Before the pandemic, the challenges plaguing U. Think onerous regulations, outdated processes, and high prices. But the dark clouds of the crisis are bringing silver linings - less red tape, virtual access to doctors, and long-awaited innovation. How are healthcare providers adapting? And what role will Big Tech play? The start of the COVID crisis might forever be associated with a toilet paper shortage as people went into survival mode and stocked up on staples.

Or, in the language of Maslow's Hierarchy, people were just trying to meet their basic physiological and safety needs. But as we move up the pyramid and beyond the crisis, where and how we spend our money will be different from before.

How will retailers adapt? And what are people buying to reach self-actualization? The loonie has defied expectations during the recent rout in oil markets, hitching its wagon to another driver. Move over crude, hello equities. How will extended travel restrictions affect cross-border investments? And what could snowbird investors expect from the U.

Gold prices have surged during the COVID crisis, driven by low rates and aggressive policy measures to stimulate the economy and investors looking to hedge risks in the market — which explains why gold is staying high even as equities rally. Will the bulls of bullion continue to prevail? And what impact might the eventual recovery have? The provinces are expected to contract between 4. The good news is that we're heading into the recovery phase.

Barring any setbacks, the worst is behind us. We'll generally see a slow start, followed by a meaningful rebound in activity over the second half of the year continuing into — with each province going at its own pace. To bend the curve, Canadian policy makers have focused the latest round of relief on business. But how effective can these new measures be when much of the economy remains closed? But the road ahead is full of curves and unknowns that could slow the momentum or worse.

Looking in the rearview mirror, previous recessions offer a roadmap to guide the recovery journey. Equity Strategy, joins us to share lessons from past market downturns. Can the government do more than reopen factories? And what will it take to get Chinese consumers shopping, travelling, and spending again? Thanks to a focus on testing and tracing, authorities are gaining confidence to start easing restrictions, but not without some conditions and challenges still ahead.

North American producers have struggled to match the historic collapse in demand. Do Ottawa and Washington have the political stomach for that kind of risk? Bank Equity Strategy. The big U. European banks begin to report earnings this week, and are expected to do the same.

Bank Equity Strategy, joins us on the podcast. And yet, through the crisis, ESG-focussed investments have outperformed the market, and may be positioned to excel as governments design the biggest stimulus investments in history. For the first time, the price of West Texas Intermediate on futures markets plunged into negative territory. It's the market sending oil producers a message: "We're awash in oil.

Please shut in production. That's not the only figure in decline - national home sales are also down Prices, however, have remained relatively stable as supply dropped in proportion to demand. This may be the darkest quarter on record for the Canadian economy. Our consumer-driven economy could make a rebuild even tougher, as we all tend to our wounds and avoid public places for months to come.

As GDP declines and unemployment reaches unprecedented levels this quarter, it may be hard to spot silver linings. But come , low interest rates and pent-up demand should get growth headed back to normal. Global markets have rarely seen the volatility they endured in March, but in recent days a degree of calm has returned. And treatments — antivirals and anti-inflammatories, especially — could be months away.

Bad news, the economic cost is just beginning to hit home. Invest on autopilot and grow your net worth. First commission-free stock and ETF trading platform in Canada. Search and track stocks easily with watchlists and price alerts. Crypto trading platform for beginners and advanced traders. Low trading fees at 0. Trade 16 popular cryptocurrencies. Offers self-directed and professionally managed portfolios. No trading commissions on ETF purchases. Earn high interest rates on your savings accounts incl.

Up to x more earnings than other banks. No monthly account fees; fast and easy online sign-up. Free and unlimited bill payments and Interac e-Transfers. Sign up now to join thousands of other visitors who receive our bi-weekly newsletter and latest personal finance tips. Enoch Omololu is a personal finance expert and a veterinarian.

He also has an MSc. Enoch has a passion for helping others win with their personal finances and has been writing about money matters for over a decade. His top investment tools include Wealthsimple and Questrade. I am an existing RBC client Imagine how many opportunities I could have missed during this long wait time! There is no contact information in that email at all if you need to follow up or have questions. I have to google and look for that information myself. After a week, I called to follow up on my application.

I was told there was missing information in my application. They will not contact you about the missing information but you have to call to find out yourself. I provided the required missing documents within a day or 2 and was told that no more information is pending on my end and the account will be processed in a couple of business days.

Another week passed by and nothing, no updates from RBC. I called the phone again. I waited for more than an hour on the phone until RBC phone system decided to just disconnect me. Tried again and waited for another hour more and same thing, got disconnected from RBC.

The agent says the application was escalated already and would be processed in a couple of business days. Another week passed by, same frustration, no updates. I sent them an email for updates. No response at all! Obviously, RBC does not care about their customer. The agent says pretty much the same thing as the previous agent that nothing is pending from my end and the application will be processed in a couple business days. They probably mean months or even years. I would strongly recommend anyone to save yourself all the hassles and to avoid RBC Direct Investing at all cost.

BMO investorline and Waterhouse do live intraday fx valuation during the day. Not a big deal just annoying. Probably be about the same except no commissions. RBCDI for me has been nothing but outstanding, my account was opened within 36 hours after submission without any errors at all.

Plus their customer service is among the best I have ever experienced, and I switched from QTrade Investor which is known for their service. Great investment product, tools, research and community. Sign me up for your mailing list. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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A forward-looking analysis of Canadian, U.S. and international financial market trends including interest rate and currency forecasts. The RBC Global Fixed Income and Currencies Team manages a broad range of global fixed income products. The team evaluates opportunities in global bond and. Experience ; Vice President - Commercial FX. RBC Capital Markets. Mar ; Senior Corporate Dealer - FX Structured Products. moneycorp Americas. Oct