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Forex fractal advisor the best forex scalping strategies

Forex fractal advisor

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In the basic settings recommended by the author, three Moving Averages are marked different colors and have different settings and names:. Now, let us figure out how to use this strategy and when to open positions. As long as this is a trend strategy, it does not give any signals in flats. However, this is going to be even helpful. Our task is to catch the moment when the Alligator is in a flat sleeping and the three MAs are intertwining.

Meanwhile, Fractals will form both above and below the Alligator. The strategy initially includes the principle that some time after a flat or consolidation of the price a mighty trend movement happens, and the price starts growing or declining. This is the purpose of the strategy - catching a large directed movement, or a trend. Then wait for the price to start moving in either direction so that the Alligator begins to wake up the MAs start moving in the direction of the trend.

Keep a close eye on the last two Fractals: they will show us the entry point to the trade. In the picture below, we may see that the Alligator is waking up and starting to move upwards. The line called Lips crosses the Teeth and Jaws from below. The last fractal let us call it "valid" formed at the top marked as 2 shows the entry point to the trade. A breakaway of the high of the valid fractal will signal to enter the market. The perfect moment is when the current price broke away the high and the candlestick closed above the fractal.

Then place a Stop Loss: for this, use the last downward fractal marked 1 in the picture. As we see, the level for the SL is the nearest low. There is a flat in the market. The Alligator lines intertwine, and Fractals form above and below the MAs. After the flat, the market starts moving downwards, the Alligator wakes up and opens its mouth. The green Lips line crosses the Teeth and Jaw from above. Wait for the price to break away the low of the last valid Fractal looking down and the price to close.

Then open a selling position with an SL behind the last upward Fractal marked 1 in the picture. Then wait for the trading situation to develop. Regardless of being simple, the strategy has certain peculiarities that must not be ignored. The use on short timeframes M1, M5 gives a lot of false signals. Optimal charts for trading are M30, H1, and sometimes H4. If you comply with all the rules of entering a trade by this strategy, you can enter the trade at the very birth of a trend and gather almost all the momentum as your profit.

Open Trading Account. Has been in Forex since , also trades in the stock market. Regularly participates in RoboForex webinars meant for clients with any level of experience. It is high time to look around while there are not much statistics around. The pair can be traded by fundamental or tech analysis and with the help of indicators. This article explains what NFTs are and shares a Top 5 list of companies connected to non-fungible tokens.

This new exchange market week will be full of statistics. Investors will keep analysing global economies and geopolitics. There are still too many emotions in quotes. The article describes the way of combining the EMA and Awesome Oscillator on H1, peculiarities of this medium-term trading strategy, and money management rules.

Every week, we will send you useful information from the world of finance and investing. We never spam! Check our Security Policy to know more. Try Free Demo. The Fractals and Alligator indicators: the base of the strategy This strategy is based on two indicators designed by Bill Williams and included in most trading terminals by default: Fractals Alligator Fractals indicator settings The Fractals indicator looks like an arrow above a Japanese candlestick or a bar and points at the price extreme.

For a Fractal to appear, the following conditions are necessary: The highs of the two first candlesticks are increasing. The high of the third candlestick is higher than those of the preceding two candlesticks. The highs of the fourth and fifth candlesticks are decreasing gradually. If all the requirements are met, a fractal forms on the extreme. Fractals indicator Alligator indicator settings The Alligator indicator is the unity of Moving Averages with certain settings.

Alligator indicator In the basic settings recommended by the author, three Moving Averages are marked different colors and have different settings and names: Fast Moving Average is colored green, called "Lips", and have the settings: period 5, shift 3.

The Middle Moving Average is colored, called "Teeth", and have settings: period 8, shift 5. Slow Moving Averages colored blue, called "Jaw", and have settings: period 13, shift 8. Therefore, fractals in Forex strategy should be used only in conjunction with trend indicators. A built-in indicator Fractals with default settings is used to find fractals. Arrows of the indicator define the found fractals and do not repaint. The Alligator indicator is usually used with default settings, but allows customization.

Option of the Williams fractal strategy without the Alligator is more risky. We perform analysis at the opening of the current day on the chart D If the up fractal formed, we open a deal to sell at the opening of the day, if the lower one — to buy.

You can open with the market or set pending orders:. Stops and take-profits in this case are generally not used; at the end of the day the deals are closed manually, but if a new fractal is not formed the trend continues , it is possible to hold the deal or enter again. Stop is still recommended to set behind the level of the key fractal. Please keep in mind that candles after the key bar shall not be taken into account, because at the time of appearance of the indicator arrow they have to be closed, i.

Important: a significant portion of the trend movement is lost in waiting for the "appropriate" fractal. This strategy needs a serious deposit. Timeframe : for analysis and search for the entry point — M15, for support of the transaction — from H1 and above. Control of transactions before the night session is required.

So, the strategy gives a signal to open a position to buy if:. We place a BuyStop order points above the closing price of the candle that formed the fractal. Close the deal at the reverse of the price breakthrough of the Alligator red line downwards and closure of the candle below it , or by take-profit.

We place a SellStop order points below the closing price of the candle that formed the lower fractal. Close the deal at the reverse of the price breakthrough of the Alligator red line upwards and closure of the candle above it , or by take-profit. You can also close the deal at the formation of closed candle in the opposite direction. Stop-loss by this procedure is set at the most remote extreme of the last two opposite fractals: to buy — at the lowest of the last 2 fractals, to sell — at the highest.

Important: to make a decision about the deal, the direction of the Alligator and the location of the fractal are equally important. The transaction at the breakthrough of the fractal upwards opens only if the fractal is above the Alligator's Teeth, the transaction to sell — if below the Alligator's Teeth. If the Alligator lines are intertwined, i.

The longer the period of consolidation, the stronger the subsequent movement — you can set the pending orders on the breakthrough beyond the boundaries of small fractals. You only need to familiarize yourself with the classification of fractals and not to violate the basic principles of money management and techniques in trading.

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Download free MT4 Fractals Trailing Stop EA and let this MetaTrader expert advisor trail your stop-loss levels to the recent Fractals indicator values. Download fractals expert advisor for free of charge Fractals is a technical indicator allowing to find local lows and highs on chart of a certain financial. This Forex Three Fractals Expert Advisor identifies trend reversals based on fractals and some other indicators.