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Financial advisor index investing

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On the other end of the spectrum of actively managed funds are index funds. These are a group of assets that are held long-term with low turnover. Due to low turnover and lack of active trading, fees typically tend to be lower. The amount of assets in these funds can be very diversified. Spreading out risk will hopefully avoid a large loss if one asset becomes largely unprofitable.

He also noted that I choose to invest in low-cost index funds. This is something which he admitted would likely save thousands in fees over time. Overall, his impression was the same as mine. Low cost index funds are most likely the most cost-effective way to invest retirement funds in the stock market for the average investor. Prior to medical school I worked on a farm to earn some money.

I worked too hard for that money to see it go towards fees. The financial advisor I met with pitched the idea of letting him actively manage part of my investment account. The same can be also said about to The most famous investor of our time, Warren Buffett, made a famous bet against any actively traded fund.

He bet that his passively invested index fund would beat an actively traded fund over a decade. My first thought was that if no one was able to beat one of the best investors of our time, what makes this advisor so special? I pushed him to give details to his plan but his answer was often telling me that its complicated. Investing does not have to be complicated. At of the time of this publication, Mr. Not only did his passively invested fund produce better returns, but fees between the two would have accounted for thousands of dollars in fees in the actively traded fund.

In effect, the outcome between the two is even further apart. His second argument was that he could mitigate losses or even make money in a market downturn. He proposed that since the stock market was at a peak right now, that a drop may be in the future at an unknown date. When there is a downturn in the future, he argued that money could be made in an actively traded account. If my retirement accounts were to stay as is with no changes, then I would stand to lose money as the market down turned.

We spoke about how he could buy options and other complex means to help of set risks to try to increase reward. All of these method, take extra time, fees, and some degree of luck. My counter argument was to mitigate risk by using asset allocation. He may end up saving his clients money in a downtown or even make them money.

There are no guarantees to his method. Betting on his plan, is in essence betting on him that he will somehow do better than a well-balanced fund. Lets run some numbers with a similar situation. My current portfolio is:. Lets make another assumption. I keep my job and continue to contribute to retirement at the same rate.

I have my retirement portfolio set up to re-balance with each contribution. This gives a total year over year return during the recession of 0. This means client fees are their only compensation and they don't earn commission when you invest in certain funds or buy financial products. Top Robo Advisor Conferences.

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Twitter LinkedIn icon The word "in". LinkedIn Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Flipboard Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Copy Link. Best online financial advisor Editor's rating Fees Next steps. SoFi Automated Investing Betterment Wealthfront Ellevest Blooom Other online financial advisors we considered How to find an in-person financial advisor How we determined the winners Frequently asked questions.

SoFi Automated Investing. Account Minimum. Investment Types. Editor's Rating. Pros No account minimum or management fees to invest Goal planning and automatic portfolio rebalancing Range of other account options across SoFi website SoFi offers complimentary CFP access across all accounts.

Cons No tax-loss harvesting No socially responsible portfolio options. More Information Promotion: None at this time. Consider it if: You're new to investing and want to leave the trading decisions to professionals. Pros No minimum for standard investing account Goal-based planning, tax-loss harvesting, charitable giving, and socially responsible investing available Access to certified financial planners Mobile app with external account syncing options.

Cons You'll have to pay to consult a human advisor, unless you have the premium plan Limited investment selection. App store rating: 4. Wealthfront Investing. Pros Low annual fee for investment accounts; crypto trust investments available Tax-loss harvesting, portfolio lines of credit, college savings plans available Cash account Mobile app and investing and retirement tools.

More Information Consider it if: You're balancing several goals and want to streamline your finances. Cons No active trading opportunities available; money is mainly invested in stock ETFs and bond ETFs You can only open individual investment accounts; joint accounts or custodial accounts not available No tax-loss harvesting.

Consider it if: You're looking for a one-stop shop for financial planning. Blooom Automated Investing. Pros Automated and personalized management for k s and other employer-sponsored plans Free k or IRA analysis No account minimum Human financial advisors available through Standard and Unlimited pricing plans.

Cons Account management only available for employer-sponsored plans and IRAs No phone customer support. Consider it if: A large portion of your wealth is in one or more employer-sponsored retirement accounts. Tanza Loudenback. She broke down personal finance news and wrote about taxes , investing , retirement , wealth building , and debt management.

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Index Fund Advisors is a fee-only independent fiduciary financial advisor that specializes in risk-appropriate portfolios of index funds. "If the goal is simply to invest money indefinitely then a low-cost index is perfect and a great part of executing a financial plan," says. Financial advisors can draw up plans or recommend specific investment products and vehicles to meet the needs of their clients. Some advisors charge a straight.