didi stock price forecast
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Didi stock price forecast news on the forex exchange

Didi stock price forecast

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The current news and development suggest that DIDI will continue to go down. The growth expectation is shattered by delisting the app. The company has a lot of debt, just like any tech companies. Earning growth will be slumpped until they figure out how to get past the hurddles. Management's dishonesty was well documented with Break and retest Long term investments Yearly investments Percentage gain. DiDi Global Inc. It offers ride hailing, taxi hailing, chauffeur, hitch, and other forms of shared mobility services, as well as enterprise business ride solutions; auto solutions comprising leasing, refueling, and Hello Traders!

I believe this stock has the potential to move higher after being hammered since IPO need to break 5. RSI has left oversold zone The last 3 sessions closed green. MACD Curling. Reversal in play. The Didi-Rider app is currently not available in China, because the Chinese government had the Didi app deleted from app stores. They are facing threats from the regulators, and this can mean further downside for the app.

This is not financial advice just my opinion. According to elliott wave analysis, pricing is heading to complete which impulse wave C. A falling flag could be forming, at the same time as a cup with a handle, if we wait for the resistance to break, the height h of the cup could be projected, it is a graphic representation only. In China, regulators have the free hand to come up and implement any policies.

And companies must obey the orders from Beijing. In a statement today, a Chinese regulator came up with new policies aimed at reigning on technology companies like DiDi and Alibaba. Therefore, there is a possibility that the DiDi stock price will retreat today. So, what next for the Softbank-banked company? A few weeks ago, it was reported that the company was working with banks to go private. If this happens, it will be a major humbling of the biggest ride hailing company in China.

Still, while DiDi shares are still cheaper than its peers, they are significantly volatile. For one, recently, authorities announced a new five-year plan to boost regulations. Therefore, the firm will likely be affected. Also, it is not clear the firm will go private.