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Both blue- and white-collar voters have anxiety about health care. Indeed, health-care policy was a wedge Democrats used to push suburbanites away from the GOP in Both feel the bite of rising health-insurance costs, and both fear the vulnerability that comes without having a health-care plan. Efforts to reduce the costs of health care and provide a subsidy backstop for the vulnerable could speak to voters across the income and education spectra.

More Tobias: He attends the Media Circus, and finds a particular clown. He published five interviews with election experts — two with mainstream pollsters Dave Wasserman and Nate Cohn, and one with Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics — with predictable lines of questioning. The new November 30, issue gathers 17 insightful articles that try to make sense of the recent election. As is our custom, we here share some links and passages of four pieces.

Maybe by the time we finish the fourth, we may add a fifth. The autopsy took it as a given that the Republican Party could succeed — and diversify — only by reaching out to social-moderate voters inclined to support its free-market economics. Trump turned the advice on its head, finding new working-class white voters in and making gains among nonwhite voters in His electoral coalition is obviously too narrow — he barely eked out a win in and barely lost in barring some extraordinary reversal.

Next, he demonstrated that the GOP must be the unabashedly anti-woke party. Matt Continetti sees Schumer and Pelosi as helpless long term with the Jacobin ascendency. How did the Democrats reach this impasse? The party is split between its old guard and a woke social-justice Left whose media celebrity amplifies an agenda that spooks moderates, independents, and Republicans.

Collectively, the House Democratic leadership is older than the Constitution itself. Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old and has been in charge of House Democrats for 18 years. Steny Hoyer, the majority leader, is 81 years old. And House whip James Clyburn is also Pelosi has catered to the Left to insulate herself from a leadership challenge.

Her reluctance to take on the Squad led to two miscalculations that cost the Democrats seats. The first was impeachment. It was the goal of the so-called Resistance since before Donald Trump took office. Lipinski says that when he was a professor at the University of Tennessee in , he received an unexpected phone call from his father, who already had accepted the Democratic nomination to run again for Congress that year.

Suddenly, the elder Lipinski wanted to quit. He was good enough to win that first race in a solidly Democratic district that encompasses the ballpark of the Chicago White Sox but mostly stretches south and west of the city. Six reelections with little more than token opposition followed.

With each election cycle, however, Lipinski saw fewer pro-life Democrats return to Congress. Others retired or suffered defeat. The DNA is all there. If you truly believe that life begins at conception, you have to protect that life. The media was the Biden campaign, says Charlie Cooke. This sort of gaslighting was almost endless. From the moment he won the nomination, talking heads on every channel except Fox made sure to pretend that they believed that Biden was a moderate and that his age was of no concern whatsoever.

This year, the process of transformation was finally completed. To read through the election-season pieces linked from the RealClearPolitics aggregator each day was to gain a key insight into the coverage writ large. At times, the whole thing felt like a game of bizarre one-upmanship. A lot of attention has been given by the press to one kook who will join the ranks of the House GOP caucus: Marjorie Taylor Greene, who promoted deranged conspiracy theories in the past, defeated a neurosurgeon in a GOP primary in deep-red northwest Georgia this summer.

But the GOP candidates who took over Democratic seats are impressive individuals — all of whom happen to belong to racial minorities, be veterans, or be women sometimes representing more than one of those demographics. Outside of Charleston, S. Private entities — yes, even for-profit businesses — will necessarily be important constitutional entrepreneurs in space. Recent years have seen a number of exciting developments with respect to private activity in outer space.

There are serious discussions at the national and international levels about the feasibility of space-property rights, and recent congressional legislation and executive orders have had a decidedly pro-celestial commerce bent. And NASA set an important commercial precedent by offering to pay private companies for an on-site transfer of lunar regolith moon rocks.

The prospects for markets in space are bright, provided we successfully navigate the various legal challenges and secure buy-in from respected international partners. Kudos to Musk for raising the issue, and for taking meaningful steps toward innovative space governance. From the report :. A high GIEM score indicates that citizens in a particular country support the idea that their government should not play a major role in directing or regulating economic activity or in redistributing income.

Citizens of high-scoring countries typically back an institutional framework that prioritizes private initiative, free competition, and personal responsibility — in short, a system of free enterprise. The GIEM study found that countries that embrace a free-market mentality have more efficient economic institutions and higher per capita GDP than those who support socialist, interventionist mentalities.

The Global Index of Economic Mentality study also contains additional findings of note. These data suggest that while the Chicago Boys, many of whom are my friends, accomplished innumerable free-market reforms — reforms that have led to a great improvement in prosperity and the second-highest GDP per capita of any country in South America — they have failed to convince the Chilean public of the benefits of the free-market system that has lifted them out of poverty.

More Hanke: Steve reports Erdogan hitting the panic button. Uysal is the second top monetary official Erdogan has axed in the past 16 months. Instability is nothing new for the lira. Indeed, inflation has ravaged Turkey for decades. The average annual inflation rates for the s, s, s, and s were Those horrendous numbers mask periodic lira routs.

In , —01, and most recently since , the lira has been torn to shreds. And, since the first of this year, the lira has depreciated by 30 percent against the greenback. Today, inflation in Turkey is soaring at Ramesh Ponnuru argues that the drive to make the GOP a workers party should include a role for the Fed. There are a lot of government policies that might be helpful to hard-working Americans at, say, the 25th percentile of income.

The two periods in recent decades that saw the most widespread wage gains, including for people starting with low wages, were the late s and the period. Both were characterized by relatively and increasingly stable growth of nominal spending. Having the Federal Reserve aim for such stable growth has not, however, been a priority for conservatives, to say the least.

When spending dropped dramatically during the great recession, with the brunt of the resulting economic pain being borne by blue-collar workers, Republicans warned that attempting to restore it would be dangerously inflationary — in the midst of one of the longest stretches of low inflation we have had since World War II.

They advanced legislation that would explicitly direct the Fed not to consider the effect of monetary policy on labor markets. Republicans are currently considering the Fed nomination of Judy Shelton, who has spent most of her career urging that monetary policy be ever tighter but has very recently aligned herself instead with the completely opposite views of President Trump.

America Assembled is a love letter to election fraud, says Armond White. From the review :. Unlike West and Jackson, Piette announces to Hollywood and the far-left electorate that he thinks like them. Piette employs Endgame iconography to celebrate an idea from the Democratic Party Plantation — his hoped-for defeat of the Trump administration.

Mary unearths rocks and examines and polishes their ancient impressions, for sale to tourists and eventual exhibition in the British Museum. She works with studied intensity, the same solitary grimness that hides her homosexual longings. Lee and Winslet present us with the image of a hard stone to crack. Sure enough, the fossils they dig out together — ammonites are marine creatures from the Paleozoic era — wind up in the British Museum, symbols of sexual liberation.

Madeleine Kearns finds the Netflix remake of Rebecca lame-o, especially when compared to the original. From the beginning of the review :. In the novel, a young woman in her early 20s, employed as a companion to a rich lady in Monte Carlo, hastily marries a wealthy English widower, whereupon the couple return to his estate, Manderley.

There, a sinister housekeeper jealously guarding the memory of the first Mrs. Rather abruptly, the story, told in the first person by the heroine, turns into a sort of crime novel. Wheatley, known for his gratuitously gruesome horror movies, barges past all the intricacies, intrigue, and subtlety of the text to produce something entirely so-so. Miss Fontaine does it — and does it not simply with her eyes, her mouth, her hands and her words but with her spine.

From the article. He refused to let his job interfere with his romantic life, and then there was the matter of that suit and that car. Not that Bond suffered from an unmanly preoccupation with appearances. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad. The cinematic Bond — embodied, in the first five films in the series and then two thereafter, by Connery, the recently deceased Scotsman who so credibly projected the twin threats of violence and seduction — gradually overtook the literary Bond.

As was supposed to have been said of Cary Grant, women wanted to be with Bond, and men wanted to be him. Ayn Rand, who praised both the Fleming novels and the first Bond film, Dr. No , argued that Bond as a character appealed to audiences who, eager for hero identification, substituted his fantastical adventures for their own workaday worries.

From the reflection :. Thompson and a few others in the early s, is now as dead as the penny dreadfuls and the jingo journalism of the early s. Wolfe was convinced that the death of the novel, whose imagined demise was being widely discussed in the literary journals of the period, was an actual fact.

If that were indeed the case, he reasoned, some new literary form was needed to replace it. His answer to this need was participatory journalism, in which journalists realized their reportorial subjects as novelistic characters and the reporter inserted himself among them and joined in their activities on the printed page. The trick was to catch and convey the freneticism, the exaggeration, the hyper-pace, the hyper-stimulation and the hyper-sexuality that distinguished what Wolfe named the Purple Decades — fueled by revolutionary enthusiasms, booze and, above all, drugs — through the relentless deployment of a style similar to that of the morning radio shows, its breathless quality suggested by the liberal use of ellipses.

A careful reader will note how, in the fiction as in the journalistic essays, on the occasions when Wolfe lapses for practical reasons into straightforward prose Radical Chic offers many examples of this , the writing is indistinguishable from that found in the commercial magazines.

Bloomberg had resisted ratifying new contracts because he sought labor savings from the unions, including from health benefits for workers and retirees. For every dollar that the department pays an officer in salary, it spends nearly as much on pensions and health care for workers and retirees, who make virtually no contributions toward their own health care, something rare even in the public sector these days.

But those expenses keep mounting because de Blasio has left them untouched. Upon its publication in , We Hold These Truths had an immediate impact not just in theological circles but also political ones. Ted Sorensen, aide to then-Democratic president candidate John F. One wonders if Sorensen had even read the book. The cultural high-water point for American Catholics was from until the early s, and during the Second Vatican Council American prelates exercised more influence than ever.

As Russell Hittinger has argued , Dignitatis humanae was part of the long shift away from an ecclesiology of a Church established in confessional nation-states whose governments interfered with Church affairs to a global Church asserting independent, spiritual authority directly to the faithful. However, soon after the Church endorsed religious liberty, American clergy implemented regrettable liturgical excesses during the introduction of the new Mass.

With these two intertwined, American Catholic traditionalists have tended to link a demand for the reversion to the pre-conciliar liturgy, and for the return to the pre-conciliar role of confessional states — a regime that could use coercion and violence to impose a Catholic order from above.

The traditionalists treat Murray as a liberal who attempted to negotiate a compromise between the Church and liberalism, but this interpretation is superficial. To appreciate the contribution Murray made to American Catholicism requires us to do the reading. It is plain in the text that Murray was not a liberal, and We Hold These Truths was not an endorsement of liberalism. On the contrary, Murray repeatedly condemns liberalism. Rather, what one finds is the application of practical reason informed by natural law thinking, and Murray argued that the American Founding preserved enough of the old natural law tradition to rescue it from relativism and serve as a basis for preserving a peaceful consensus in a pluralistic nation.

Murray never identified America as the best regime but only provided a defense of the American constitutional order in Catholic terms. As of November 7, , a US dollar is worth approximately , rials. As pressure kept mounting against the regime, Tehran also faced several widespread protests in the country, which endangered the hold on power of the ruling clerics. President Rouhani has already called for restoring the nuclear deal. At Quillette , Abigail Shrier laments the role of Big Tech in trying to suppress her book on transgender madness among young women.

What I aim to do, as a journalist, is to investigate cultural phenomena, and here was one worth investigating: Between and , the number of females seeking gender surgery quadrupled in the United States. Thousands of teen girls across the Western world are not only self-diagnosing with a real dysphoric condition they likely do not have; in many cases, they are obtaining hormones and surgeries following the most cursory diagnostic processes. The notion that this sudden wave of transitioning among teens is a worrying, ideologically driven phenomenon is hardly a fringe view.

Indeed, outside of Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and college campuses, it is a view held by a majority of Americans. There is nothing hateful in suggesting that most teenagers are not in a good position to approve irreversible alterations to their bodies, particularly if they are suffering from trauma, OCD, depression, or any of the other mental-health problems that are comorbid with expressions of dysphoria.

And yet, here we are. The efforts to block my reporting have been legion, starting with staff threats at a publishing house, which quickly reversed its original intention to publish my book. Amazon allows sponsored ads for books that uncritically celebrate medical transition for teenagers.

Because the book tackles an interesting phenomenon, a number of established journalists wanted to review it. The issue of trans-identification has seemed to come out of nowhere with Gen Z, the generation begun in whose large-scale mental-health crisis already has us so on edge. And the issue has created surprising bedfellows.

Religious conservatives are concerned about the trend — but so are lesbians, who look upon the shocking numbers of teen girls transitioning with abject alarm. Many suspect that all this transitioning of girls is effectively euthanizing a generation of young lesbians.

This Monday, the Sheriff left his gun at home: In the First he managed to escape disaster despite walking three Giants, but by the time he was yanked in the Third, having just served up a gopher ball to Mel Ott , New York was ahead And the floodgates opened again. Cubs shortstop Woody English blew a ground ball, more hits came, and then Giants starter Larry Benton who had led the NL in wins in with 25 smacked a home run. When Chicago took its turn at the plate in the bottom of the frame, they were facing a deficit.

That became in the Fifth, when Benton singled to drive in another run. And then came the clawing back, courtesy of the long ball. In the Fifth Cliff Heathcote hit a solo shot to make the game a speck less laughable. In the Sixth, Benton served up a three-run dinger to Clyde Beck. And in the next frame, four Cubs launched homers over the ivy brick wall: Beck again a two-run shot and solo home runs by Wilson, Heathcote, and Charlie Grimm.

Benton was yanked, and after two more appearances, the Giants traded him to the Reds. But back to Wrigley Field in The score now stood at , and still the Cubs would not give up. Heving was yanked, and the aging Joe Genewich took the mound, with Heathcote, the winning run, up and looking for his third dinger of the day. Twas not to be. With one pitch the drama ended, in the words every batter hates to hear: double play. Poor Valerie, a lady of grace and dignity, always, tells that her cancer has metastasized, now in her bones.

She asks for prayers. This request will not be denied. Would those of you who do pray, who ask God our Creator to cure, to comfort — always knowing Thy will be done — petition Him on her behalf? Prayers were urged. Please do continue them if you would be so generous with your time and thoughts.

Jack Fowler, who can be stirred from a funk with diatribes and all else if communicated to jfowler nationalreview. Those goldarned Dems! Remember Lyndon Johnson and his Ballot Box 13 — brazen but gotta admire that, no? By the way, on Thursday morn this was happening in Michigan. There are even some places where miracles happen — more votes cast than voters registered. Loaves and fishes! Somebody must have watched The Great McGinty. Who makes your hats, Reynolds Wrap? So why doncha just move along.

And so we shall. Short-and-sweet, then expanded further on down because. Apply here. Editorial: We contend the President has the right to defend his interests, but should tame the rhetoric: Read it here. Victor Davis Hanson says the gas-lighting of the middle class has been quite intentional. The Disinformationists. The Golden State rejects racial quotas. Will Swaim is thrilled by the slice of sanity. California: Not as Crazy as We Thought. Check it out here. Brian Allen misses non-electronic face-to-face, but makes do with the virtual arts fair: Aphrodite, Heracles, and an Ephebe in a Virtual Arts Fair.

We contend the President has the right to defend his interests, but should tame the rhetoric. Of course, any credible allegations of irregularities should be tracked down, and the more transparency, the better. Republican election observers should be especially vigilant in locales such as Philadelphia, where the Democratic machine has a well-earned reputation for shady dealing. If a close result in Pennsylvania depends on late-arriving absentee ballots counted under the new rules written by the state supreme court, that indeed could be a matter for the U.

Supreme Court although reports suggest the number of such ballots is very small. In the future, other states need to adopt the election rules and practices of Florida. The Sunshine State managed to tally a prodigious number of early votes quickly and have a reliable result within hours of the polls closing.

Everyone else should be able to do it, too. In the end, they may have failed to change many of the outcomes. They are now the party of the ultra-rich, at war with the middle classes, whom they write off as clingers, deplorables, dregs, and chumps. In that context, the staggering amounts of money were a valuable marker. The liberal mega-rich are warning politicians that from now on, they will try to bury populist conservatives with so much oppositional cash that they would be wise to keep a low profile.

Winning is not the only aim of lavish liberal campaign funding. Deterring future opponents by warning them to be moderate or go bankrupt is another motivation. Nevertheless, Trump points to a viable GOP future even if he comes up short. He posted startling gains among Latino voters. Indeed, the education- and class-based re-sorting of the GOP — affluent suburbs peeling off and working-class voters coming on board — predated Trump.

The concerns of these voters have to figure prominently in the agenda of the GOP going forward. Trump imitators will likely fail. Ryan Young says the free market won important victories on Election Day. While they were at it, California voters also said no to expanding rent controls, finally heeding the warnings economists have been shouting since the s.

New York and other states are considering their own AB5-style measures. The federal PRO Act , which passed this Congress and will likely be reintroduced next session, would implement a nationwide version of AB5. The prospects for these have now dimmed. Illinois voters said no to giving their legislature the ability to raise taxes more easily.

The Illinois state constitution requires a flat income tax. The Fair Tax Amendment would have changed that to allow a progressive tax and would have made tax increases easier. The Illinois legislature had already passed a separate tax hike bill, conditional on voters approving the amendment.

Voters disapproved by a 55—45 margin, and taxes will remain as they are. Oregon decriminalized possession of hard drugs. Five other states legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, including socially conservative Mississippi. Oregon and the District of Columbia also decriminalized hallucinogenic mushrooms.

These are important libertarian victories, and not in the snickering libertine sense. These are victories for the rule of law. Zilvinas Silenas sees surprisingly good economic numbers, but fears that lockdown politics might kneecap the recovery. The truth is not that our current 7. We had a red-hot economy, which was, unfortunately, dunked in a bath of ice water. Remember this when politicians push more taxes and more government regulations, or when your friend at the cocktail party complains that the U.

Going back to U. The moral of the story: It is easy to shut down the economy, but not so easy to get it going again. It took seven years to go from 10 percent unemployment in to 5 percent in It took eight years to go down from 7 percent unemployment in to 3. Helen Raleigh explains why Red China is rooting for Biden.

China started land-reclamation efforts in the South China Sea in It sent a dredger to Johnson South Reef in the Spratly archipelago. The dredger was so powerful that it was able to create eleven hectares of a new island in less than four months with the protection of a Chinese warship. China insisted that its land-reclamation efforts were for peaceful purposes, such as fishing and energy exploration.

However, satellite images show there are runways, ports, aircraft hangars, radar and sensor equipment, and military buildings on these manmade islands. Today, General Secretary Xi Jinping, whose photo is linked with that of Mao wherever you turn in China, is leading an Orwellian campaign of control and intimidation of the 1.

According to reliable sources, including the U. The prominent Uyghur writer Nurmuhammad Tohti, for example, suffered a heart attack during his internment and died shortly after being released. When his body was returned to his home, his legs were still chained.

Members of all faiths are routinely questioned by the government and often imprisoned. Freedom House reports that at least million Protestant Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, and Falun Gong practitioners face very high levels of persecution. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. Fat Chance: Kyler Smith counsels media reflection on its blindness, but knows the boys on the bus will stick to outrage. From the beginning of the piece :.

The Democratic Party, reports Politico , is in a dizzy state of morning-after soul-searching right now. Others note that Joe Biden was the quintessential Washington hack, hardly the embodiment of an Obama-like fresh start. Influential members of the party will give a sharp tug in the general direction of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

It was as if an entire football game was played with the prevent defense. The media will be tempted to follow that storyline, and their frustration with Biden as he settles into a caretaker presidency that is probably ideal for him will be evident. They should resist the temptation. What the leading news outlets should do instead is take a long look in the mirror while they contemplate why Trump proved so difficult to defeat: It was because he ran against the media , the one institution that is hated almost as widely as he is.

Of course not. The media have many characteristics in common with Trump, and one of them is: They never change. The new Boris Johnson, scarcely recognizable from the original model, is in trouble, and Madeleine Kearns knows why. When Theresa May was prime minister, many conservatives preferred Johnson.

The two appeared to be opposites. In breaking the Brexit deadlock, he promised to be optimistic, bold, and decisive. The country agreed with this assessment, delivering a Conservative landslide in the last general election. But his luck appears to have run out. From his invocation of Franklin D. Last year, Brexit was the all-consuming drama, and he the hero, but now it is little more than a tedious sideshow. The loss of faith in Johnson is happening as much within the party as outside of it.

Among Tory MPs, Johnson is facing a potential mutiny. His enemies have spotted an opening. Ever since lockdown measures were first enacted, critics have documented overly zealous policing, the micromanagement of which items can be bought in stores, and which forms of outdoor exercise are allowed. Now that Britain is on the brink of a second lockdown, the government has suggested keeping families from different households apart, as well as outlawing public worship.

The manifestations of such policies can be heartbreaking as well as absurd. Consider the recent episode of a year-old woman — a qualified nurse, no less — arrested for attempting to take her year-old mother out of a care home. Freedom of religion is similarly under assault.

Never mind that there is next to no evidence to suggest that churches, most of which have enacted COVID security measures, have been responsible for the spread of the virus, they will nevertheless be closed. Kristof points to the views of Baptists in the s as proof of the Christian regression on abortion rights.

Many secularists have convinced themselves that actual Christians are just as incurious and stultified as the Christians of their imagination. The Christians I know, and I happen to know many, often grapple with how scientific advances affect faith. Just today, I ran across a story about a boy named Logan Ray — born at 23 weeks, weighing just 1. One day soon, there will be babies celebrating birthdays who were born at 21 weeks. And then From the Corner post :.

Presumptive free-traders have had no trouble conceding that trade agreements in the real world typically include features that benefit parochial interests rather than the public as a whole. Whether a proposed trade agreement advances the national interest will depend on an informed assessment of its specifics.

Thus Senator Pat Toomey R. The trade-policy analysts at the Cato Institute, market fundamentalists if anyone deserves the label, went through the Trans-Pacific Partnership with microscopes. Proposals to alter trade policy, whether by liberalizing trade or restricting it, have to be evaluated on their merits. We are nonetheless entitled to be more skeptical of proposals for restriction than ones for liberalization, and to think that a shift toward restriction is likely — not guaranteed, but very likely — to have generally negative consequences.

The economic theory favoring free trade is well-developed, and we have extensive historical evidence a small bit of it reviewed by Strain and me in our article that trade enriches and protectionism impoverishes. Protectionist policies also create more opportunities for interest-group manipulation.

Moreover, when trade agreements involve cronyism, it tends to be mostly because of their protectionist components. In a sign of just how far left the Democratic Party has shifted on economics, Harris backs more than 20 times as much spending as Hillary Clinton proposed in In both cases their plans covered ten-year periods. And this is not just a matter of spending. During her failed presidential campaign, Harris supported a federal-government takeover of health care , with only a small and highly regulated role remaining for private insurers.

This could mean that the government, not the individual, ends up with the final say on medical decisions. Crippling the private sector and all but eradicating profit would destroy medical innovation , too. Right now, deeply flawed as it may be, the U. We are responsible for more than 40 percent of total research-and-development spending despite comprising a much smaller fraction of the global population. When you strip away the profit motive from the health-care industry and replace it with government bureaucracy, the driving force of innovation and discovery that makes us world-leading innovators evaporates along with it.

For example, we currently have some of the highest cancer-survival rates in the world. From the beginning of the article :. Rating the ballot propositions as either for or against more government, Californians have so far voted: against tax hikes on business property Prop 15 , against revanchist affirmative-action programs Prop 16 , against a look-tough-on-crime measure to limit the voting rights of ex-felons Prop 17 , and against expanding the prison population Prop When it comes to women, especially married women, the Left is in the dark, says Alexandra DeSanctis.

More white women, black men and women, and Latino men and women supported Trump this year than had supported him in Fifty-six percent of all voters said they are married, while 44 percent are not. Among married voters, Trump had a ten-point advantage: A majority 54 percent voted for the president, and 44 percent backed Biden.

Unmarried voters, meanwhile, broke even more heavily for Biden. Only 40 percent supported Trump while 57 percent voted for Biden. But the voting patterns of married vs. Fifty-three percent of married men, who accounted for a little less than a third of all voters, supported Trump, while 46 percent supported Biden. The disparity between married and unmarried women was even stronger.

Married women and unmarried women each accounted for about one-quarter of those who voted in this election. Married women broke hard for Trump, with 55 percent backing him compared with 42 percent who backed Biden. And there was an even larger gap among unmarried women, 62 percent of whom supported the Democrat compared with 37 percent who supported Trump. Armond White calls out SNL and its nasty attempts at comedy and even provides a dishonor roll.

From the amateur leagues of liberal showbiz that hatch performers who are working out private issues and group-think camaraderie, with the cast originally billed as the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, SNL today must be recognized as a troupe of Mean-Spirited Players.

Although the mean-girl, frat-boy tendency was always there, performers such as Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Dan Ackroyd, Dana Carvey, and a few others managed to balance caricature with affection throughout the Clinton and two Bush administrations. But the latter is when know-it-all-ism began to prevail, turning repulsive as network media fought back against the election.

Eventually, these mainstream comedians lost their sense of humor and became self-congratulatory jesters to the court of Obama. Deep in the divided heart of Hollywood, contempt for middle America clashes with greed for its ticket dollars. They long to reunite with their only grandchild, now estranged after the mother remarries — to a lout from a lawless clan.

When the Blackledges seek to rescue their progeny, American hell breaks loose. Let Him Go imitates the nation-defining myths of Westerns but gets the virtues of genre movies quite wrong. The introverts who run the annual European Fine Art Fair have turned it virtual in A wistful Brian Allen zooms in on the wares. No people-watching, either, and the quirks of the rich are always fun to see.

I miss the dealers, all good-humored and doughty — they have to be since the in-person fairs run for days — and all connoisseurs. All the dealers have an international presence. All have done good scholarship and have sold to museums.

TEFAF vets everyone to guarantees that no dealer is shady. I asked a curator friend what he thought of online fairs. He loves them. Living in Vermont, we all sound and think like Calvin Coolidge after a while, but I do like the real thing, and I always learn from the banter of dealers and collectors. Alas, people are so frightened about travel and communal gatherings that it might take years to recover normal life. The hysteria peddlers have killed so much joy in the world.

So, last week, I visited Smithfield, N. This makes sense. Its aesthetics revolved around the practical and the handmade. Craft, which is art as much as painting or sculpture, is often simple and of the highest intricacy, reserved but emotionally rich, and prompting arias from ash, clay, and cotton. This is why the South, especially the Appalachian South, is the place to go for quintessentially American design.

He also called on Muslims to boycott French goods. Paty had taught a class on freedom of expression during which he used cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed from the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Even before Paty was murdered, Macron defended the right to caricature the Prophet Mohammed. From the beginning of the essay :. Possibly someone will surprise us at the last minute.

Possibly the coronavirus is to blame. There have been no TV features relating what happened years ago. No magazine essays unstitching the religious conflicts that drove the Puritans into exile or the republican philosophy of the Mayflower Compact and its relevance to us.

It was a good question. At work is more than a failure to summon the Pilgrims to mind. There is an active project to exorcise them, in order that the country might find itself a past more congruent with its present-day political commitments. From the profile:. Their collaboration began in , when the two men were introduced by W. At the time Mr. Chitester managed public TV and radio stations in Erie, Pa.

Chitester wanted to produce a rejoinder from a classically liberal perspective. But Mr. An hour into the conversation, Mr. But corporations and publicly held companies will play the political game. The business community also came out swinging in support of Proposition These charges of discrimination in contracting and lending are specious. Banks are already under enormous pressure to lend money based on identity. Government agencies go out of their way to contract with minorities and women.

Corporations back racial preferences in colleges because they are now populated by woke college graduates who believe that the rest of America is racist and because their leaders and employees are academic snobs. They want to hire from prestigious colleges regardless of whether the affirmative-action admits who graduate from those colleges are academically competitive with their un-racially preferred peers. The opponents of Proposition 16 commanded but a fraction of those resources. Voters in the rest of the state were not buying it.

In fact, the opposite did. Republicans have flipped seven U. House races so far and Democrats flipped two, according to RealClearPolitics. Republicans could even ultimately flip 15, as many as Democrats had hoped to. Republicans had twice as many Senate seats to defend this election than Democrats did, and they currently appear to retain their Senate majority.

So far, Democrats have flipped one seat. Far poorer-funded Republicans retained seats Democrats literally spent hundreds of millions of dollars to flip, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. AS: You brought up democratic capitalism. What do you make of this sort of Ayn Rand conception of capitalism, this hyper-individualism, and how do you distinguish it from a more traditionalist free-market economic order?

PB: Well, Ayn Rand [had] an ultra-libertarian view of the world and of society and of how the world ought to work. We are a community that works together rather than this hyper-individualism. Family, community, country, neighborhood, church, and all these things are important to me. So I was never of that tribe. That always had an appeal to me, and it really affected me when I traveled the country back in and , seeing all these factories and companies shutting down and moving abroad, jobs being lost, people being laid off, families going through hellish conditions.

And I went back and studied and found that the nineteenth-century Republican policy of protectionism and making America first — making America great, putting our country first, and basically Americans depending upon one another for the necessities of life — was far more important and far more correct than depending upon foreign countries like Japan then or China now [for] the needs of our national life. The economy ought to be structured to bring people together and to bring people to trust one another and to rely upon one another.

Again, the idea of individualism or these corporate institutions that have no allegiance or loyalty to anything but the bottom line, that never appealed to me. At The Imaginative Conservative , Bradley Birzer, no doubt dreaming of turkeys and cranberries, has his thoughts turning to Things Colonial, basted with Tocqueville. Still, one had to take into account the differences of the northern and the southern colonies.

The latter, encumbered by the horrific system of slavery, would suffer deeply. The influence of slavery, combined with the English character, explains the mores and the social state [the character] of the South.

In contrast, the New England societies were dynamos, setting not only North America, but the world, ablaze with her ideas and her verve. Indeed, for the Pilgrim and the Puritan, its Calvinism was as much a series of theological tenets as well as political theories and practices.

At Quillette , Eric Jansen claims the business mode of American universities is failing. So where is all this money going? While much of it goes to the salaries of faculty and the building and maintaining of facilities, a questionable amount goes to administration, another aspect of universities that has rapidly grown in recent decades. According to a Delta Cost Project report , the number of faculty and staff per administrator declined by roughly 40 percent at most types of colleges and universities between and , now averaging around 2.

In , the number of faculty at public research institutions was nearly equal to the number of administrators. While some administration positions are surely useful and arguably necessary such as Director of Student Financial Aid, Director of Academic Advising, or those positions added in response to federal and state mandates, the salaries of administrative positions have rapidly increased. Often, executives and administrators at colleges and universities are paid significantly more than those in comparable positions with comparable duties.

At the University of California a public university where employees are not considered employees of the state for example, an audit was conducted in to investigate the Office of the President and its budget practices. Both groups saw their salaries increase as much as 50 percent between and , a period of financial retrenchment and sharp tuition increases at the university.

From the conclusion of the essay :. This movie is unparalleled as a comparison of American and Japanese mores, and we could use such a presentation of Sino-American relations today, if it were even conceivable that studios would undertake such a dangerous venture. In typical Crichton fashion, a timely public concern — Japanese attempts to buy strategic technology corporations — is mixed with the ugly underworld of drugs, prostitution, and murder.

Given the money and prestige involved, anything he does is likely to cause a scandal. Connery partners with Snipes, since he used to be in law enforcement, but he also consults for Japanese corporations, so his loyalties and past are both suspect. Wisdom is a title to rule, which is why we want competent craftsmen and experts whenever we have a job to do. His characters exhibited a knowledge of mores and souls that escapes the rules of expertise and the methods of science, but which governs our politics, and is universal rather than specialized.

He deserves our admiration and that glimpse of human nature deserves our attention. Poor Ernie Banks and Rod Carew. Even poorer Ken Griffey Jr. What better source to consider for such disappointment than the Chicago Cubs.

None of those translated into World Championships. Two men played in four of those brushes with greatness. Over his four World Series, Hack accrued a. In Game Six of the World Series, the Cubs down 3 games to 2, Hack famously lead off the top of the 9 th Inning in a tie contest, only to be stranded there. Louis and Pittsburgh. Hanging up the cleats the following season. Mid-season in , he would be removed as manager to make way for Hartnett. Rehired in , he led the Cubs to their pennant.

He would later manage the Braves and, for a short stint in , once again, his beloved Cubs. A consolation: Herzog set a record in the contest when he collected a dozen hits. Jack Fowler, who can be distracted from funks and night sweats with early-hours emails sent to jfowler nationalreiew.

Herewith a new way of presenting this prattle. If he wins, it will be despite all that. Besides the occasional dissenting academic and brave business owner or ordinary citizen, Trump is, for better or worse, the foremost symbol of resistance to the overwhelming woke cultural tide that has swept along the media, academia, corporate America, Hollywood, professional sports, the big foundations, and almost everything in between.

The editorials. As Andrew C. Ambassador Kelley Currie makes the case for American investment in female leadership. Armond White zings Stevie Nicks, crooner and partisan lecturer. Pradheep J. Shanker and Kirti Shanker plot out how America should plan for pandemics. As is the WJ custom, we seek to entice you with a handful of suggestions. This fortnight, as regards the new November 11, issue , we recommend these five. OK, six:. Charlie Cooke mount the ramparts: In Defense of Florida.

If Anything Matters, Capital Matters. Kevin Hassett puts on the green eyeshades and scores BidenCare. The American energy renaissance has been a major driver of U. American energy production has also had some underappreciated non-economic benefits. Perhaps you have noticed that something suspiciously resembling peace is breaking out in the Middle East, with suddenly tractable Arab emirates such as Bahrain and the UAE normalizing relations with the Jewish state with the consent and approval of regional powers such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Part of that is recognizing a common threat — Iran — but much of it is the realization throughout the Gulf that North American energy has changed the balance of power worldwide in favor of the United States and its allies, making a paper tiger out of OPEC threats to manipulate or weaponize the oil industry. Oil and gas are going to be part of the U. There are more and less environmentally responsible ways to go about getting and using that petroleum, just as there are more and less economically effective ways to do so.

Fracking has in fact been a significant contributor to reductions in U. Californians need to reject Proposition 19, which seeks to affirm affirmative action, and worse. California voters should reject this path. A population that diverse is likely to place different groups in a commanding political position in different localities. Allowing each group to entrench itself with legal discrimination in local contracting and schooling is a recipe for conflict among groups and injustice to individuals.

It also requires an ever-more-complex system of racial classification against the tide of intermarriage and assimilation. Former Senator Orrin Hatch calls for a Constitutional amendment to confront the threat of court-packing, and avoid the Armageddon that might otherwise await. If, come January, a Democrat-controlled Congress and White House set the legislative wheels in motion to pack the Supreme Court, Republicans and middle-of-the-road Democrats will not be completely powerless to stop them.

Article V of the Constitution provides states with an avenue to amend the Constitution independent of Congress. If progressives move to pack the Court, we should invoke this power to pass a constitutional amendment that would fix the number of Supreme Court justices at nine. Now, I understand the potential pitfalls, time delays, and procedural challenges of an Article V convention. In fact, I know them better than most.

I spent the better part of my Senate tenure trying to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment through this unorthodox process. This is the fear that states would be unable to focus on a single issue at an Article V convention and would instead propose a never-ending string of amendments. It is an understandable concern in normal times — but these are not normal times.

In a few months, Washington could pass legislation that would destroy the American judiciary as we know it. The imminent threat of judicial Armageddon would force states to focus on one amendment and one amendment only. And I believe it would motivate them to act in a way no previous issue has, allowing them to overcome some of the logistical hurdles that have prevented this process from going forward in the past.

Yet, on the left, and especially among Alinskyites schooled in the extortionate leveraging of power, the Court-packing threat is remembered as a triumph. Credible Court-packing threats by the Left intimidate moderate, politically minded justices, exactly as they are meant to do. They will roll the dice on chaos, and all its potentially ruinous ramifications — not just for the country but for the Court. Nor will the Supreme Court intervene in a North Carolina election-law case that is nearly as egregious: one in which an unaccountable bureaucracy, the State Board of Elections, has presumed to rewrite state law by extending until nine days after the election the deadline for receiving ballots although those ballots must be postmarked by or before November 3.

Jack Crowe reports on the telling resignation of Glenn Greenwald from the allegedly unfettered-journalism website he founded, where Groupthink now rules. When he founded The Intercept , Greenwald — a committed leftist who made his bones criticizing the excesses of the Bush-era surveillance state — identified corporate power as the source of much of the partisanship that pervades mainstream political reporting.

Because corporate media outlets depend on advertising dollars, they inevitably toe a neoliberal, capitalist line in order to keep their advertisers happy, or so the argument goes. On the flip side, they also pander to their readership, indulging their political superstitions in order to keep them basking in self-affirmation.

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