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Japanese housewife on forex

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Trading currencies is extremely complex and risky for the retail investor. Other times they have made millions and they have been heavily fined for evading the Japanese treasury. The Watanabe ladies are quite well known as individuals retail investors who are engaged in trading in the forex market, very typically Carry Trade. What would Carry Trade be? Well, typically borrow in a low-interest currency and invest in other higher-interest currencies.

For example sell your yen and exchange them for Australian dollars or Brazilian real. In addition, in Japan there is a lot of operation in the currency market. Mayumi Torii she is possibly the best known Mrs. Ha to resembled several times on Japanese television , especially since he wrote his book and founded his FX Beauties Club with over 40 members.

Being financially independent from her husband, as she struggled when her first husband divorced and she and her son had to live off her meager savings. The term Mrs. Watanabe does not refer exclusively to Mayumi Torii, of course, but also to the many retail traders who operate on the forex market, especially Japanese housewives.

The aggregate of many individual citizens operating can be quite significant At the time, according to Kazuhiro Shirakura, an analyst at the Tokyo Yano Research Institute, they moved 9, million dollars a day, they were a fifth of the market during the trading hours of the Tokyo market. In it was estimated that they had approximately one sixth of the shares of listed Japanese companies.

Despite the severe setback they received in , Japanese housewives have not stopped operating in the currency market. For example at the time There has been talk that they could be behind speculative movements behind Bitcoin. Today Japanese housewives continue to operate in the foreign exchange market, trying to obtain higher returns on their savings, as a way to supplement the family income.

However, the lack of news makes it quite difficult to know the profile of the Watanabe ladies and if it has been changing over the years beyond the phenomenon of the early s. Do you know of any similar profile that surprisingly frequently operates in the financial markets? More information NY Times ,. Image A. Image kalleboo. Image MShades. If there is any problem regarding the content, copyright, please leave a report below the article.

We will try to process as quickly as possible to protect the rights of the author. Thank you very much! Watanabe would be a more accurate title now. Women in Australia and the U. While the older female traders — so-called kimono traders — looked to steady wealth creation, the younger ones have a shorter horizon, making a quick buck to pay for their next Birkin bag, says Vito Henjoto, a strategist at a large Japanese brokerage firm. When they have good days, they brag about it on social media, tweeting the forex charts, blogging about their successes and posting images of recently purchased bags and glasses of champagne.

These divas could be the spenders the now recovering Japanese economy needs. Danial, of Iranian descent and now 28, was lured into forex trading while studying in Japan a few years ago. The Nikkei, a barometer of the Japanese financial markets, has performed exceptionally well over the past year, since Shinzo Abe took office.

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