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Look, we all know this and we all know the media itself has made it its mission to marginalize Ron Paul, so what is the point of pretending about it. The big political news on MSNBC this morning was Lieberman's endorsement of McCain — nevermind that Ron Paul just raised more money in 24 hours than any political candidate has ever raised in the history of the world.

You might think that might be interesting and important news, but apparently not and apparently, no matter how much real support Ron Paul has, the media has decided he is "marginal" and treat him that way no matter what — thereby marginalizing not merely Dr. Paul, but his views on liberty and the Constitution and all the many millions all over the world who see in Dr. Paul the first real hope for a better future for us all. The shamelessness and deceit of the media apparently knows no bounds.

The polls are obviously biased, skewed or incorrect. The sheer number of donates should mean something and to suggest that anyone who donated or contributes to the campaign won't vote in the primaries is just fullish. How can Ron Paul raise 6 million dollars and receive so little coverage compared to the rest of the candidates the media is obviously pushing. Paul has the most youtube subscribers, More meetup groups then all the other candidates combined, has won the most strawpolls, most myspace fans,won all the after debate polls but one where he came in second, the most blimps,the most chat rooms,the most internet radio stations,the most UNder-reported candidate.

Investigate how the "Polls" are conducted and who they are polling and you will have your answer Jack, Paul supporters love you. The Internet is a gold mine which magnifies the impact of small, widely dispersed minorities. If you can sell little razors to trim nose hairs for ten times what they're really worth on the Internet, surely you can sell Ron Paul.

Ron Paul in not higher in the polls because people do not fully understand his message. I know I did not understand how he could make all of the things he talks about work until I heard him speak fully about them. Ron Paul has a plan and though you might not agree with all of what he says, it is in the country and the media's best interest to at least listen to what he says because he speaks more truth than any candidate I have ever heard in my lifetime.

Truth is medicine and while medicine never tastes good, sometimes you have to take it to get better, right now Dr. Paul has the medicine this country needs. This is a simple matter of understanding how the polls work. First off, these polls are only going after 'likely' primary voters, or those who have voted in past primaries for the GOP. These are the people that are being called.

In addition, the polls are all done via landlines. They aren't being asked the questions, so they aren't being included in the polls. Hence the low poll numbers. It's not a conspiracy or anything, just bad data acquisition. There are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics.

Your network uses flawed polling methodology. They only contact previous Republican voters, most of which Ron Paul supporters are not. Also, only landline phones are used, and because Ron Paul has a larger youth following, and statistically the age group mostly only uses a cell phone and not a landline, they are never contacted. It's alright though, we know your polls are meaningless, and they don't discourage us one bit.

How many times do we have to scream at the main stream media the answers to this question?! There are a few very simple answers to why he is not polling higher. Let me list them off so you can read them on air and finally get the truth out. First those polls are likely voters from the last primaries that were historically low in attendance and very pro Bush, and pro war.

Second, most Ron Paul supporters do not own land lines and use Cell phones only, so they aren't polled. And third, the most important of all. They don't even list his name on a lot of the polls! This country is in a Revolution Jack, our Money Bombs will go down in history as the next "Shots heard round the world. Most of the polls are simply about name recognition.

Being in the business world myself, I've always paid attention to the "Money" at the end of the day — as that is the biggest indication of real support, not media hype. Jack, Dr. He obviously places high in the "who will you give your money and support to" catagory". Romney and Giuliani will get very few primary votes from outside this demographic.

The polls are inaccurate. The media feeds us a steady stream of mistruths and propaganda. Americans who have heard the message do select him. He has won a majority of all GOP straw polls. The media has convinced many people that he cannot win and therefore apathy prevents many people from voting for him.

The media has been grossly unfair to this man and the bias shows quite clearly. Many Americans are stupid and have been fooled by the leading candidates, recall that 74 million Americans voted for George Bush's second term. People who are educated by TV and many of our public schools are not going to develop the ability to think critically. Easy answer Jack. It is time to change the mainstream polls! They obviously do not coincide with what informed Americans think and they think enough of Ron Paul to donate money, donate their time, and donate their energy to support an idea whose time has come.

I believe the better question here is "Why are the polls not more accurately reflecting Ron Paul's support? The people of my generation I am 26 use cell phones almost exclusively. There are also reports of Dr. Paul being left off of the polls are not registering properly when he is included in the poll. I think you should take a look at straw polls and post-debate polls. But of course it doesn't help that big media largely ignores him.

I'm a man from a country most Americans probably never heard of and I'm rooting for Ron Paul. And when he wins, hell, I might just move to the US. But for now, it's painful to watch how the American big media attempts to control your presidential elections. What Ron Paul's supporters did yesterday was history, pure and simple. They broke all records and most of the media barely even mentions it. If Rudy or Hillary were to raise even half of what Ron Paul's supporters raised yesterday, it would be big news across your country for days.

But not in the case of Ron Paul. No, we can't have that now can we.. Think about the voters who voted for Bush in the last primary. These are the only people considered "likely voters" in most polls. Even if you supported Bush, like I did in , the war kept many of us home. We had no enthusiasm for Bush. Today we have anger and distrust for the man, and we have found in Paul an honest sincere champion of the Constitution.

He gives us a third choice I've moved 4 times since The combination of cell phone homes and people moving remember before the bust we had a real estate bubble and changing their numbers makes the "likely voter" samples much less reliable. See digg. Thanks for being a voice who's open to the message of Liberty and Ron Paul, Jack! The polls don't reach most of the people who support Ron Paul.

I am registered as "Unaffiliated", my wife has never voted before, and many in my MeetUp group were registered Democrats before becoming Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul's poll numbers are low because the polls don't accurately measure his support. If the media use flawed poll numbers as the only metric for potential success on election day and ignore donation statistics of individuals, they're forming their own foregone conclusion through reporting of those polls numbers.

We haven't heard a peep about Paul winning nearly half of the straw polls he's been in, which account for people motivated to vote. That's all fine, though - Paul's low poll numbers give the competition false security. Current pollsters seem to ignore the inevitable; Americans have become indoctrinated into an internet society. But rather individuals of all ages and political affiliations have begun to rely on the internet for their daily news. In an era of expanding technology a majority the American public have abandoned their landlines in favor of more practical means of technology, such as cell phones.

Conversely, internet polling is labeled as unsubstantial and unreliable. Money talks in politics and Dr. Yet, sadly the main-stream media would rather focus on the meaningless endorsements of Sen. John McCain, than even acknowledge the clear will of the American people.

Well he should be higher in polls if the polls are legitimate. Also the media has a lot to do with why he's not higher in polls. He raised that money from hard working american people not big corupt corperations that will do anything to get there pupits elected so they can pass any laws they want to make the slaves that we are right now.

They are more concerened about what dirt they can find on the canidates then to figure out how this country can get out of the mess we are in. Perhaps the better question is, with all the excitement about Ron Paul and the record-breaking fund raising, why are the other candidate so high in the polls? Ron Paul is not higher in the polls because of the fact that the people that are polled are Republicans who voted for Bush in the last election.

If Democrats, Independants, and Republicans were polled then he would be a lot higher. The reason why Ron Paul is not higher in the national polls is because they poll people who have land line telephones; these are the same people who are more likely to subscribe to the old media for their news: television networks, printed papers, etc. Ron Paul's message of a principled conservatism: that of personal, financial, and national freedom and security has drawn support from unmeasurable segments of the population, including Democrats and previously apathetic citizens.

Ron Paul is not higher in polls because he is not a media appointed candidate. He is hardly mentioned in the media, and when he is, he is often painted as a fringe candidate who has no chance. Of course, your program, Jack, is one of the few exceptions. Two reasons. A Ron Paul comes along possibly once in a lifetime. I've been blessed to have seen two; Barry Goldwater in '64 and Ron Paul this year. Because the media has ignored him, laughed at him, and said "He can't win! The good news is that frustration with media coverage for Paul directly transfers into money for his campaign and an intense viral grassroots effort.

So it doesn't really matter what the media does one way or another. Paul's message is the same one this country was founded on and people are hungry for it. As the economy falters they will grow hungrier. The British couldn't stop it and corporate media is not going to stop it either. Jack, I have no idea who the media is polling. Common people I meet from restaurants to churches love Ron Paul.

The massive crowds that follow him are hard to miss, but for every crowd, there are ten times that number who do not have the time to go to an event. I've never contributed to a campain before, but I gladly sent some money Dr.

Paul's way yesterday. No one I know has even been contacted for a poll. And if they were, just about all of them would vote Ron Paul. They try to suppress his message of liberty. But I tell you what we the people are getting a bit tired of politics as usual.

Please add this to the next poll that I will not get a call about. As an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps, and a veteran of the war in Iraq, I can only say that Ron Paul has a lot of support from those of us in uniform. Out of everyone I have talked to, none of us have ever been contacted by any polling agencies for our opinions. Most of us are previously unregistered voters, and I think Dr.

Paul has tapped into a large source of similarly-positioned individuals, which will not reflect on a traditional poll. I would like to point out how Dr. Paul has more actual "boots on the ground" truly motivated supporters at almost every event, when compared to the supporters of other campaigns. Paul's supporters don't have to be coaxed, bribed, or bussed in by the official campaign, either.

A better question would be, "If the pre-primary polls are so bad at predicting candidates in competitive primary races such as in when John Kerry emerged from the second-tier to become the choice among Democrats , why are we paying attention to them at all? Jack, The polls? Im waiting on the voting booths!!. Ron Paul has more support than any other presidential candidate of my near 40 years! The media has far underestimated the power this man has or they are too afraid to admit it.

Which is it? The people have controll of this one Jack! The cats out of the bag! Goodbye neoCon world. Hello Freedom! Ron Paul will be the next to take over that front position, just in time for the primaries. The others treat this race like a sprint, the Ron Paul campaign is running it like a marathon. Watch those front runners become too winded to finish the race. Most of the main stream media tries to ignore or downplay him. When he does get questions in a debate, they are always designed to make him seem like a less serious candidate.

If the media would give him fair coverage and allow Americans everywhere to hear his message, he would be doing MUCH better in the polls. Ron Paul raises so much money from so many individual Americans - beating competitors who raise primarily from corporations and unions - because the excitement of human freedom beats the cynicism of self-interested lobbyists. Because of the lack of media exposure.

The "Old Media" still controls much of the information that Americans receive and for some reason information about Dr. Paul is not disseminated in the same manner or in the same volume as it is in the case of the other candidates. When moderating debates, the media does not typically give equal time to all participants in the debate the exception to this was PBS's Republican Debate many months ago , or will interject loaded questions or bias in the form of laughter or ridiculing demeanor into the process.

When this unfair practice happens, the audience and general public does not get an equal or fair representation of the lesser-known candidates. The result is that Ron Paul gets less subsequent media exposure. The polls themselves are rarely fair.

It is my understanding that when asking participants for their choice, Ron Paul's name is often left out of the list of possible choices unless he is listed under the "Other" category. How is he supposed to do well if his name isn't specifically listed? I think a fair poll would list each of the major candidates and by major I mean all of the candidates that have participated in the majority of the televised debates so far.

And in doing so, should randomize the order in which the candidates are listed so that any bias from order would be removed. Also, the polls generally only ask a small set of previously registered republicans who have participated in the previous primary for their opinions. Ron Paul's message of freedom, prosperity and peace is a very popular and far reaching message, even prompting many Democrats and Independents to pledge to vote for him I have personally talked to several.

Also, the polls generally exclude younger adults who have never voted or other adults who have been apathetic to the whole process, until now. Ron Paul has done an excellent job of reconnecting with these people through an understanding of what the real concerns are for the common person and has found substantial support among a varied group of people, not all of them registered Republicans who are likely to be asked for their preferred candidate via phone polls.

The shear fact that Dr. Additionally, of the many straw polls taken all over the country, Dr. I feel that Dr. Paul, by continuing to increase his fund raising each quarter actually doubling it each time until this quarter where he may quadruple the previous , is now a top tier candidate and actually has been for some time.

What other candidate has raised so much money in one day? If the amount of money raised and grassroots support both of which Dr. Ron Paul has much are not valid indicators or a top tier candidacy, what is? It's time for the media to give Ron Paul the exposure and coverage that he deserves as a front runner. Now compare the media coverage of this record-setting day to any of the other candidates, and how nearly every news story has to include 'longshot' or 'has no chance' and you'll get your answer.

The American people see a good man being shut out, and they're fighting for him. I think you should be in a better position to answer that question than us. Think about it if Hillary Clinton says something about Obama's drug usage that news spreads like wildfire on the Mainstream media and has been on air for almost a week everyday.

Ron Paul literally has to break World Records to get a 30 second news coverage in any of the major corporate news stations. Ron Paul and Barrack Obama are the only two candidates who when talk to a nation don't talk as if they are talking to a specific group of people like the other Republicans do. I feel Ron Paul is talking to me, talking to you , talking to everyone thats why there are far more Democrats who are now turning Republicans to vote for Ron Paul.

All these Candidates talk about finding a common ground to communicate yet Ron Paul is The only candidate who has found common ground where alot of people from every party come together and agree with whats happening. Jack you want to know what proper conservatism is? Thats Fiscal Conservatism, thats how you make money and raise funds. They are all hypocrites and i am sure you know that. I live in New Hampshire, and have a land line. I've been called now for four separate polls. Including the Time poll back a week or two ago.

The fourth poll that had Ron Paul buried him beneath several extra button presses it was an automated poll. His exclusion doesn't make sense when you consider that Hunter and Trancredo make it onto more polls than Paul. Many polls only poll voters that voted in the last primary election, or likely primary voters.

In the case of the last republican primary, Bush ran unopposed, so only the hardcore Bush supporters turned out, mostly the religious right. This may also explain Huckabee's overnight surge in these same polls, even though he has raised very little money. Many of Ron Paul's supporter are new to politics, never voted before, or were too young to vote during the last election cycle. In addition, many of these supporters are more high tech, using cellular phones only vs.

This typically excludes them from traditional telephone polling. Conversely, Ron Paul wins every internet polls and text message poll. Originally, these wins were dismissed as spam or high tech spam bots. Those numbers represent real people. Mark Twain said, " I hate to make predictions, especially on the future". However, I predict that with the level of support of hundreds of thousands of very motivated supporters, there will be some very surprised faces once the votes are counted.

Ron Paul's supporters will stand outside in a blizzard to get heir vote counted. Ron Paul is ahead in the polls — at least the important ones where people use their credit cards to cast their ballots. There are many reasons, but one that stands out are the methods that are used to survey the population.

How do they poll individuals? Is it random, if so, based on what sample population? Do they use past republican voters? Do they use past election cycle voters? Do they use registered republicans, democrats or independents? Just who are these people that are being polled? Well, one thing is for certain, they are not reaching Ron Paul supporters. A large percentage of Ron Paul supporters have never voted, have recently changed parties, or have become so disgusted with the same old same old, that they simply do not vote.

So basically the reason that Ron Paul's numbers are so low in the Polls is because his supporters are not being polled. I think everyone is in for a very big suprise starting in January. I'm sure it is going to have alot of people scratching their heads, wondering why they have not heard more about this fine Dr. Second and not too much lesser reason is the fact that the Media is not giving Dr. Paul the deserved amount of attention and the little he does get is usually portrayed negatively.

Absolutely astonishing and extremely sad. Ron Paul is not showing strongly in the polls as much of the coverage on him comes with a very negative bias. More often then not, a sound blurb on Ron Paul goes something like this. The so called "front runner" candidates are propped up by national polls that do not include Ron Paul, and a constant stream of media attention.

Us Paulites really like the way you approach news. He is high in many polls,in example, straw polls and online polls. Just not traditional land line phone surveys. No one I know even my grandparents has a land line. The question is, why is he ignored by the media when he has the most outstanding, principled and unwavering voting records of anyone else running?

It's like the American people are supposed to like a candidate just because they we're a governor somewhere, happened to be the mayor of a city that was attacked, or because I've seen him before on Law and Order. It's a petty popularity contest without substance. Look at state straw polls, Ron Paul has one most of them Ron Paul's support comes from all walks of life and polling companies call registered republicans from the election.

The numbers only capture a fraction of his real support. What is impressive is the fact that Ron Paul and his official campaign actually did NOT raise over 6 million dollars yesterday We donated yesterday to a 'cause', not an individual. Ron Paul is merely a 'face' to this revolution and his loyal followers are living proof this country is in serious need of a powerful 3rd party to offset the 'same old, same old' politics we've been force-fed through the main stream media.

Jack, What polls are you talking about? With the corporate media circus pushing there own agenda, how in the world would you think that a candidate like Ron Paul is going to get the recognition that he deserves? Oh, other then you Jack. That's until the CEO of your company thinks your not inline with "the boards views" and they pull your plug.

Great question. I've been following the primary debates more closely than any of the past 9 presidential elections that I've participated in. Usually voted for the Candidate and not the Party. This year it is clear to me that the entire News Media Industry is exerting enormous control over the election process and has for the past 4 elections. My experience with Ron Paul supporters is that every time that the press states that: "Ron Paul cannot win the election" they go out and get ten more voters.

If any other candidate had raised over 6 Million in a single day it would have been the top story on all networks. Mainstream media has been downplaying all of Paul's accomplishments since day one. He scares the big corporations that own the news channels. Ron Paul is not doing better in the polls because the mainstream media ignores him, laughs at him or labels him as "long shot", "dark horse" or "fringe candidate".

Many Americans are simply too stupid to do their own research on the candidates and they go to the polls like sheep and vote for who the media tells them they should. Also — Ron Paul is not even listed in many of the polls or he is listed as "other". How fair is that? How can one be expected to get any poll percentages if they are not even listed as a choice.

Ron Paul could be the best qualified person to get the U. Unfortuantely, too many obstacles block his nomination. Firstly, he's a Republican who's ideas fall outside the neo-conservative mindset of the born-again Christian, right-wing base. Secondly, while he has strong support from the well-educated internet set, he lacks corporate and special interest backing the provide big buck and vocal supporters.

Thirdly, while he may appeal to independant voters, only New Hampshire includes Independants in their primary so many who would vote for him are disenfranchised. Lastly, he has the charisma of sandpaper, lacking the folksy rejoinders of Hackabee and the smooth glibness of Romney and his speach writers and debate coaches should be fired. Are you referring to the polls that target "likely Republican voters"? There's a tide change going on that the pollsters seem to be missing: until a month ago I was a registered Democrat.

I changed to the Republican party so I can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. I will not get targeted by pollsters looking for "likely Republican voters"; because I didn't vote for Bush last election. Hey pollsters: The question is, how many more like me are out there? I think there are a LOT! Go ahead pollsters; give me a call. I'm waiting. Until then, I'll keep responding to those on-line polls that Dr.

Paul seems to be raking in the numbers on. And , yes, I gave my nickel's worth to Paul's campaign on December 16th - I have never made a political contribution to another candidate before in my life. I am 52 years old. Landline phones are becoming obsolete. They are no longer representative of the population as a whole.

It is more accurate to gauge support by looking at fundraising, straw polls, and the like. I am confident that his will be shown to be true during the elections. The world is changing, and its about time that the media caught up! Ron Paul isn't higher in the main stream media polls because the powers that be, the powerful and rich people that own these organizations, don't want him to be.

Because often times Paul is not listed on the Pollsters questionnaire. Many polls call "likely Republican voters". Who is likely to vote? People who voted in the last Republican primary in which Bush ran largely unopposed. With no real choices, the people who did vote in those primaries were Bush supporters. Given that polling population, it's a wonder Ron Paul gets any numbers at all.

Ironically, it is the effort to get the most accurate polling data that is actually distorting the polling itself. Jack - please play this audio file on the air, which shows that Ron Paul is not even on many of the "official" polls. It's a recorded automated telephone primary poll:.

I would say because the polls are certainly in favor of other candidates and in other polls he is left out altogether. It would seem that the people may believe in the idea of freedom that this country was built upon, but the power structure that runs it do not. And as Carl Rove said we decide what reality is. This is another good example of them trying. Plain and simple, the changes that Ron Paul and his supporters want to see in this country do not serve the best interests of the media, and because of that, we often see him being portrayed as a longshot candidate with little support and crazy ideas.

Of course he's going to suffer in polls when he is being treated unfairly and has his stances on the issues left unexplained or manipulated to make him come off like a kook. Breaking fundraising records isn't something that someone with little support and crazy ideas can accomplish. Cafferty, I would like to see that question directed at those who pay for and conduct the polls.

The people have spoken for Dr. Paul with their pocketbooks. We don't all have a lot of money, so a lot of Ron Paul supporters had to donate to in order to reach that figure. Because too many people in office or places of control are afraid of his message. If more media would just report on the facts and not involve their personal opinions or the personal opinions of the owners of the media, he would have just as much name recognition as the rest of the people running.

Thank you for having a forum for this question. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Go Ron Paul! Your question about Ron Paul raises another question. At this time, there have been comments to your Ron Paul question, yet only 7 comments on the McCain question and only 13 on the CIA Tapes question. That's because he tends to follow the ideals of the Founding Fathers. It seems the media just don't like a modern day Thomas Jefferson and, as a result, ignore him. I am a registered voter, not a first time voter by any stretch of the imagination, and while my Republican Congressman seems to have no trouble locating my land line phone number, I haven't been called to participate in any poll which included Dr.

Ron Paul as a choice. I think perhaps the pollsters need to actually consistently present Ron Paul as a choice before we can expect to see any statistical improvement. What has happened is that there is some form of at least semi-organized popular movement that "liberty minded" people are involved in — the Ron Paul rEVOLution! Organization has its effects. It means that you discover that you're not alone. Others have the same thoughts that you do.

You can reinforce your thoughts and learn more about what you think and believe. The Ron Paul rEVOLution is a very informal movement, not like a membership organization, just a mood that involves internet interaction among people.

It has a very noticeable effect. He's behind because MSM likes to concentrate on the leaders. Further, he receives very little opportunity to speak in the debates. There is no doubt in my mind of media bias throughout any given broadcast day.

Mr Paul also has a little difficulty in speaking, as a result, he sometimes comes across as a crackpot, which he surely is NOT. When you listen to Ron Paul, you have to read between the lines, because his use of words has a tendency to cover a lot of territroy. It appears however that Ron Paul has pretty much the same approach to government as our founding fathers did. The two main political machines are projecting that old time principals, practices, integrity and foundations of America are passe'.

Ron Paul depicts an America we should have that we have strayed from. No one seems to understand that. You cannot raise that much money from ordinary Americans in such a short span of time if you only have the support that the polls show you having. It is impossible.

I've noticed over the years, Jack, that presidential primary polls taken in the couple of months before the first primary have very little to do with the actual vote. So, a better question might be: Why do news organizations relentlessly report on these polls as if they actually mean something? It would serve the voting public better to do more in-depth coverage of the candidates' views on the role of federal government, understanding of economics, foreign policy approaches, etc.

Polls are easy. Serious reporting on Dr. Paul's Austrian economics approach vs. Giuliani's Keynesian approach is more difficult, but maybe if the American people were treated to intelligent political coverage, we wouldn't elect so many stupid politicians. It's important to remember that Ron Paul did not raise any of that 6 million dollars. It was done at a grassroots level by a diverse collection of people. And Ron Paul isn't higher in the polls because the people polled are those who have voted Republican in prior elections and the number of people polled doesn't even represent a tenth of a percent of the nation's voting age population.

And to think that everyone watching TV is suckered into believing these polls have any worth! I left my office for lunch today and what did I see hovering above my building? A giant blimp with Ron Paul's name plastered to the side of it, easily read from hundreds of yards below. The joy that this brought me was indescribable. Its that feeling that gets me excited about Ron Paul. I see a large portion of Ron Paul supporters are a lot like me, an independent, who has never taken a candidate, party or campaign seriously since becoming eligible to vote.

Since we are independent or recently unregistered to vote, we are not included in polling. Ron Paul speaks for us and gives hope to those who see him addressing the real problems and issues with honesty and integrity. Not all Americans need to be spoon-fed and babysat their entire lives by a dysfunctional parental government.

We need to learn to take care of and educate ourselves, or else our nation will perish. I have a family member who received a telephone poll where Paul was NOT included. It seems fair to say that not all polls are being held fairly and without bias. I would not be surprised to learn that most polls put out several variations for one reason or other and inadvertently skew results from accurately exposing his support.

When Paul has shown he is in first place, or the top three, in virtually every metric of support, from straw polls which he is in first place with the most wins of all Republican candidates to fundraising and rally size, yet only the polls produced by the media show him with little support, something tells me that the polls are not accurate and are not reflecting the true scale his support. Ron Paul is polling low for a number of factors such as lack of inclusion and unscientific polling methods.

Polls are the equivalent of the "spin-room" after a debate. Full of useless, unprovable information to appease the wind bags that need something to talk about in order to remain employed due to their lack of any discernible skill. Hillary promises to give everybody everything they will ever need.

Rudy tells everybody who is scared that he will kill the evil Islamofascists and protect us all. This is what the governing classes have tricked people into believing. Ron Paul just tells the truth. It will take time before people will be able to hear it again. It has been so long, most people wouldn't recognize the truth if it came down their chimney.

Jack I think it is because he doesn't fit the mold of either party. I think if the was to run as a third party candidate you would see just what a threat he would be to both parties. He is a candidate that doesn't leave you guessing on where he stands on the issues.

He doesn't flip flop on the issues and he has a record in Congress to prove that. To have those qualities in a candidate today is unheard of. There are some things I disagree with him about, but I clearly know what he is all about and you got to respect that.

One of the reasons that Dr. Ron Paul isn't polling higher in the polls is because our senior republicans haven't done their homework. I am a baby boomer and researched Dr. Paul's views on the Internet. I feel that most senior citizens are not computer savvy enough to get this information from the web and have to rely on the MSM to educated them on Dr.

Paul's positions. Let's face it our senior citizens may not own a computer but they have a land line! Why do we have bases in countries but we can't pacify a bunch of ragtag radical Muslims? It's the same reason Ron Paul's poll numbers don't match his support. The method is wrong and a new approach is needed.

The "scientific" polls that the media tend to rely on so much are simply not accurate, and that fact is unfortunately ignored or suppressed by most. There are many flaws in the way the polls are conducted that are obvioius to anyone who is willing to do a little research. The result is that the voter "sample" is extremely narrow, and does not represent accurately the intentions of those who will be voting next year.

Maybe a better question to ask is why the so-called front runners who are "leading in the polls" are unable to raise more money? Additionally, pollsters are jerry-rigging their questions to exclude asking people about Ron Paul:. Ron Paul online polls have been consistently being pulled from Old Media sites, because they didn't like the results.

Your own Allan Wastler admitted it here. In addition, John Howard wrote a supporting letter for his colleague here. Yet we get to see Barbara Walters do a stomach turning interview with Rudy Guiliani. As a result of mainstream media ensuring that the populace remains ignorant , Ron Paul supporters must turn to the Internet to communicate, share ideas, and rally support for their candidate.

The Internet is not controlled — yet. Yesterday, Ron Paul Raises 6 million dollars and mainstream is so quick to point out "online" and what do we see on the Front Page of CNN's politic site as of right now? Even by CNN's standards, a candidate raising 6 million dollars is a heck of alot more interesting than that.

Yes, you do mention Ron Paul's success as a side story, but isn't it funny how Ron Paul is always delegated as a side story by the mainstream media? Its pretty simple Jack 4. R canidates basically everyone else running for president would equal high poll s that simple How will he rise in the poll, when no one knows who he is, and no major news network spending more than 5 minutes covering him? The polling numbers may appear to be low. These are based on active republicans from the past elections.

Yet his gatherings have crowds sometimes in excess of 5, people, from all walks of life. He wins the majority of straw polls taken. The first is that these polls target "likely republican voters. The second is that Ron Paul's name isn't widely discussed by the media and he isn't invited on major networks as often as other candidates.

And when he is mentioned, it's always with the tag-line that he'll never win. It's really hard to overcome that sort of negative airtime and I think he's polling pretty well considering. The third is that there are a number of telephone polls that require you to pick an "other candidate" in order to choose Ron Paul.

The average respondent won't work that hard in order to answer a telephone call that's already intruding into their dinner time. Given poll's historical inaccuracies, It seems to me that poll "results" should be questioned more.

Perhaps the question should be: " How much integrity is their in polling? It's no secret that good polsters can formulate questions to swing trends towards a desired end. Isn't it then fair to expect the results to be similarly skewed? Most Polsters aren't philanthropists. I would suggest those that aren't , expect a return on their investment. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one..

Just look at the e mails Jack do you think Hillary or any of the other candidates would get this response? America wake up and vote for a candidate you like ,not one that you dislike the least. Ron Paul is the first candidate I ever gave money to and I am All of the other candidates took my money after they got in.

The polls are completely flawed. Second, they don't poll democratic, libertarian and independent voters that Dr Paul's bringing in for the primary— many are switching parties just for him. Third, he has sizable support from younger voters, who don't have land line phones but cell phones, which are not called for polling. Lastly, the pollers usually don't even include Dr Paul as a choice. He has much bigger numbers than what are being reported.

The traditional media and the pollsters are the dinosaurs of the Information Age, and the irony is they don't even know it. The are becoming irrelevant as quickly as the land line telephones they use to divine what the country is thinking. What do you mean? Ron Paul is higher in the polls. He has won most post-debate web and text polls, and has dominated the straw polls. Which polls are you referring to? Are you talking about those "national" polls that sometimes don't even include Ron Paul's name?

The ones who don't take into account young people and people who never voted before, thus eliminating most of the Ron Paul votes? I think it's safe to say that we can multiple Ron Paul's numbers by at least, 2, based on the things that I mentioned. Jack, it simple,. The sampling size is just too small, people and we are suppose to expect that to represent the views of all american, that is just worst kind of statistics. Instead of waiting at home for pollsters to call us we make our voices heard with cash!

Can a poll measure passion? If you think your favorite candidate is likely to win, will you necessarily bother going out to vote? What about if you know your favorite candidate NEEDS your vote for him to have any chance of winning? Ron Paul supporters will show up at election booths, whether they are polled or not. I don't know Jack? Why is Ron Paul only given 20 seconds mention today, on most stations, despite having just scored the biggest fundraising coup in history, without lifting a finger?

Ron Paul isn't in the polls because the people doing the polling are only asking people who have been registered republican and who had voted in previous primaries. Most Ron Paul supporters are young and hadn't voted in a republican primary before. All online polls and text messaging polls show you that he has a huge following.

Maybe you should ask why the telephone polls differ so much from the online polls. That's easy, Jack — the polls are wrong, because the usual polling method is to call only former Republican primary votes, who have land line phones, and then leave Ron Paul's name off the list, or just ask about "other" candidates in addition to the so-called "top tier".

Do we need the opinions of a select group of people to drive our our decision-making process for someone who's going to lead the country for years? Ron Paul wins the polls in which the people must actively cast votes. That is, the polls which require an informed and motivated public.

However, he ranks low in polls which rely on cold calls. Many of these cold-call polls require that the participant be 1. Unfortunately, these requirements leave many young, employed, tech-savvy voters out of the process.

But come on, media! You know why? I heard that somewhere. Ron Paul is not high in the polls because the polls only ask from a selected group of people. It's like asking people at a dog show, "What is your favorite breed? To best tell the actual support for a candidate, look at what the real world results are telling you. The people are saying that Ron Paul will be our next president. The real question should be, "Why isn't the media telling the unbiased truth? The bottom line is this, the major networks and their Presidents don't like Dr.

This is not a conspiracy, it is the sad truth. It is up to the major networks what we Americans see. Our only hope is if Americans get off the TV and onto the internet and do the research themselves. Ron Paul can raise 6 MM precisely because he is not higher in the polls.

Ron Paul's organized support base, upset with poor mainstream media coverage and general exclusion from traditional polling methods, realize cash is the only way to get his message heard before the primaries. They support these creative, action-demanding promotion methods because they genuinely care about what he has to say.

What you don't think the polls are manipulated? Just look at the amount of people who left comments her. Looks like that that tell the real story. Media controlls the polls, some Paul supporters that were phone polled say that either Paul was not an option, or once they chose Paul, the questions became so ridiculous the you would hang up for being insulted.

I know that you know this. Arguing about which one is correct is largely unimportant as the primaries in the coming weeks will ultimately provide the answer. However, the question IS important if news media is deciding on the best way to allocate time and resources to covering candidates.

The difference between fundraising and polling is one of the most interesting political science questions arising from this campaign season, in that there are two candidates with sharp discrepancies within their own statistics Paul and Huckabee. I would argue that fundraising numbers are straight forward and open, as required by law. On the other hand, while polling is scientifically sound in theory, in practice it becomes subjective as subtleties in polling methods can largely influence the outcome, and results can easily be distorted to conclusions beyond the scope of the poll.

If polling methods and results are not made as transparent and open as fundraising statistics, it is difficult to defend polling as the most honest approach to determining the airtime a candidate deserves. Paul is only low in the "Old Media" polls because the Old Media OM take most of their own polls and report on the results in their own pre-fabricated way.

Paul attracts people from every point in the spectrum. The Ron Paul supporter is nondescript. This also encompasses the younger, once apathetic bunch who are constantly on the go in this age of cell phones. I personally don't have a land line phone; in addition to that, I've not once participated in the primaries either.

But you can rest assured, I will be there for Dr. Paul in full support when that time arrives. And this scenario plays out several times for other supporters, as well. As it has already been mentioned, the straw polls are another great indicator of Dr. Paul's strength in supporters but how often is that mentioned by the mainstream media? Jack, we need more intelligent media types like yourself to give RP a fair shake.

If they did, America would get a chance to wake up and also get on the RP band wagon. Else, the polls do not take in to account supporters that areDemocrats, Independents, or others that have never participated in the political process before. If only the rest of your CNN counterparts could be as fair as you, instead of blindsiding RP with misleading questions, and always stating he most likely won't get the nomination.

Start saying that he could do it, and people and polls will follow. I'm a firm believer that Ron Paul isn't higher in the polls because he's not getting the attention he deserves in the mainstream media. It's a shame that personal image i. Ron Paul is a hero to this country and it's a shame that people haven't been given the chance to hear him yet. Raise the money, run, hand the election to Clinton and disappear off the face of the earth.

This guy's got as much chance of being elected as Jeb Bush and is a lot scarier. Don't worry guys, Osama won't attack us again. It's take him four years to stop laughing! The best way to explain the great difference is by quoting a paulite "The British didn't know they had a problem until Yorktown".

The land line phone poll work on the faulty premise that people haven't moved to cell phones. And even those polls that is the ones that actually put Capt. Paul in options get the reply that most do not know who he is. Of those that have viewed him speak either in person or on youtube.

If the media spent half as much time on the "Second Tier" as y'all do on the "First Tier", then we would even have tiers, only people running for office. Give every candidate who's name is on the ballet equal coverage, equal time during the debates, and stop constantly saying candidate x cannot win because you say he cannot; and then you will see Capt.

Rep Paul surge in the polls. If the system is truly fair, then anyone whose name is on the ballet should have an equal chance of winning as anyone else whose name is on the ballet. I question the accuracy of all these polls. Lucia, and Barbadoes. Tickets can be secured at all the principal ticket offices.

For freight, pareage and insurance, apply to A. British Industrial World. The extreme gravity of the situation cannot be overestimated. The address in which the delegates of the strikers submit the results to the members of the Union, is most discouraging. It emphasizes their opinion that the condi-lions the employers are resolved to exact, strike at the very root of the most cherished priuciples of Trades Unionism. V Stf. March 16, Subscription price Renfrew October 7, When the liver fails to biy.

Every part ot the body is polluted. The digestive juiv. All th. K-d al Uiscovery. It directly in cv. Toronto, Oct. Returning Officer W. Roaf, made the official returns in the On're Toronto election tc-iav. Majority for Bertram, , Agents of both candidates were present.

Ross delivered a striking speech at an open meeting of the British Empire League on Saturday evening. He argued strongly in favor of preferential trade with Great Britain, taking the ground that Canada has placed herself in a position to assume a position of great influence in the commerce of the continent. His friends believe he accidentally fell head first into the cistern, which contained six feet of water. Washington, on behalf of Clenctsoning and. He mCst have dropped several feet, at the beam ia fifteen feet from the floor.

An inquest will be held on Monday. Much sympathy ia felt for his family. Marie, Ont. The Crown called several witnesses to prove that improper relations existed between Mrr. Villeneuve ind Arthur Char-trand. On several occasions Villeneuve forbid Chartrsnd coming to his house. His Lordahip'e charge was strongly in favor cf the prisoner. He warnc'1 the jury not to be influenced by country side gossip or newspaper report».

At The prisoner appeared to feel her position most keenly, weeping most of the time. Villeneuve, the aeoused, was thereupon diecharged from custody. Villeneuve was charged with murdering her husband. Winnipeg, Mao. Henderson and John Buccleogh were charged with obtaining money on false pretences. The pris mers offered no defence a d His Lordship found them guilty and sentenced them lo three month» each to jail with hard labor.

Buc clengh told the prosecutor that he was a merchant at Edmonton, and asked for advance of money to pay the charges on some freight. The patrols will carry any mail matter to Edmonton or intermediate points.

Premier Greenway, who has been iu a poor state of health for a few weeks, leaves for M'-ntrcal tc-morrow, via Northern Pacific Railway, where he will consult a leading specialist. They say it will be the cheapest built railway on earth. A meeting of the Provincial Cabinet was held this morning. It is understood that preliminary discussion took place on the pro gramme for the coming session A new point in the railway project was also con aidered.

The Legislature will be called together the Utter end of January or the first week io February. Ktonewall, Man , Deo. Poison was totally destroyed by fire last night. Vancouver, B. Brown, its representative, made the following proposition in brief. They would spend half a million dollars on the ereotion of a station building and extension of wharves, if the city would saffguard their inieresis against au opposition road for eight years aod exempt the new work from taxation for twenty years.

The Council consented to submit the proposition to the people if the eight years clause was elimin uted. It is thought this will be done, and if so the by-law will carry, as tbia is no factional opposition. John, N. We sell them by the basket. Late Importations. Moquette», Ingrain Carpet», all wool and Union. Cork Carpets. Liroleum, Canadian Oilcloth of all qualitk», linen Crumb Cloths. Oue mail was caught in a milling anil burned to a erre j».

The bar. V -'ti' e I. Ire fli. Major Sittark ai d two men were killed. The Maharajah, Sir Pratabe Singh, was shot in the hand during the fight, but he said nothing regarding the bandage around bis baud. The incident is regarded to be typist 1 of tho spirit of tho Indian Princes. A commercial treaty tba'is made on a comim n i il lia;-;», pu. On this point tin re should be tieithei parleying nor pandering.

Hamilton, Den. A farm of acres has boon bought and oreken up into smaller lots of tr. Purchasers must pay one-fifth down, hut have forty years in which to repay the other instalments. Barely Sived Himself. The owner ia Ire? Caldy has a lighthouse. Desperate Measures. Smith to marry his cook. I don t know ; prebablyshe had threatened to leave.

Trimmii gs, Foies and Brass Goods. See our new onyx Tole-Balls, they are ornamental and tasty. Word te Horse Owners. Some of Onr Jobs This Week. Large assortment of trearfs. Linen Fringed Napkins. Joseph Street. November 80, 1S Dress Goods and Suits dyed and pressed in superior manner.

Blankets cleaned and finished like new. Carpets cleaned by our process will las longer than thoee cleaned by band and wit guarantee p»rf»ct satisfaction, n-acbincs run ning every day all the year round. Just Received! December 3, 1S Office Stationery. I give 5 ner cent, on all Cash Purchases. December 4, Am For tiie Winter There is no better sport than the manly art of self-defence. A bout with the Gloves expands the cheat, develops the muscles and tra:ns the ban i and eye.

Sent prepaid on approval upon receipt cf the amount. Your money buck if not satisfied. December 2. For Grand Mere, daily except Sunday. For Sc. Raymond, daily except; Sunday, P. M For Koberval and Chicontimi, S iturday only. Arrive at Quebec A. From Grand Mere daily except Saturday aud Sunday. From Gran l Mere, Saturday only.

Tickets for sali by K. Stocking, opposite St. Louis Hotel. Soc'r- and Manege-'. December 2, She will go out again to-night for the purpose of taking off the crew. If the wind continues high, the vessel will be terribly pounded. Part of her crew has been landod at PauiUac.

Nine members of the crew who took to the boats are missing. The sai. She took her departure under the management of a firm whose name will be a household word in the history of the mercantile marine so long as exists, namely, D and C Maclver. At this time of the day it is much too late to describe in detail the chief features of the boat ; the passenger , were he asktri, wr. She has excellent accommodation for the saloon passengers which she is a lowed to carry, the staterooms being mainly situated aft of the' dining saloon- In addition she affords accommodation for second cabin and steerage passengers.

She was practically taken over by her new owners on Wednesday last, and in the meantime, of course, her smoke stack was painted to the colour of the Beaver Line, and other work was done to fit her to her new employment.

On Saturday, at the invitation of Me-srs Maclver, a number of gentlemen interested in the Canadian trade ando'. The visitors having made a thorough inspection of the vessel, of her equipments, aud of hei internal economics, took a fleeting moment to wish the Messrs Maclver and the beaver Line every success in the new enterprise.

The vessel, by tHe way. Perfumes, Articles in Celluloid Atomizers, Fancy Thermometers and a thousand other things suitable for preseats. We have no old stock nor job lots, we leave it to others to buy old-fashioned goods. We do not give trading stamps or electric car tickets either, but all know that they can ride to our store in the cars to make their purchs and still save more than by buying anywhere else.

We do not believe m catchy ad vertisements, but simp'y wish to declare the truth. The results obtain ed prove that we are right. Our shop will be «. Livernois, November 30, Purest and Best for Table and Dairy No adulteration. Never cakes. September 17, Must nave a thorough knowledge cf the trade.

Direct communication with manufacturers and dealers solicite d. November 30, Bones of Giant Indians. It is forming quickly and yet 37 boats are loading wheat at Duluth and Fort William, and new charters are being made to bring the cereal to Chicago.

It is said that not less than 1,, bushels of wheat are yet to te brought from Duluth to Chicago, and 2,,0 10 bushels are to go to Buffalo, About fifteen vessels are yet to take on carg es at Fort Wiiliam. In the rush for boats the highest rate of the year was paid at Duluth. It was four cents to Buffalo. Lumber Notes. In the first place the total cut in the Ottawa Valley, has been about ,, The demand in Great Britain still continues goo. Lid Spree. Victoria iKras.

Special arrangements for reserviuN cabins and booking passengers. Money rhov be saved by calling at this old established office before looking elsewhere. It was f mad in the lake, and is supposed to have been the one thrown in by the young Douglas wh;n Mary Queen of Scots made her escape. The key was originally in tho possession of Williun Hamper, Esq.

The Castle of Lock Leveu is situated on an island of about two acres, near the northwest extremity of the lake. Wonderful Hindoo Cave. Off the coast of Bombay lies the Island Elephanta, named from the shape of the Stone mats that guards ils entrance. On it U the Cave of the EUphant.

The cave dates back to the ninth century and is renowned for the woDdeiful effect and the immenrity of the labor spent upon it. Ouce a. Correctly Stated Ouc day a post office offijial, happening to be pa :sing through a government office in London with which he was connected, saw a man sianding before a fire redding a newspaper. Hours afterwards, returning the same way, he was shocked to find the same man extended before the same fire, btill absorbed in the contents of a newspaper.

Well 1 am very glad to hear it. I am, sir, simply one of the public, a mere item who has been waiting here for four hours for an answer to a simple question and I should bs much obliged if you would use your influence to get me attended to. Riil-way traffic is seriously hampered.

It has been snowing at Djsmoines, Is. The fall has been between six and seven inches. Great excitement was caused tha other evening in the village of Monistroi, Catalonia, Q7 miles north-west of Barcelona, by the explosion of four bombs. No damage, however, of any importance was done and there wero no casualties. The London Daily Chronicle says that it has good reason to believe that the Khedive Egypt will refuse to allow his brother, Mehemet Ali Pasha, to marry an American, in view of the faet that the child to which the Khediveh recently gave birth is a girl and Mehemet Alt is still the heir presumptue.

John Morgan, of Ripley, W. Green, her son and daughter on November 3, escaped on Thursday night and is at large. Prices bald to Qflodern Authors. He has received 50 cents a word for a 10, word story. Swinburne, who writes very little, mik. The poor woman applied to Ilm Bechio, the cadi, or chief magistrate of Cordova, for justice. He mounted hia ass, and taking a large sack with him, rode to the palace of the caliph.

When this was d«mo, the cadi besought his sovereign to crown his goodness by aiding him iu loading his ass with it burden. This extraordinary request surprised thee «liph still more, but he yielded to the cadi's entreaty, aud attempted to raise the sack. It was so heavy, however, that he could scarcely lift it. Winter Oostumos. A peculiarly utU'jctive model for a cloth gown has the platu skirl and short j icket trimmed with velvet aud chinchilla fur.

The j icket is belted in, aud Ins a jauuty littlo basque, which is trimmed all around with a band of the chinchilla. Revers, wide at the top and tapering iu at the waist-line, are bordered with the ur. A fitUd vest of gray velvet is oue of the fea uies of ll. A smart gowu of cashmeie ts made with the skirt slightly en train, and all f illness slightly towards the buck.

Arr money, but what ho said was this : V cue moot pass, pam, unle-s you give your boy a khs! C' N- Oldest Printing Press. It is identical in build with th? B of the early portion of the eighteenth century. The wooden framework and part of the covering of two balls, formerly used as an nking apparatus, accompanied the press. It antedates, certainly, the Columbian and Stanhope iron frame presses by more than half a century.

Peter M Her. When the continental congress met at Lancaster the currency of the new republic was printed upon the machine. Later the Ephrata press became the property of Joseph Baumann, and afterward of the senior Heitler, who used it for many years. In October, , tho press was loaned to exhibitors at the memorable Franklin institute semi-ceutcrnial exhibition, where it wm perated, in contrast with modern steam presses, by a veteran printer dressed to a close resemblance of Benjamin Franklin.

This was the last time the old press was used. A Story of Qarbert Spenoer. An entertaining bit of gossip is being told about Mr, Herbert Spencer. It is reported that the great philosopher, always highly sensitive to noises, is now suffering greatly from the whistles of locomotives. After period of prolonged suffering it occurred to him, by a fine effort of induction, that if the early cock were tied by the legs to its perch it would be unablo to crane itself up for the aot of orowing So Mr.

Whether the cock went on orowing is not recorded, hut Mr. Speneer, confident the soundness of his theory, slept. Cause and Effect. You know her father was quite a poet. Sick Headache aqd relieve all the troubles Incident to a bilious state of the system, such ca Dizziness. Distress after eating. Our pills cure it WbHe uthvhi dc not. One cr two pilis mnko a dose. They are rtrfrt'. John Street, Quebec, Y. J emieux. Ursule and St.

Ann streets. Can be visited every day lx tween 2 and 5 a'cloc P. John Street, November 23, Outfits free to canvassers. November 23, Outfit fies. The Bradlky-Gabretson. November Turcotte k Co. Le Droit, J. Bedard k Bro. October 24, For particulars ready S t o commence send name and eddress. First-Class Photography MR. Build ii. Prices moderate, and work guaranteed first-lass. A portion of the premises is fitted up for the sale of Christmas Novelties. Inspection invited. Goods sure to please, and at the lowest cash price.

Remember the place T. Building, Jolm Street. The prices are away down to cost and under. More Street Car Blockades. The Coining English Artillery Team. Ic ia reported that n fatsl accident has occurred in S. Macdonald, an oid man of was working at a bidding when a board ti the acaffold-mg on which he was Standing broke and he fell from a height of 20 feet When picked up h« was dead.

The Bishop's Movements. The Lird Bishop of the Diocese held a confi-'tnation service in the Church at Len-noxville last evening and will hold another io-i;ight in the College Chapel. Mope Street Cap Blockades. The Kleutric Riilway is having lots of trouble just now about its power, and unfortunately it eo happens that the blockades occur just when the roads are bad and people most require the cars.

They were blocked for a Utile while last Thursday and again on Saturday afternoon, while yesterday the power was off so long thu by the time sweepers could get the snow removed, it was growing dark before the cars Werefttirfed at all.

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growing importance of vertical intra-industry trade. Ando () attempted to distinguish types of trade by countries in the East Asian region during the. peace plus prosperity as it can contribute substantively to the achieve- ment and maintenance of sustained and sustainable peace, stability, and. BERMUDA AND WEST INDIES ROYAL MAIL LINES Stlim IRON PIER 47 KORTH RIVER NEW for Lesser Slave Lake and Peace River, and a second patrol will leave the.