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Tradestation review forex peace army review absolute strength indicator forex terbaru

Tradestation review forex peace army review

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I am very happy with them. I am not a forex trader, but trade the fx futures. My forex account at TradeStation was migrated over to Oanda about 18 months ago. A few thousand dollars. I asked TradeStation to move my forex funds over to my futures account and then they told me it was at Oanda. They gave me instructions to ask them to remit back to me. Complied with all their requested info.

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It's easy to go from research to trade, and you can set up trade defaults, hotkeys, and workspaces to customize your experience workspaces let you organize and save the various analysis and trading apps you want to use. TradeStation calls its trading tools apps. These apps are integrated with the platform, so you can just click to launch. There is also the TradeStation TradingApp Store, where you can choose from hundreds of third-party tools for free or a monthly fee.

A handy platform feature is TradeStation's window linking. This allows you to connect one window with another window or multiple windows based on a common symbol or interval. You can click on any symbol in RadarScreen, and the Chart Analysis and Matrix windows will automatically update to that symbol.

Window linking makes fast work of research and order entry. All TradeStation platforms offer real-time streaming data, and you can place, modify, and cancel orders directly from a chart or by using keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, you can monitor the market and place trades at the price level you want including one-click limit orders using the Matrix. Dubbed the "Swiss Army knife of trading tools," the Matrix combines a detailed market depth window, an advanced order-entry tool, and a precise order-tracking system into a single, customizable window.

TradeStation 10 Desktop allows you to stage orders for later entry, and all platforms including mobile let you enter multiple orders simultaneously. If you want to trade options, you can open the OptionStation Pro App directly from the main platform. To buy and sell cryptocurrencies, launch the TSCrypto web platform when you log into the TradeStation website—and keep in mind that you'll need a separate crypto account to trade.

The app supports stocks, options, futures, and crypto trading. All apps have real-time streaming data and free news provided by Benzinga. The first screen you'll see when you log into the mobile app is a quotes list you can share multiple watchlists across platforms. You can customize the home screen to show hot lists, orders, positions, balances, or alerts, and you can choose a light or dark theme for both the overall app and your charts.

It's also possible to enable Face ID to log in. To trade options, click the options icon at the bottom of the screen. Overall, the app is sleek and intuitive, with enough functionality to buy, sell, and monitor positions on the go. TradeStation offers a decent range of trading products, and you can trade stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and IPOs from the desktop, web, and mobile platforms you can trade bonds and mutual funds with broker assistance.

It's seamless to switch between these asset classes, but you must select the appropriate account from a dropdown menu i. Missing from the lineup is forex, which TradeStation stopped supporting in TradeStation offers two separate web platforms to trade crypto and futures options—TradeStation Crypto and FuturesPlus, respectively. You can launch either platform when you log into your account on the TradeStation website.

Here's a rundown of TradeStation's trading products:. All TradeStation platforms allow conditional orders including one-cancels-other and order-sends-order , bracket orders, and trailing stops—and you can enter multiple orders simultaneously. The TradeStation 10 desktop platform offers additional advanced order rules, such as activation rules that allow orders to be sent to the market based on price or time.

Other adjustments require that you speak to a live broker. The way a broker routes your order determines whether you receive the best price available. TradeStation uses intelligent order routing technology aka Intelligent , its proprietary order execution technology. It provides automatic routing to the market and automatically chooses the best route for you when you place the order. Orders were filled in an average of 0. TradeStation customers can create, test, and automate trading strategies for any trading idea.

This functionality is something that TradeStation is well-known for, and rightly so. Few trading platforms support strategy development and automation, and TradeStation does both exceptionally well. Non-programmers can select from dozens of technical and fundamental indicators to build their own strategies using pre-built strategy components. Programmers can use TradeStation's proprietary EasyLanguage programming language to develop custom indicators, studies, and strategies that can be used to test and fully automate trading systems.

Alternatively, numerous EasyLanguage specialists and add-on developers can, for a fee, help you develop ideas into testable and tradable code. Any trading idea or strategy can be tested on an easy-to-access database of decades of historical market data. Strategy performance reports provide detailed analysis, including metrics such as maximum drawdown and average trade net profit, as well as equity curves and trade lists, to prove you're on the right track—or not.

It's simple to run different scenarios and optimize your variables to find the best parameters. And, of course, you can always try out an idea in your paper trading account to see how it performs in a live market before risking real cash. Once you're happy with a strategy, you can enable automated trading and let TradeStation handle the trade entries, exits, and management.

Of course, this doesn't give you a pass to leave your trading computer for the day. Things happen think: internet problems, power outages , so it's always advised to monitor your trades, even when they are fully automated. TradeStation offers commission-free trading on stocks, ETFs, options, and futures, plus free market data and no monthly platform fees.

Keep in mind that many non-equity trades incur additional exchange fees for clearing and trading. The financial exchanges e. You can find complete fee details on TradeStation's pricing page , but here's a basic rundown:. The business model for most online brokers has changed because of industry pressure to offer commission-free trading.

Without these fees, the way a broker makes money from you might be less obvious. And there are some subtle ways they make money for you, too. Because TradeStation caters to active traders, it doesn't provide in-depth fundamental research. Still, TradeStation offers some powerful research tools, especially for the more technically-inclined trader.

TradeStation offers several tools to help traders with market scanning and pattern recognition. Hot lists show traders which symbols are making unusual market moves, such as opening gaps, high volatility, and nearing or breaking week highs or lows. RadarScreen sorts a list of up to 1, pre-defined symbols in real-time based on user-defined criteria. The Scanner App scans thousands of symbols e. RadarScreen and the Scanner App are two of the most powerful stock and ETF screeners offered by any online brokerage today.

The OptionStation Pro toolset lets you build, evaluate, and track just about any options strategy you can imagine. It provides a visual representation of options chains so you can see your strategy's break-even probability across a series of expiration dates. You can use hot lists to find options opportunities as well. TradeStation has a proprietary scanner that can scan the entire mutual fund universe.

While the scanner gets the job done, it's not particularly sophisticated compared to TradeStation's other scanners. TradeStation has a basic fixed income screener, but keep in mind that you will have to call a broker to place a trade. TradeStation has exceptional charting capabilities. Data streams in real-time on all platforms and the Chart Analysis window is fully customizable. To change the symbol, click anywhere on the chart, type in the symbol, and tap enter.

Double-click any chart to maximize the window for a closer look. TradeStation offers an impressive array of charting tools designed to help you measure and analyze market movement, backtest, and monitor orders and positions. You can add multiple technical indicators and other studies, strategies, drawing tools, and text to any chart. Account orders and positions display on the chart to provide a convenient way to monitor your trades, and you have the option to enable and customize audio alerts.

The Chart Trader app is a simple way to place trades, manage positions, and manage orders from a Chart Analysis window. Simple keyboard and mouse click combinations define the order type—for example, hold control and left-click below the ask to set a buy limit order at the selected price. Open orders can be moved to new price levels by dragging and dropping the order line, and you can right-click on an order line to edit quantity and price.

If you select an order line and press delete, it will cancel the order. TradeStation has one of the best charting applications available from any broker, especially because of how well it integrates with TradeStation's order entry, strategy development, and trade automation capabilities. TradeStation doesn't have the typical calculators e. TradeStation includes a built-in library of common studies to help with idea creation.

You can create your own custom studies to try out new ideas and methods. What is your role? I also try to help the Supreme Admin juggle all the conflicting priorities. Do any of the founders still have a stake in any of your different businesses? Some have gone on and founded other businesses. Some have dropped out of forex. ForexPeaceArmy : Felix has his own other businesses.

Everyone here primarily works for the FPA. I think one or two people have some small side-businesses, but at this time none are related to forex trading. ForexPeaceArmy : Exact details are proprietary. The Admin manages the programmers and performance testing. I manage the Forums and Review Moderation. Scam Investigations are handled by their own group. I recall you told me this was spinned off? Can you elaborate on this - Bill K.

Eventually, some sort of agreement was reached between Felix and the people running SNW to take it independent. ForexPeaceArmy : Yes. Does this imply any kind of partnership or affiliation? Does this imply that you leave out comments if they do not mention positive aspects about the service? ForexPeaceArmy : Did you read those review pages? No one likes getting bad reviews, but the Review Moderators are all trained to be very even handed. Had the review that NickB made about KFS the one from the YouTube video been left for any other service, it would have been rejected for lack of content.

Does he have any relation to you guys? KFS turned into WPips in an attempt to try a new method of marketing forex signals on a pay-per-signal basis. There were technical issues with signals delivery, so WPips became more trade-room oriented. Currently, Henry sends at least some of the daily mailings for FxNewsWiz.

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October The FPA is informed that TradeStation no longer offers forex. The company now allows clients to trade stocks, options, and futures. Add your. I was traded stocks using this platform for years. Orders execution very fast, no latency or delay, a lot of possibilities: indicators. Tradestation Crypto is scam and you can lose much money! Service use: Live. Length of use: Months · Closed my account without any notice. Service use: Other.