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Deepshikha sikarwar economic times forex forex world championship

Deepshikha sikarwar economic times forex

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The Reserve Bank of India RBI regulates cross-border investment in securities and is the primary repository of data on investment by Indian entities abroad. RBI regulations [2] permit various Indian entities including companies, mutual funds, and individuals to invest in equity and debt of foreign entities.

Each entity has multiple avenues for making overseas investments. Individuals can invest in the equity of companies directly as well acquire a portfolio through the medium of mutual funds. Another component is the investment by banks in their branches abroad. Going back in time, reveals other practices. With this background, we proceed to look at the different data sets from RBI on investments abroad [12].

The BOP statement reveals the movement of capital over a period while the InIP statement shows the stock of international financial assets and liabilities, held as direct and portfolio investment, at the end of a period. The remainder of this paper will be confined to a discussion of direct investment. Table 2 shows the net yearly flow of direct investments out of and into India columns A and D respectively. Heightened flows are observed in both directions from Interestingly, the percentage is the same if the comparison is extended to the last decade.

A closer look at the components of direct investment provides additional insights. Following IMF standards, direct investment flows reported by RBI include flows into equity and debt as well as reinvested earnings [16]. While the reinvested earnings of foreign capital show a steady increase over the years, the reinvested earnings of Indian capital abroad have remained constant from in a period when the stock of investment increased over 10 times see Table 1.

RBI figures of reinvested earnings of Indian companies seem doubtful [17]. A useful comparison between direct investment flowing abroad and FDI flowing into India is from the point of view of how they affect the balance of payments. In such a comparison, reinvested earnings must be excluded from the flows as they do not affect the balance of payments [18].

Figure 1 shows the yearly flow of Indian direct investments abroad and FDI in India after excluding reinvested earnings in both cases. Intriguingly, as the figure shows, outflows have moved more or less in tandem with FDI inflows between and Net annual outflows rose sharply between and to plateau at higher levels, with the exception of a sharp dip [19] in In , from a balance of payments perspective, more direct investment went out of India than came into India!

Unfortunately, the data available publicly is rather limited in extent and quality. There are two components to the returns — earnings reinvested abroad and dividend and profits repatriated. The unreliable nature of the estimates of the earnings reinvested abroad has already been pointed out. The data on dividend and profits is available only up till [20].

The guarantees backed by assets in India , provided to obtain financing abroad, do not entail an immediate flow of funds. It also contains the outward direct investment in equity and debt reported in the BOP [23] statements for comparison. This would include investment of banks in their branches abroad and investments by individuals. One hopes that in the interest of greater transparency, RBI will also provide details of these investments in future. Guarantees have been rarely invoked in the past [26].

However, with the strong possibility of acquired companies failing to perform in a deteriorating economic environment, mounting guarantees pose heightened risks to Indian banks backing the guarantees made by companies. An important attribute of the RBI data is that it allows the identification of investing entities by name and provides the amounts they have invested.

These groups, through their 35 odd companies, account for more than a third of the investment outflows for this period. The Government of India had set up a review committee to evaluate the FRBM Act, [5] in order to assess its functionality in the last 12 years.

The committee had wide-ranging terms of reference ToR to comprehensively review the existing FRBM Act in the light of contemporary changes, past outcomes, global economic developments, best international practices and to recommend the future fiscal framework and roadmap for the country.

Subsequently, the Terms of Reference were enlarged to seek the committee's views on certain recommendations of the Fourteenth Finance Commission and the Expenditure Management Commission. These primarily related to strengthening the institutional framework on fiscal matters as well as certain issues connected with new capital expenditures in the budget.

The committee submitted its report to the finance minister on 23 January The report of the review committee is presently [ when? The government has also reduced revenue deficit to 2. The report submitted is accessible on the website of the Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Finance. It consists of 10 chapters, 4 volumes and 6 annexures:.

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Retrieved 16 July — via The Economic Times. External links. India portal.

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