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Divergences appear when the market price moves in one direction but the indicators point in the opposite direction. At that point in time the market movement is not in accordance with the underlying forces. In the case of a significant divergence a market might run out of steam and change direction.

A divergence signal is therefore a contrarian or anti-cyclical signal. Indicators that oscillate around a zero line as well as indicators based on moving averages can be used for detecting divergences. This strategy, proposed by German trading author Claus Grube, however, makes use of a special indicator, the Aroon Oscillator. It is a very well designed indicator that indicates the amount of time that has passed since the period's high or low has occurred.

Tushar Chande is a well known scientist, market analyst, and author of several trading books including "Beyond Technical Analysis". He has developed a variety of intelligent indicators. How both are calculated can be found on numerous web sites. It is less relevant in the framework of this divergence strategy.

It is suffices to say that when AroonDown is high the low market price has happened recently and when AroonUp is low the high market price has happened a while ago. The Aroon Oscillator is a line which oscillates around a zero line. It is derived by subtracting AroonDown from AroonUp. When AroonDown is high the low has happened recently and AroonUp is low the high has happened a while ago we get, for example, a result below zero.

In this screenshot the Aroon Oscillator is currently low. This means a low has happened recently and a high has happened a longer time ago. The Aroon Oscillator Divergence detects whether the Aroon has run in the same direction as the market price recently.

When it has run differently, we have a divergence! When there is no market trend or the Aroon runs parallel to the market its value is around At 75 there is a divergence with the Aroon Oscillator rising and the market falling. At 25 there is also a divergence with the Aroon Oscillator falling and the market rising.

No trading signal. Market and indicators are in sync. Buy signal. Market down but indicator up. Short sell signal. Market up but indicator down. In this screenshot we see the market price. Below the market the Aroon Oscillator Divergence is shown. The current value is 50 which implies that there is no divergence between market and indicator. On 29 October at around 16h00, for example, the Aroon Oscillator Divergence is at This indicates a divergence.

The market is rising or rather, the market price is above the price from one day ago but Aroon Oscillator is below the value of the day before. This could result in a trend change as the market rise is not supported by the indicator. The primary Aroon buy signal is going to take place when Aroon-Up is moving upwards. As the Aroon-up is increasing going towards the level, the chart will also show the price going in a bullish direction.

The rationale behind this is that our chart is now forming these higher highs. On top of just the Aroon-Up moving upwards, the Aroon-Down needs to move downwards to confirm the bullish trend. Once Aroon-up crosses above Aroon-down a buy signal is generated. All-in-all this is a clear indication of a bullish trending market. Aroon is a very versatile trading indicator that has built-in many trade features.

You can use it as a trading system on its own. Here are the top three trading strategies based on the Aroon indicator, which you can use to gain more profits:. The Aroon interpretation is that no new highs or lows are made during the default period. Or, wait for the Aroon crossover followed by a centerline cross to add more confluence for the direction of the trade. Also, learn how to trade using the RSI Oscillator. This is the same kind of activity that can be found when a traditional oscillator reaches overbought readings.

And, it stays in overbought reading for a good amount of time. The Aroon-Up continuous reading close to the level is an indication of a very strong trend. However, at some point in time one or two trade scenarios can happen:. For Aroon-Down we would be forming lower lows. Often times these excessive readings on the Aroon oscillator signals the presence of a strong trend. The effort is the activity measured by the Aroon lines in our case Aroon-Up.

And, the result is the activity measured by the price action. The theory is that if the Aroon-UP resets itself by moving away from the readings and going to 0 readings, the price should follow the lead of the Aroon-Up reading. We would expect the effort put to translate into lower prices. If it does not, and we see only a slight change in the price, we know the uptrend is very strong.

We combined the Aroon trend strength strategy and Aroon pullback trading strategy into one big market edge. If you enjoyed this method, be sure to check out other proven in the Best Trading Strategies Article. Aroon indicator is an unusual indicator that can help you spot the strength of a trend and ride that trend until a buy or sell climax is reached. We like how versatile the Aroon Up and down indicator is.

The triangular Aroon oscillator lines make it so much easier for the untrained eye to spot buy and sell signals. All-in-all you have a momentum oscillator that can easily be in your top 3 best technical indicators for profitable trading. Of course, no single indicator is the Holy Grail of trading. Aroon is an effective tool for detecting changes in the trend direction and the strength of the trend. We specialize in teaching traders of all skill levels how to trade stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more.

Our mission is to address the lack of good information for market traders and to simplify trading education by giving readers a detailed plan with step-by-step rules to follow. I have been reading a lot lately trying to brush up on technicals I love Aroon Oscillators and will start practicing it's uses. Thank you for laying it out in an easy to understand and yes a picture is worth a thousand words and descriptive charts.

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