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Karen peloille ichimoku forex

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See all details. Next page. Frequently bought together. Total price:. To see our price, add these items to your cart. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Show details Hide details. Choose items to buy together. In Stock. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Ichimoku Kinko Hyu. John J Murphy PhD. Wyckoff 2.

Vladimir Poltoratskiy. Steve Sinclair. About the Author Karen Peloille has an extensive educational background in econometrics statistical and economic modelling and market finance. She has been trading for her own account since Karen specialises in trading with Ichimoku and teaches the principles of this system to professional and private traders in France and in the United States.

On top of her trading activities, Karen is a technical analyst and adviser for private clients and portfolio managers. You may find her technical analysis on her Twitter account: KarenPeloilleYou can contact Karen at karen. Customer Reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from United Arab Emirates. There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from United Arab Emirates. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. Verified Purchase. You have to read the book three four times to make sure you understood everything. The trading details.

Very good quality of the illustrations and they not just 2 colors believe or not, I read a Ichimoku book that all the illustrations were I. Report abuse. I had heard about Karen before I bought the book. The title 'guide to low risk strategies' does not mean the strategies are simple.

This book is not for beginners in trading. I read the book and thought it was too confusing for me. When I read the book a second time the penny dropped and I am now using one of the strategies in my trading. If you can get your head round it it is simple. When I look at the charts now I can see and understand what is going on, targets etc Thanks Karen.

I wonder if I could get a refund for this book. The print quality is so poor, its worst than my home ink-jet printer printing quality. I am now on page 33 and I just can't help but to stop reading not to mention, I spent a long time on each page trying to understand what the "translation" is saying with charts I can't tell where all the lines are and write this negative feedback to warn others. One person found this helpful. This book can serve as a guide to anyone interested in trading technically.

I've been successfully using and learning with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo for a few months now; It's definitely 'simple' once you know all the pieces as it allows you to see the 'trend' and price action at once Simple however isn't easy, as you probably already know. Fear and greed are still present with every trade - BUT - the system makes it simple to deal with those emotions provided you can stick to the plan it itself lays out.

It's an all encompassing tool - all in one indicator - like a swiss army knife. Most people assume the spaghetti lines are moving averages, but they are NOT. It's now definitely a part of my playbook. Now I'm seriously interested, Jean-Francois. Thank you, that's great information. I'll spend Sunday learning about it. Yes, fear and greed, the old enemy, have kept me locked into Gold 2 for far longer than I anticipated, Fear mostly, with SLs too tight.

I've overcome that by trading longer term, and now moving slowly but surely in the right direction. But less signals. So maybe Ichimoku Kinko Hyo will provide me with some more. The Ichimoku 'at one glance' works amazingly well on all timeframes and for all symbols - Without changing the default settings i found the indicator to provide reliable signals based on it's pre-defined rules for all my favourite pairs - The system itself provides you the logical locations for placing a stop and target.

I have however deviated from the nomenclature and scalped the lower time frames very successfully targeting 1 or 2 ATRs I also stack my trades wherever possible Mar 13, 20 Rex Johnson gave us a super easy to understand intro to Ichimoku. He is a gifted explainer, making it easy to retain as well as understand. Many thanks for sharing! Jean-Francois you rock, and Rex is finally coming around?

Not pushing the price left is a flaw with Alveo's version of the indicator since the calculations for the Senkou Span A and B look to display price 26 BARS into the future by default. Neither the price nor the indicator were shifted in time - only the templates viewing aperture was adjusted. I am wondering if this works best on the JPY pairs? I also guess the default settings are fine, but if it is so great on an indicator, we should be able to tweak the number settings as it seems daily is where the default setting would work best?

Thanks Jean Francois i will investigate and learn this tool, seems it works great for you and other apiary traders are learning it as well, the more i learn about tools and systems should help me as i am close to entering Gold on the bee line to funding. I guess there must be a lot of pertinent background of which I am unaware. I'm sure sorry if I said something out of place, in my ignorance.

I was just trying to help. Norma - you weren't forgotten - i wanted to hear the recordings before replying Rex is spot on. Thanks for bringing the links forward Personally, I'll continue to leave everything alone since it's not broken and the man who spent 30 years working on this probably didn't over fit the system.

Thanks for this topic and the information and links in it. I plan to research this over the next few days to see if I can understand enough to use it profitably. I'm learning very slowly how to make some profitable trades. I just don't seem to yet have the patience to wait for good situations to appear. BabyPips ran a test of several popular indicators to find out which ones performed the best. The Ichimoku kinko hyo indicator won out. Not real exciting but it was profitable.

What the test shows is that indicators cannot be used by themselves nor should they be. Indicators are useful as tools to verify price action but are not useful in replacing price action. Thanks Norma, and Jean, I need to understand stuff before I use it, I found the most value in the link you posted to someone on youtu. The Ichimoku indicator is comprised of five lines called the tenkan-sen, kijun-sen, senkou span A, senkou span B and chickou span. This indicator was developed so that a trader can gauge an asset's trend, momentum and support and resistance points without the need of any other technical indicator.

You don't need Ichimoku in order to do this. Price action provides trend, momentum and support and resistance lines without the need of any technical indicators. However, Ichimoku could be used to verify price action but should not be used in place of price action. It looks like it is a somewhat beyond my ability at the present time but it definitely has caused a desire to check into this method of trading. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on learning to successfully trade a strategy.

The test results from the babypips tests of using some indicators in certain ways were interesting, esp for Ichimoku. I think it is not right, however, to conclude from a test of one way to use an indicator, that indicators cannot nor should not be used by themselves.

Indicators represent a statistical approach to technical analysis as opposed to a subjective approach. By looking at money flow, trends, volatility, and momentum, they provide a secondary measure to actual price movements and help traders confirm the quality of chart patterns Yaah I know.

I'm smiling Alan. Would love to sit down w you and show you some fun stuff that an indicator can project that price could not. Investopedia may write that paragraph somewhat differently in ten years, as folks learn some unknown reads from some indicators. Norma Jenner: All the information is in price action. When the trend begins, it begins. When the trend ends, it ends. When price bounces of support and resistance, it bounces off support and resistance.

When price action slows down, it slows down. Indicators may project where price is to go, but price will go where it goes and not where an indicator says it will go. Without price action indicators would draw a horizontal line. As traders, all we can do is follow the action of price. You will never convince me that price will go where an indicator predicts. Price action is not the result of the prediction of an indicator, indicators show the result of the action of price. Jean-Francois, that is incredible.

You were able to get that amount of pips with Ichimoku? Thanks for sharing. Price action is king, as to where it goes So pending orders represent liquidity, and pending orders prepave the path where price can go, pending orders are the river bed below the river that ultimately CONTROLS the price flow action. Jean : price always flows fastest in the direction of least liquidity.

Price always takes the least path of resistance! I like Ichimoku, and I occasionally use it for analysis. It works great--especially for JPY pairs during the Asian session since a lot of Asian traders use it. It's nice for trading off H1 or higher.

When the 1 hour breaks out above the Ichomoku cloud, I've found I can stay in the direction of the trade on lower time frames longer. Staying above the 7 EMA as long as I can has proved to be profitable. This looks very interesting. Thanks for including the link. I don't really know anything about this strategy, but looking at your success Jean-Francois I am definitely going to study this. I use it for analysis. The ema line confirms if trade should continue a bullish position if price is above or short if price is below the ema line.

When price begins to draw toward the ema I will move my trailing stop in tighter. Also, begin a reversal trade when the 8 sma levels out and crosses over the 50 sma. Still learning. It's worth mentioning that everyone has different ways of 'seeing' things, and different levels of ability. Some traders can look at a naked chart and read price action well enough to trade successfully. I'm glad it's proving to be enlightening. I also continue to study and trade with it on a daily basis.

I also read that book by Manesh Patel. Great book with in-depth Ichimoku trading. Thanks, Jean-Francois. But too early to know for sure of course. Doing that though is teaching me about Ichimoku Kinko Hyo in a practical way. I'm close to funding statistically anyway so I can't afford any slip-ups right now, and need to stick with my current strategy. But I see so much potential in Ichimoku and will definitely be testing it on its own as a tool for price action trading. Jean-Francois, I like the template but when I put an order in it doesn't how up on the template.

Do you have that issue? I've been wanting to understand this display. Everyone here is so helpful. Jean, great explanations and links. I'm going to try this out for long term trades. I don't have a great system in place for those. I'll start in simulation, of course. Thanks to all! I have learned much from studying this system, but the logic that underlies the system is more important than the actual system itself.

It is an awesome 'system' - however it isn't so well documented as most other indicators are. It's been working fine for me as such Elijah, your pending order statement above I have tried to find a site or tool to view pending orders, do you have a tool or site that you can dependably view the pending orders?

Yes, the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system is a wonderfully simple system. I have been using it for a number of years. I use it along with other indicators for entries, but for the main look and see, i use it as it is. Once it is understood, it will be part of your bag of tools.

Yes, I continue to use it daily, for example this was yesterday. I've been scalping with it on the lower time frames without changing a single setting. It's working well today and everyday as well JF, you da man, your in danger of getting on my forex heros list! That means Apiary has about. Of which you are one! Rookie - Lets hope you're correct Sir, I just made it to Gold3 - 45 minutes ago Good read.

Ive been playing around with the clouds for a few months now and they are indeed a fully contained trading system as oppossed to a indicator. Not ot diffacult to learn and seem to work ok just as leave all the other indicators out and just trade the rules of the cloud itself. My problem is disciple I keep reverting to my default system and forget I'm in "cloud mode". However if you do a search for the "best" forex indicator you will find the cloud is by far the best altough its more sytem than a indicator.

Thanks JF, after reading your thread I would like to try Ichimoku again for long term trade setups. It was the first indicator I tried applying when I joined Apiary Fund a few months back but I kind of got impatient every time the cloud covered my candlesticks.

Also the. Am I doing something wrong? Yep all questions as usual, thanks. Also, you will need to adjust the line colors for SL TP and Order lines - - do so via the template settings as well. This is great had I figured this out way back I might have been still using it today, that said I will use it in my sand box starting today. I tried that but guess I messed it up in Alveo, I will try again. Thanks ror for the post. In the setting box you'll see right, left, top, bottom chart space settings.

In the right chart space, change the number to 30 and click save or just OK for this individual chart and you should be set for ichimoku future cloud. Good luck. I didn't Ah, alas - the lessons of a young Padawan!! The book by Karen Peloille is THE definitive book in English available at present; the original, still only in Japanese, is the ultimate guide but alas - I don't speak or read Japanese.

My "failure" with the Ichimoku Kinko Ho came due to, 1 a natural failure of the system to work no system works ALL of the time , 2 my failure to manage my risks properly I began "biggering" my lot sizes as my ego also biggered! Since coming to Apiary, I've given Mr. Ichi a break, but will return to using it once I get the "beeline system" down, i. Ichi is a great indicator and will certainly be part of my overall strat as I progress on the path to Forex competence and excellence.

FXMantis - there is much to be said for a man that spent 30 years 'tuning' one system - i'm not about to mess with it - it works. I know it. The problem with Ichimoku is NOT ichimoku itself; but its operator - namely me. I have made it a staple part of my playbook but my implementation of the system still lacks discipline. Hey JF, Thanks for the thread. Will definitely look into the resources mentioned here and focus on using the Ichimoku. How do go about picking which pairs to trade?

Also I tried downloading the template but get an error not sure why. A good place to learn this from the ALan's "trading doesn't have to be difficult" thread. Thanks for the accolades, but it's only perfect practice that makes perfect - I'm far from perfect As far as picking pairs; I use to use mataf.

It's not the pair that makes the trade. Someone we all know made a career on one pair only. With the template that I posted somewhere above Or if you use the indicator right out of the box The only resources for Ichimoku are limited indeed I think the good stuff has already been mentioned in this thread.

Thanks for sharing Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. I am trying to learn Ichimoku and finding it useful to locate Profitable and high probability trade. Markets are in random walk stage sideways most of the time and in imbalance stage from time to time. More high probability trades are generated in directional markets during imbalance stage.

Traders have an edge to trade during this phase of the market. The challenge is to determine with certain degree of probability, when it is in sideways mode and when it is in directional mode and how long it will continue in this mode in the future. Ichimoku throws some light to illuminate our path during this navigation. It is a decision support system in the face of uncertainty. Price action is price action, sometime random, sometime directional but how it is behaving with respect to Ichimoku parameters and that is giving us a probable clue about its future direction.

I am trying to use it 3 time frames: trading time frame then look for clues also one time frame above and below. It is a challenge to co ordinate the pictures of multiple time frame but with practice, I hope to overcome the obstacles. I would like to trade only the imbalance phase of the market but my challenge is to locate the beginning and end of imbalance with certain degree of probability. Ichimoku is my tool, time to time I also superimpose Bollinger Bands over ichimocku to get confirmation.

Hey Zhas - thanks for the comments - Ichimoku remains my main bread and butter still. I too sometimes will add one of two indicators - either a RSI 5 ; looking ofr overbought or oversold or an Awesome Oscillator AO ; looking for a switchover the '0' line to line up with a TK cross Then with your BB's above - you have yourself a cannon. It is not easy to make sense of all the Objects of the System at first - Now I cant trade any other way - For all the Bees who want to transition from scalping to longer-term trades I would highly recommend it.

I've used my Ichimoku approach all week same as usual AND yesterday during our , trades trade-a-ton : during which i closed individual trades about twice what i do any other day, From the results one can deduct that increasing the number of open positions stacking trades can be beneficial to the bottom line but also riskier. Lucky for me, volatility has been present and momentum on my side. I too use Ichimoku It is an excellent indicator for trend trading, especially in longer time frames However, it must be said : all indicators are followers.

And, sadly, no one has figured out how to tell the future For the record - this is how the week referenced above ended up This will be my last 'results' oriented 'proof is in the pudding' kindda post - my results apparently are upsetting others, although the posts are meant to provide encouragement and proof that it is possible after all for those still struggling to get 1 pip. Have no idea why your results could upset anyone. It is quite opposite your results are great inspiration for all of us I am sure!

I use Ichimoku too, since I discovered this forum topic. However I am far away from being master with Ichimoku. Bad habits, lack of discipline and lack of strict plan for trading are among the reasons why I am still not at Gold III. Just one question in case you will read my comment: The results above, with which time frame s they are made and if Ichimocku works in all timeframes? Thank you, wish you plenty of such great trading days! Please do not withhold ongoing results.

There is all the diffference in the world between seeing the rare and invaluable actual possible accomplishments by top-of-the-line traders who understand and maximize money management even more than strategies,. I think for sure that the ONLY posts that should not be posted are those great occasional results from traders wanting to appear to be much better traders than they yet are.

So, bragging is Totally different from a burst of joy during a tough trek, and it is a polar opposite of sharing of consistent, Hugely productive methods being offered as eye-openers for us pedestrian traders that want to break through the glass ceiling. We NEED to see and hear from you on methods and results. I can't say it strongly enough. Please, my friend, don't pull away your gracious sharing of the best cooking from those of us who only know how to oppen a can of soup.

Norma you are the greatest! I couldn't agree more. I luv stats.

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Karen Péloille, patiently explained the use of Ichimoku as a trading tool in relation to price movement. This book can serve as a guide to anyone interested in. Read "Trading with Ichimoku A practical guide to low-risk Ichimoku strategies" by Karen Péloille available from Rakuten Kobo. The English language edition. Learn how the Ichimoku works and how it can be applied to a trading strategy. Key Takeaways. The Ichimoku chart isolates higher probability trades in the forex.