xemarkets review forex peace army currency
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Is Spotify Stock a good buy inaccording to Wall Street analysts? What is SPOT's earnings growth forecast for ? What is SPOT's revenue growth forecast for ? Min Forecast. Avg Forecast. Max Forecast.

Xemarkets review forex peace army currency opcie forex trading

Xemarkets review forex peace army currency

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Did anyone tried AvaFX for an extensive period of time? Did someone have any positive experience with AvaFX? I used them for 2 years until last month. I had several problems to get my account funded with them- even after my CC debited my bank account they still tried to delay the funding of my AvaFX -account.

Several mails I sent to them remained unanswered until I threatened them to report their dubious business practice on the internet. Since then -at least for me- their customer service towards myself improved a lot and they started to sort out their accounting mess. Hi SpaceKid, Welcome to the forum. If you are looking for a good broker review over there, you will never find a broker. Just a bunch of washed up news spike signal traders with blown out accounts blaming there brokers.

You are now in the right place over here. The tools tab also has a broker comparison section. After getting burned by several forex brokers including the largest ones, I was introduced to AvaFX by my friend and trade with them for the past months. Withdrawals can take up to 1 week but they always arrive on time, and credit card deposits are instant. It is a good broker and the interface is very good and customer service to but the only negativ aspect is the link with the server.

It fails sometime to log in and you can not run any other program with network. While you all mention things like customer service, platform etc, what about safety of funds? What financial backing do they have, who runs the outfit, where are they registered and how are they regulated. Seems to me these questions come before the ones being asked on this thread. There is a reason why this firm is pushed so hard by the FXthievingBastards.

Do a Google search on:. Rule 1: Avoid and ignore FXbastards! Rule 2: If they push it, it is scam. Rule 3: Ignore FXbastards! There seems to be so many contradicting news and reports on those people and many says that many brokers employ fake users to build up negative reviews against other brokers in the broker ranking system there. That review site is a joke. No self-respecting trader would review such dubious firm located in a dubious place so highly.

And so so so way undercapitalized. Joke of a firm. Nobody would ever profit from promoting them. Is This a Movie? No but this what they are saying about Avafx. I will not talk about ForexPeaceArmy and FxSolution because they have enough scam cases during the last period of time. All companies have their own marketing strategies. If going for a online platform at home know about the downloading sped of the software the requirement to download the software on your computer.

If not interested in taking online platform know about their portfolio management services and charges etc. Gain as much as knowledge you can gain about trading and markets, make your own trading strategies. Take help of pivot points, stop losses while you are trading, work out on the daily volumes of the currencies or shares this will help you to know the market condition weather upside or down.

Amazing is it not??? AvaFX if real, is a dream come true, but heres the thing, if someone is making money, then the equilibrium law of the universe means that someone has to be losing money also. So I conducted some research: Here is what I found so far you can try this for your-self : Open your demo account, and also open your real account, via Avatrader.

Most people think you cant do this but you actually can. The best time to do this is when the market is closed on the weekend, that way the chart is not moving and you can match up discrepencies easily. There are peaks in the Demo account which are not in the real account, which certainly makes you question why that is.

Hot from the news, ForexPeaceArmy has caused a trader to lose k in a wrong signal this week. The trader from US was fooled by the marketing propaganda Felix and Rob are overwhelming the web with. He followed their signal and was stuck with a huge loss of k. Felix refused to reply to his emails, and at last, he was able to locate them at their place. The fight has been going for 3 days now, and the bastards refuse to help not sure if they are able to help either.

Tagged forex scam felix bastards peace army killer broker scam. Felix from ForexPeaceArmy is very angry about this blog.

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youtrade is a big scam ; Trading-point, Hotforex, Finfx, xemarkets they just rob your money, take a look on Forex Peace Army: Thread: GUILTY Case#. I had a stable MBB (a metal currency account) equity on my account, and growing with swap report this on Forex Peace Army too. I looked at over 30 websites for FX Broker ratings and the famed Peace Army. with XM and it turns out they used to be called XeMarkets.