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What is retail sales forex

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European Monetary Unit. European Union. Factory Orders. Fed Meetings. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Federal Funds Rate. Federal Open Market Committee. Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve Board. Fiscal Policy. Flexible Exchange Rate. Foreign Exchange. Foreign Exchange Center. Forward Rates.

Full-Service Broker. Great Britain Pound. Gross Domestic Product. Gross National Product. Hometrack Housing Survey. Industrial Production. Initial Margin. Initial Margin Requirement. Interbank Market. International Monetary Fund. ISM Manufacturing Index. ISM Non-Manufacturing. Japanese Yen. Large Retailers Sales. Liquid Market. M3 Money Supply. Maintenance Margin. Mark To Market. Market Maker. Monetary Policy.

Narrow Market. Net Position. One Cancels The Other Order. Principal Value. Producer Price Index. The numbers go into the calculation of the gross domestic product GDP , are used to develop consumer price indexes, and help to analyze current economic activity. The Federal Reserve uses the numbers to assess recent trends in consumer purchases. Core retail sales for January versus a 2.

The percentage increase or decrease from month to month gives a good indication of whether the economy is contracting or expanding, and how fast. Very strong or very weak retail sales can put upward or downward pressure on prices. As retail sales surge, upward pressure on prices may eventually take hold, especially if the numbers continue to rise month after month. The opposite is true when sales plummet for a prolonged period.

Prices are slashed as consumers spend less. Estimates of monthly retail sales data are collected and compiled as the Monthly Trade Report of the U. This data measures total retail spending across the nation. The monthly rate of change is expressed as a positive or negative percentage. The data covers sales for durable and non-durable goods at the retail level.

The Census Bureau releases retail sales data for both month-over-month and YoY percentage changes. MoM data is the most important of the two as it can alert watchers to an unexpected trend in the making. Markets are also more likely to react to deviations from expectations in these numbers.

Economy at a Glance. S Census Bureau. Trading Basic Education. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Business Business Essentials. What Is Core Retail Sales? Key Takeaways The core retail sales number estimates the change in retail spending by American consumers from month to month. It is based on Census Bureau data estimating all retail spending but omits certain volatile categories of spending that can skew the number.

Core retail sales represent retail sales excluding spending on automobiles, gasoline, building materials, and food services. This metric is a strong indicator of economic health and is used to gauge whether the economy is contracting or expanding. Sales figures are released by the Census Bureau on a month-over-month and year-over-year basis. Article Sources. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

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These data sets allow us to look at the current state of an economy and create forecasts for the near future. They also enable us to compare the economic strength of two currencies, giving us a fundamental picture of each economy of a currency pair.

There are many types of economic data , some more important than others. In this article we will have a look at the Retail Sales Report. For the FX markets, this data series is among the most important, and investors and traders pay close attention to its release because it makes up a significant portion of domestic GDP, and it is an indicator of price pressure as well as economic activity. Retail sales data is compiled differently according to each country and their bureau of statistics, some countries have private companies for some data and government offices for others.

This data covers sales for durable and non-durable goods ranging from food to autos at a retail level. The Auto and gasoline components are excluded as these two elements are often very volatile. MoM data is the more important of the two as this data series is more likely to show a surprise or unexpected reading; markets are more likely to react to deviations from expectations. Other retail sales data sets, such as Core and Ex-Auto, are released as month to month changes only.

Data is also collected for a Retail Sales Control Group MoM change; this group excludes autos, gasoline and construction materials. All retail sales data is released monthly, approximately two weeks after the target month. Retail Sales reports are compiled from data received by the Census Bureau from around twelve thousand stores, establishments, and retailers including online outlets.

The firms are randomly selected according to certain criteria, for minimum size, business area, paid employees and geographical areas. These factors help avoid clusters; a new sample is chosen every 5 years or so. The data is used to extrapolate the trend for retail sales throughout the entire nation.

Retail sales are adjusted for seasonal differences and number of trading days and holidays. Data is collected for all types of goods, and online sales are also included. This includes restaurants and services related to the direct sale of goods, while other services such as financial, are not included.

This data series is released to show the impact autos, and gasoline have had on retail sales. Gasoline prices can be extremely volatile as there may be large changes at the pump due to crude oil price changes as well as supply and demand changes in gasoline. This data series excludes autos, gasoline and construction materials. This data is also used to construct the Personal Consumption Expenditure series, which is a gauge of inflation.

Of the retail sales data sets, it may be one of the least influential on FX markets unless there is an extremely large deviation from forecasts, as this would mean expansion or contraction in the construction industry may be taking place.

Retail sales are a strong indicator of the health of an economy and whether it is contracting or expanding. Retail sales in terms of direct economic activity account for almost one-third of GDP. The percentage increases or decreases also give a good indication of how fast the economy is contracting or expanding. Very strong or weak retail sales can also put upward or downward pressure on prices. As retail sales surge, then upward pressure on prices may eventually take hold, especially if sales figures continue rising month after month.

The same is true when sales are very weak, putting downward pressure on prices as consumers spend less, again when sales drop for a prolonged period. This data set is used by various organizations government and non-government. More importantly, perhaps, the Federal Reserve uses this data to determine trends in consumer purchases and therefore possible inflationary pressure.

It is also used by market participants to get a picture on the general activity and the direction of the economy. One of the main reasons retail sales data can move markets is the strong correlation it has to inflation. High numbers for retail sales will usually be accompanied by strong numbers in inflation.

In the same way, rising inflation puts upward pressure on interest rates , so too does higher retail sales numbers. Traders consider higher rates as immediately bullish for a currency, with the lack of contrasting data, strong retail sales data should cause that currency to rally, at least near term. There may be a lag between retail sales and inflation data, especially since the former is revised a month later for the final number, which is open to large variations. Large deviations from expectations in this data are common due to the variability of factors that drive retail sales.

However, even something as simple as severe weather, for example, can be a cause for this data to be much lower than anticipated. Monthly retail sales data can be very volatile , and some caution is often warranted. Both factors can cause confusion or cloud the overall underlying trend on certain occasions. A widespread practice is to use a 3-month moving average of the MoM percentage changes rather than just the last monthly release.

Recently US Core Retail Sales has become the data set that is followed mostly by economists and analysts as this data set is less volatile. As mentioned earlier the fact this data excludes two components that distort the overall reading for retail sales contributes to a more reliable measure of economic activity and limits external factors that are related to commodity prices and auto promotions. However, one major drawback of the report is that it only reflects sale prices without taking into account inflation within the prices of certain volatile industries gas and other energies in particular.

Still, traders consider the Retail Sales report one of the most generally useful of the economic indicators, with a wide range of applications for various asset markets. By monitoring retail sales, policy makers are able to make an assessment of the likely growth of PCE for the current and future quarters.

Measures the monthly sales of previously-owned single-family houses. Importance:Almost eight out every The Employment Situation Report is released on a monthly basis. Personal Income and Spending, also known as Personal Income and Consumption, is a report generated by the GDP is the total value of the goods and services produced in a Follow your instincts.

That's where true wisdom manifests itself. Oprah Winfrey. Background: The report is generated from the receipts provided by participating randomly-sampled retailers. Source: U.

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Retail Sales Index

Retail Sales. in Forex Trading. An estimate of the total sales of goods by all retail establishments in the U.S. (Sales of services are not included) for month prior to the release of the. The Retail Sales data is a tool that helps measure the economy's overall health from the consumer's perspective and is used alongside Consumer.