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Stab proof vest security

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Conversely, most stab vests afford little to no protection against bullets. In fact, the higher the degree of stab protection, the lower the degree of bullet protection. For protection against sharp pointed objects such as needles, one would need spike protection. Do note that not all stab-resistant gear is spike-resistant and vice versa. Depending on your country of residence, you would encounter different laws for the purchase and wearing of stab-resistant armor.

Here are a few of the laws of some larger countries:. To to find the best stab vest for your needs we've put together a few pointers for you. Be sure to go through each step before settling on a stab vest. Consider the threats that you are most likely to face and opt for the vest that best protects you against them. Stab-resistant armor is often preferred by those who work in environments with knives and other sharp objects such as security guards or bouncers.

They are also more popular in countries with low firearm ownership such as the UK and Australia. Bulletproof vests are more commonly used by individuals in countries with greater firearms ownership, such as the United States and Canada. If you're looking for comprehensive protection against both knives and bullets, look for dual-purpose armor plates that protect against both. Often, body armor can be uncomfortable to wear, as well as cumbersome. There is no point getting hold of military-grade protective clothing, or vests worn by S.

T teams, if you'll be wearing equipment for a hour shift atthe doors of a busy nightclub. Most wearers will be looking for covert protection that can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing. If that's the case, consider wearing larger-sized regular clothing to accommodate the extra stab-resistant layers.

Also keep in mind, overt stab-resistant vests can have the benefit of being a visible deterrence for potential attackers. When shopping for stab vests, consider additional qualities you need your vest to provide, like water-resistance, pockets for carrying equipment, mountings for body cams etc. The ratings are as follows:. As a real-world comparison, 24 joules of force is roughly equivalent to being hit by a baseball traveling at about 10 mph.

It's slightly weaker than an average man's punch. Keep in mind though, that the force is being focused into the area of a knife's edge, making it far more dangerous than it sounds. For most people, a Level 1 degree of protection is sufficient enough to protect against most stabbing attacks.

This is because attackers usually won't try to stab you with the full force of a punch, attackers don't expect the blade to meet resistance. But if you expect an attack with more force like if you're wearing an overt vest , then you should consider higher levels of protection. It is best to browse and select the vest that best suits your personal protection needs. Below is a list of some of our favorite stab vests available on the market. Designed in the Blade runner Oregon Laboratories in the United States of America, this plate offers Level 1 protection against spike from edged weapons.

This stab-resitant plate is the definition of covert. Made from Kevlar, each panel weighs only g and is barely 1 cm in thickness. The Bladerunner stab-resistant plates are made to be easily worn either underneath regular clothing for high discreetness so you can stay protected without attracting unwarranted attention. Do note that the carrier to wear with the plates is NOT included. Each panel measures 25 x 31cm and is sufficient for to protect the vital organs on either the front or back.

As such, for fuller protection, it is recommended to wear two panels, one in front and one at the back. The Israel Catalog Ultralight Concealed Vest is a new stab proof vest made for those who face risks of stabbing or blunt-force attacks. This vest is thin and flexible, but still provides all-around protection for the wearer, specifically high standards of protection for the front and back vital organs. It easily layers under a shirt or a jacket such that it is ideal for civilians and plain-clothes service occupations who may need a covert vest.

This can be very difficult to determine because the bullet proof and stab proof standards are written in technical terms, which can be difficult understand. At Protection Group Danmark we use the American standard from the National Institute of Justice NIJ , which is a procedure to ensure that your bullet- or stab proof vest has gone through the correct tests to be approved. They are very similar in their test methods. You can read more about here. Today, many vendors, even if it is a bullet or stab proof vest say that the vest is stab proof and easily will be able to stop a knife.

However, it should be clearly stated on the vest what it can and cannot stop. A stab proof vest is designed to stop a certain force joules which at the lowest level 1 is 24 joules for E1 and 36 joules for E2. A stab proof vest shall be tested by NIJ standard This standard comes in NIJ Level 1, 2 and 3 depending on how strong a force the stab proof vest is designed to stop. This has to be clearly on both the carrier and the panel inside the vest.

The carrier will have a small label mainly on the back that states the model number, size, date of manufacturing, serial number and what standard the stab proof vest are approved after. Therefore, always check the labels on the carrier and insert, so detect whether the vest has been tested to a certain standard or not. Many "internet" sellers will especially say that their bulletproof vests also are stab proof. However, you will likely get a normal bullet proof vest that probably will be able to stop between joules from a knife with a penetration of 20 mm, which means that a single attack from a knife will penetrate the vest and do lethal damage to you.

There is a reason why the international stab proof standards have a minimum level of joules for level 1. It is because this level is hard to penetrate, but it is still possible, which also is why there is level 2 and level 3 stab proof vests. This offer a higher level of stab protection.

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SIMEON TUITT Stab Resistant Vests Security Vest Doorman Carrier Jacket Knives Stabbing Resistant Tactical Vest With Steel Plates For Stab. Stab proof vest. First Class Tactical Duty Vests Security, Black. out of 5 stars Affordable bullet proof vests, clothing and business accessories to all levels of society. AFFORDABLE Covert NIJ IIIA Bullet and Stab Resistant Vest.