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Forex merger

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This data is then automatically processed and generated into a form of transparent statistics that are displayed on Fxmerge. Private and public results, what do they mean? Once you add your results, they will be marked as private. This means that only you can see them. If you would like to show your results to other people, just click "Edit" and mark the account as "Public". You may then select the "Show" option on the list of strategies.

Which Forex trading platforms are supported by Fxmerge? Currently Fxmerge is fully compatible with the most popular trading platforms, i. MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5. You can rest assured that the collected Forex trading results will be consistent with real time data. Register your Fxmerge account now so as to start analyzing results. This analysis can be done simultaneously even if you have multiple accounts.

The registration process is simple and it has been thoroughly explained in the video. Can I connect any trading account to Fxmerge? Yes of course, as long as that the broker makes the tools available on the Fxmerge trading platform. If you are trading with a MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 account, you can be sure that our service will be able to generate statistics from these accounts. There is no problem with that, as we have designed some very attractive widgets, which can be added on any website any time.

Simply select the add-on you're interested in, download its code, and then add it to any page. The widgets also work without any problem on social forums. The Forex Economic Calendar is a comprehensive calendar that offers access to the most important and up-to-date information from the Forex market. Currently, the functionality of the tool is somewhat limited, but in the near future we will expand its capabilities.

It is extremely easy to use and, should you wish to, you can also add it to your website. To do this simply copy its code from our site and then add it to your own website or forum, wherever you like. What does this section deal with? We are committed to update and upgrade Fxmerge on a regular basis.

We thus encourage you to visit this section every now and then. Any functions in the list that have already been implemented will be marked with a clearly visible blue color. As a Fxmerge user, can I count on technical support? Although the Fxmerge service is being offered completely for free, anyone using Fxmerge can count on the technical support of our dedicated staff. This can also be done if the user is logged into the system.

Such people have extensive experience in the Forex market, and know and understand investors needs. It's not only easy to operate, but also easy to install, as it will take you literally a moment. Please watch the video above so as to check out the impressive capabilities of this tool. You will also have the opportunity to watch the installation procedure and learn about the most important handling options.

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