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Aci forex australia to philippines

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In addition to this, the country has also put in place regulations that guide Forex trading while also protecting investors and their investments in the Forex market. The BSP, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, is the central bank of the Philippines that is tasked with, among other things, ensuring the fair market practices and also ensure there is transparency in the market.

BSP aims to protect investors money and to check the Forex brokerage firms, and for this reason, the bank came up with stringent laws that the brokerage firms have to adhere to. The rules are wide and not only affect the brokerage firms, they also affect prospective investors.

How do they affect investors? The rules are so wide that they also cover the subject of investment limitation. The rules give guidelines on who can invest and also highlights those that are not eligible to invest in FX trading. The regulations also cover the activity of Forex trading.

By the activity of Forex trading, we are talking about the process of trading which includes the amount to be traded and the requisite factors that have to be present for the trade to be concluded. The approach that is taken by the bank to regulate the FX brokerage firm is slightly different but not completely foreign. It is important to take note of the fact that these rules were not created solely for the brokerage firms, they were created to regulate and control all the foreign exchange transactions.

There are several other people and organizations in the Philippines that deal with FX trading including banks. Forex brokerage firms also fall under that category and thus the rules also apply to them. BSP insists on a policy where the Forex brokerage firms get to know their customers. This should not be taken in the literal sense. The policy is aimed at ensuring that the broker insists on getting the information on their customers and this ensures the rate of money laundering in the country is at zero.

For this reason, investors who wish to trade Forex in the Philippines should be aware of the fact that they are mandated to reveal information about themselves and this may include documentation to prove their identity. The information may be demanded from you in either of these two instances depending on the firm you chose to use;. It is therefore advisable for anyone who wishes to trade Forex in the Philippines to inquire about the verification process and to know the policy of the firm in regards to the process of verification.

Developing countries like the Philippines see a large number of investors coming into the country. Developing economies provide a haven for investors and this is why it is important to know how you get to choose a Forex broker in the Philippines. Another important reason for this is the fact that the Philippines has seen a rise in the number of brokerage firms, and this increase has also brought with it several scams and scam artists who wish to exploit unknowing investors.

In the past, brokers were free to open their companies in any country and offer their services as long as they had the resources. However, this has changed and the Forex trading activity is highly regulated. For this reason, any Forex firm that wishes to offer their services in a certain country, they have to first adhere to the rules and regulations of the said country. At this time we are in, no single serious investor will risk investing their money through an unregulated broker.

Reason being, regulation ensures investor protection as they are drafted with the aim of curbing unfair practices by FX brokers. BSP being the central bank of the Philippines ensures that the Forex market;. This does not mean that the bank is directly involved in the process, the bank offers the players the chance to trade freely while looking for any malpractices which they punish.

Some of the activities the bank seeks to curb are;. After you have confirmed that the broker is regulated, you can now go further and try examining the platform that has been offered by the trader. Why is looking at the type of platform important?

Above all other factors, including how good you are at trading, the platform is your key partner. This is because you will, as a Forex broker, find yourself interacting with the trading platform more because that is where you will make all your trades. If the platform is too complicated, then you will find it hard to cope and eventually you might make a mistake that will cost you simply because you do not have a good understanding of the platform to be able to help you correct the mistake.

Some brokers charge commissions while some other brokers use spreads to make money. How do the brokerage firms make money through spreads? First of all, a spread is the difference between the initial ask price and the subsequent bid price of a currency pair that is either fixed or variable. This means that when a prospective investor buys at 1. Therefore, it is clear that the wider the spread gets the fewer the profits one can make. Commissions are however charged at a certain percentage of the spread.

Before you decide to use a certain broker, you also have to look at the different account types offered by the different brokers. Looking at the type of account offered by the brokers will help you make a decision based on the amount of capital you want to use as your first investment.

Different brokerage firms offer different accounts with different restrictions on the amount of capital required to operate such an account. Let us look at Some examples of accounts offered by the different brokers. A micro account is an account that requires very minimal capital requirements. However, this means that your trading activity is capped and you can only trade micro lots. It has a fairly higher trade lot than the micro account. For this reason, the customer care services offered by the F brokerage firm should be top notch.

So, when looking for a Forex broker in the Philippines, go to their customer service option and try to investigate how they treat their customers, how fast they reply and if they offer useful information regarding your queries. It will be unfortunate if you decide to choose a broker and you eventually find out that their customer care services are very poor as it might get costly for you.

It has several advantages including. Ava trade was started in the year with its headquarters being in Ireland. Some of the advantages associated with Ava Trade are;. This is a highly user-friendly trading platform that was established in the year Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks.

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The major financial market agency is the government owned BSP which means Banco Sentral ng Pilipinas in english it means the Central bank of Philippines. As the central bank it is in charge of maintaining the inflation rate in acceptable levels, monitoring the growth of the GDP and unemployment rate and last but no the least protecting local Philippine peso PHP currency stability.

Established by the government in the main financial markets regulatory body is SEC — Securities and Exchange Commision of Philippines which overlooks the local financial market and its main role is to protect investors from fraud and ensure the stability of the capital market. They also issue the licenses to financial companies operating locally on the Philippines territory. They have been working in the recent years to achieve the higher transparency of the capital market and also aim to educate small investors in order to protect them from scam.

If you ever face any issue with a particular forex brokerage, you can submit a complaint through the online form on the website www. There are some local forex brokerages who are listed by Sec. This is due to a fact there are not yet many top firms physically located in the Philippines, since the currency trading market is still pretty small here and just slowly developing to a more mature stage.

However with hundreds of brokers on the market, it is not easy to figure out which company is serious to deal with! We want to help you to start with forex trading and become profitable as fast as possible,therefore we prepared and regularly update the above table with comparison of the best forex companies!

If you are just starting out, we recommend to try Webtrader first before moving to Metatrader 4 as it requires a steep learning curve. Watch out for fees level as they are pretty important. Avoid those who charge inactivity fees and compare the spread with competition if you are in doubt.

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