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Scholar bank negara forex

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But while these funds enter the market no more than once or twice a year, Bank Negara is coming in and doing yards billions of dollars a day. Millman on Page had this to say about the Bank Negara forex scandal:. By trading for profit, Bank Negara committed apostasy against the creed of central banking. The bank seldom spoke publicly about its controversial trading activities. It became the most awesome currency trader in the world.

The only rule was the rough justice of the vandals, and it was this rule that eventually brought Bank Negara down. It was a bad economic and political judgement. The so-called champion of the rakyat now has his balls as wrinkled as his face is. And all to achieve his personal political ambition. We also know that U-Turn Mahathir as well as Daim Zainuddin were very much in the know of the losses. And we know that Lim Kit Siang is just another opportunist snake manipulating the issue to gain support from the rakyat but now bats no eyelid to work hand-in-hand with his sworn enemy so he could come into power.

I am pretty sure he feels pleased looking at himself in the mirror every morning knowing he had blatantly lied to the people. This is due to the purchase and sale of these currencies by the central banks of different countries. They do this in order to stabilize the markets and affect their own monetary policies. No one really knows the exact amount of money BNM spent on forex, because no official investigation has been carried out yet.

Their main competitor at the time was world currency speculator, George Soros , and both once went head to head over a gamble. George Soros on the other hand, expected the complete opposite, and so he sold British Pounds and hoped to buy it later at a lower price. Technically, BNM was bankrupted.

So who should be held accountable for this gigantic lost? But out of the 4 names, the Governor and Nor Muhammad Yakcop are said to be the biggest masterminds. Nor Muhammad Yakcop is said to be responsible because only he is given authority to do the trading. He was also said to have used the computers of other BNM staff members, as well as his own, to conduct the trading.

Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir and Daim Zainuddin is said to be responsible simply because they were the top administrators at the time. Since then, BNM was also prohibited from being involved in speculating in the foreign exchange market. More serious than that, he was picked as second Finance Minister in ; When he was discontinued, the Finance Ministry actually instructed that he can no longer be involved in any national finance institution. Like we said before, no one can confirm the exact losses that BNM incurred.

According to Dr. Rosli, BNM covered the losses by re-evaluating their assets to current prices so that they appear to have more money. They do it with gold reserves , shares , and several other assets. This is a scam.

But there are some that doubt the credibility of Datuk Abdul Murad. In fact, he himself has been fined for failing to declare almost RM24 million worth of assets. Datuk Dr Mohd Fuad Zarkashi has the answer for us. If not 1MDB, maybe an investigation could be carried out on what caused that reserve shrinkage instead.

With that, perhaps it would be seem balanced and maybe restore confidence among the rakyat. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The role of Bank Negara Malaysia is to promote monetary and financial stability. 01 Jun recent. Foreign Exchange Notices. The volume for foreign exchange forward transactions in Malaysia has increased in the past years as indicated by. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM ). Thus, the. transactions in Malaysia has increased in the past years as indicated by Bank Negara Malaysia. (BNM ). Thus, the Islamic foreign exchange forward not.