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Marc abramsky forex exchange

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Having been exposed to forex for the past year through another pricey course, I didn't really need the beginner training but I did need to know how to capture pips consistently and did not feel I had gained proper training to do so. After many hundreds of hours on the charts I found that I was more confused than ever. I didn't know where, when, or even how to spot a winning trade. I my trading partner found your course and online training.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. After taking the advice from several "pros" and my losses getting worse I began to wonder if I could even do this so believing you could help was somewhat doubtful. I immediately started watching the online tutorials and am reviews. I was hooked. You explained this market in a way I have never seen and it all made sense.

I had been trading real money for a while and had stopped due to the losses. After viewing probably tutorials in less than a week I decided to venture into the live arena again. Well the results speak for themselves. Before your course I was lucky to win 3 out of 10 trades. Since learning your way of trading I have made 15 trades and had 0 losses.

All I can say is your training and mentorship is the answer to my prayer. I sincerely thank you for being my mentor. I wanted to say I thank you for acknowledging my success and I wanted to say once again that your system works. Boy, does it really work!!! I have taken 25 live trades in 10 days of trading and have only lost 2 trades! Peter,if you only knew how frustrated I was and how many hours I have spent reading, listening, watching and waiting All I know is that you have simplified the complex and I know that IF I had followed the rules and waited for a confluence on events on the trades I lost then I would not have lost any of my trades I am still learning patience and letting my profits run but pips profit for 2 weeks isn't bad ey?

I truly appreciate your help. I know you spend lots of time for us in Forex Mentor Land doing the reviews and videos and it is not taken for granted. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless. Even though I could tell market direction from these things I could not tell when price would move, or where and how far. I either stayed in a trade too long or not long enough and I often got whipsawed badly.

I did not trade again until I bought your course. I spent all my free time studying your course and saw all the mistakes I was making. I restarted trading May 1 using only 1 mini-lot at a time. In the first week I had 23 trades with 19 winners and 4 losers. I will take those odds any day and your course was my guide all the way. I now have I am sure your big traders are laughing at these small potatoes, but to almost double my money in one week is one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced.

Thank you, and I will write again next week and let you know how I did. God bless, Bob". You are a man of integrity and very professional. I was skeptical at first but have grown to trust and admire your word and work. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Andy". Alan R. And I have recommended your course to every trader that I know.

After taking your course, I find myself drawing more and more pencil lines in my trading. Drawing lines from one support to the next and from one resistance to the next. I have been amazed how actuate the Pivot Points have been. I am also amazed, how many times these same pencil lines can be used to help predict how far a price will move in one direction or another I recommend that all traders practice drawing pencil lines.

Draw your lines from one support point to the next support point and from one resistance point to the next resistance point. I like to go back and extend the lines out. Many times a pencil line that was used as support will later become resistance or vice versa Thanks you again for your efforts. Your new friend, Alan". As you can see from chart 2 as of eastern Monday, my price projection came within 7 pips of what looks to be a resistance point taking hold.

What an excellent tool. Thanks Joe! Your video showed me the way. Very powerful stuff. Thank you! Thank you so much for being such a great teacher and such a giving individual. And thanks to all the members who write in too It all clicked today! Trendlines, RR tracks, Price Projections, and let's not forget making those pips! I'm having such a hard time excercising restraint.

My plan is to go live on June 1. I'm making all this money on paper. It's hard not to go wild. Price projections work, trendlines work, pivots work! However the money that I made is somewhat immaterial because what I want to put over, is the the confidence that you have given me [together with outstanding contributions from Rick,Cheryl,Duncan and other members]to trade the forex using logical,powerful,robust and well presented methodology.

From us all out here in "ForexMentor Land",thanks guy's. Regards, Dave". I tell you I felt like I had stolen the money or something!! I know because I started in the futures market after college in and I've seen all the others who bloviate, fell victim to the preditors early in my youth, and learned the only way to succeed is to become self sufficient in my own analysis of the market.

When I made the jump to Forex, I consider myself fortunate to have found you because the two markets require a different set of skills and I had to learn a new trick or two. I've never met you personally, but you present your work in a manner on behalf of your students that is indicative of a caring person of faith, principles, ethics and morals. How refreshing in this business. I hope to meet you one of these days to personally thank you for being a part of my continued succcess".

Dan O. For someone like me just learning to trade , they have really been teaching me valuable lessons. As a new trader it really helps when you go through the currencies and show us your perspective on what you think is going to happen. I don't know of any other currency course that is as hands on as yours. Keep up the good work! God Bless". I purchased your course back in March of this year and I was totally blown away with the content.

It is all straight forward, no fluff, non-esoteric or off-beat information. I love your AM review, which keeps getting better, I look forward to it everyday. I feel like you are in my house coaching me personally everyday! I like the idea that it is not someone on some "ivory tower", it's a very open and down to earth community for everyone to learn and help others. Samir of United Emerites, loves our program: "Thanks for being such a wonderful guide in the Forex world.

You are no doubt the best, and yet striving for perfection. I don't think anyone competitor has the inititative to even come close. The daily video commentary is just too good, and I must say it's an extra, extra effort by all of you. No one does so much after the course is taught. We will always value all of these things forever". I am an airline pilot and the format of your course bears an uncanny resemblence to the way we train.

The quality of the preflight prep is essential to a safe and sucessful flight and the analogy has a precise correlation to trading. I have much to learn but I am starting to get comfortable Keep up the great work". When I bought your course, I had no idea that the most valuable part of it would be the ongoing support and community you provide with the AM Reviews.

I am grateful to you and to the many experienced traders who are sharing their wisdom. With your techniques I am gaining a level of confidence I have never experienced before. Thank you!! Jeff Adams of Riverside, Missouri offers praise: "Your course is awesome, I've learned more in 2 weeks than in the last 4 years.

Thank you all so very much for your hard, hard work. Please thank Peter also for what he is doing for all of us. You just can't put a price on how much you all are helping me. Patrick Petlin of Simi Valley wrote : "The stats for this past week. I made 26 trades: 23 positive, 2 negative, 1 zero. Net pips! I can't say I did anything really special, but I have never had a week like this. I stuck to the basics you teach I have included a chart.

Although it turned out to be good for only about 30 pips, this was a case of extreme confluence, and all green lights from home to the bank! I entered trades after the first two RR tracks, But after a third one formed, and then there was a bounce off a weekly pivot and trendline, I loaded-up the boat--or filled my boots as you say--and put in a much bigger third sell order. I perhaps should have waited for for the close of the bar I got in on with the big order, as it had not yet returned below M3, but I thought there were enough indications of price heading down so I went ahead and loaded it up and did just fine.

Again, Thanks so much for what you do for us. I'm looking forward to next week. Barry Pearl of Toronto, Canada recently thanked us : "Just wanted to thank you all for an incredible course!!! Your efforts in the am review, and the modules are mind blowing. You guys are more then doing your part to make sure we are all successful. I get frightened thinking what might have been if I hadn't found you on the internet!

Thank you for making the world of Forex Trading a safe place to be. With your tutorials and teaching we my wife and I are finally making trades with confidence and being able to bank some profits. Wish we had found you two years ago before we threw away good money on bad teaching. I am a huge fan! Also, I would like to thank the other members out there for all of their submissions. They have been so helpful in my learning process. You have all been so generous in sharing your time and insights especially for those of us new to this.

A million thanks! Mark Carthew recently wrote: " Many thanks to you Peter. Alastair R. Haddington, UK recently wrote: " I recently ordered your course and enjoyed it so much I ordered the Aime workshop. You may be pleased to know that I covered the cost of both courses in the last two days trading! I really enjoy your daily AM review which is most informative and find it fascinating to see if my interpretaton of the charts matches yours! Thank you so much.

Keep up the great work! Very Best Wishes, Alastair. The development of trading platforms over the past decade has failed to successfully dethrone MT4 or MT5, notably in the retail market. However, in institutional markets, brokerage companies and banking entities also construct and utilize proprietary currency trading platforms to help satisfy internal needs with trades executed through institutional trading channels. By far the most important parameter for many retail clients is the optionality and pairs available on trading platforms.

Additionally, demand by traders has led to a greater emphasis on newer features such as advanced charting and other tools. In the FX space, a currency trading platform is a software provided by brokers to their respective client base, garnering access as traders in the broader market. Read this Term can be obsolete, this fact will surely be overshadowed. Selling and buying such a boiler room business package, no one thinks of an end user, a trader.

Within this deal, a seller needs to sell a package, and a buyer needs to assess the negative risks of losing everything, sooner or later. Trading such boiler room packages is popular not only in Forex. Other financial sectors such as the stock market , though less attractive due to the trading schedule , also suit for such business because of well-known brands to invest in - Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Unfortunately, such doubtful business schemes damage the reputation of the entire forex market.

Inexperienced traders can hardly distinguish a fair service provider from a scammer, especially when the latter has an aggressive ad campaign offering tempting trading conditions and promising a fabulous profit. The Russian regulator does its best to counteract the influx of scammers. The situation is getting worse because of a popular myth. Sometimes Forex is associated with a casino. Such statements are usually made either by amateurs or for amateurs. The first ones make it out of ignorance.

In this context, there is not point in comparing a casino bet with a forex trade. At the same time, to compare a casino bet to a sequence of forex trades with max leverage is as absurd as to compare the expected value of a forex trade to a sequence of big casino bets. Other comparisons are also incorrect, to say the least of it. Of course, no one knows which direction the price will take, but there are a lot of tools that help to define the trend and narrow the range of outcomes.

The fundamental analysis helps to determine the nature of price fluctuations, and the technical analysis helps to form the price range, the borders of which are support and resistance levels. Having learned all the tools, a trader can protect his deposit regardless of the amount and avoid bankruptcy.

Whereas playing the roulette one can count only on a pure chance. A player has a chance to lose and only to win, and no maths can help. Forex is associated not only with a casino but also with the stock market and, for some reason, in favor of the latter. When the comparison is truly objective, Forex is the leader for an expected value per trade.

However, no one makes such a profound study, so Forex always loses to the stock market, though the risk of losing money is almost the same in both markets. This gap is is widely used at comparing Forex in Russia with a casino. In spite of these notorious cases, no one compares the banking sector stock market to a lottery or a roulette making it less attractive for investors.

Forex is pressurized by a distorted public opinion due to the lack of relevant competition in Russia: traders have to accept any conditions having no other choices. The forex brokers in Russia lack basic conditions to work efficiently - this is one of the main problems in the segment. For example, last year the Bank of Russia opposed the power of forex brokers to identify their clients remotely. In such a big country as Russia, a broker needs over offices wasting money for space rental, salaries, and related financial expenses.

In the end, all this is paid by the traders: there are no other sources of income for forex brokers. In fact, actions of the central bank make traders apply to the European, Belarusian or American brokers, which means that the Bank of Russia is slowing down the development of the regulated Forex in Russia declaring the opposite. As far as consumers' interests are concerned, the ban on remote identification repels the beginning traders, especially when there are such alternativesas the European and American brokers with big players.

Dry statistics show more: experts say that only K traders are served in the Russian jurisdiction, and up to K traders work with others unlicensed Russian brokers or abroad. There are several key problems of the regulated Forex in Russia. Prohibited remote identification, a short list of instruments only currency pairs , and leverage - these are the main cons for traders. The brokers, in their turn, say that the Russian forex license is troublesome to obtain and expensive to pay for.

To say more, the 5-second delay rule is one more obstacle to the development of the regulated Forex segment in Russia. According to this rule, once a broker gets a quote from one counterparty, it is prohibited from getting another quote from other counterparties within 5 seconds. It was a matter of seconds, not minutes - the quote had significantly changed in 5 seconds, and the Russian central bank supposes that a broker must keep the price unchanged even in such situations.

This rule makes brokers quite vulnerable and leads to the deliberate slowing down of the quote flow and price distortion. As a broker is not able to provide a client with the best price within these 5 seconds, a trader de facto gets false information.

The market immediately responds to the key macroeconomic releases and a 5-second delay is unacceptable. Note that the macroeconomic statistic is published accurately to microseconds. As a result, forex brokers suffer extra non-market risks, inevitably paid by the traders.

In other countries, strict regulation is harmonious with convenient trading conditions. For example, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC , an independent agency of the US government, regulates options and futures markets and oversees the commodity exchanges in general. The US watchdog analyzes the operations of forex brokers using the automated system. When necessary, the NFA investigators can learn the details of any trade: date, time, open and close price, volume, etc. In other words, the regulator has an opportunity to investigate any deviations from normal trading.

Again, if we get back to the question of remote client identification, the international experience proves that the position of the Central Bank of Russia is outdated. Besides the EU countries and the United States, where the financial service sector has formed a long time ago and keeps developing , Belarus becomes more and more popular among the Russian traders and brokers. Minsk has created an economic stimulus for foreign forex brokers to start a business in the country by developing clear and reasonable rules.

But the fact attracts traders. Thirdly, the Belarusian brokers are allowed to hedge their risks at foreign counterparties. And in the end, individual traders working with the Belarusian brokers may be remotely identified and trade as soon as they want.

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Experience ; CEO. CEO of Marc Abramsky and Associates Ltd. Jan ; Trader and Business Developer. Forex Flow Trading. Jun ; Sales Manager - Canada. Smart Money Signal is a new signal software being provided by a Canadian currency strategist named Marc Abramsky. One of the main benefits of CFD trading is that you can speculate on price movements in either direction, with the profit or loss you make dependent on the.