edgesforextendedlayout xamarin university
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Edgesforextendedlayout xamarin university

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What else would you want to hear about it?? Be sure to checkout some of the Xamarin examples on embedding too! Interested in sponsoring developer content? Hey Alex, thanks for the nice article! Like Like. There are definitely other ways to get that though! Here are 2 that I have personally used with this approach:. Add …. Like Liked by 1 person. I think this is an interesting post.

My pessimistic thoughts with these types of approaches to Xamarin are that they are best suited to small projects, at first. Because you never quite know when something major is going to break in an approach like this. I will try it out in projects of my own. The fast startup is an exciting prospect. Also, is the use of the word of Activity in relation to iOS common?

I thought Activities were Android specific? Hey Charlie, thanks for the questions. I actually prefer this project for scalability reasons in apps that require some heavy UI lifting or faster startup, since the bigger a Forms app gets, the slower the startup can be and the bigger the app size gets when introducing tons of custom renderers or third party tools when trying to step outside the OOTB controls.

There are some more design patterns that, when implemented on top of this, make the development process incredibly simple and still flexible. I should also mention that lifecycle is just taken into the hands of the native lifecycle which is actually a nice plus since they are different between the different platforms and both have more events to hook into than the Xamarin.

Application class does. As for navigation, I use an abstraction from either myself or something like MvvmLight which has an abstracted INavigation implementation for the native platforms. I find the startup on iOS doing that to be very acceptable, its only android that still leaves much to be desired — but coded UI is still faster on android than xaml! Or at least compiling the XAML.

But like you said, Android is still incredibly slow at startup which is why I went for this approach with a couple apps that needed a snappy startup. I have done something similar recently in a classic project. The exact moment of the loading delay is on InitializeComponent on the App. Did you have those? However that does not happen on iOS.

For the codedUI vs Xaml. I thought that meant to be compile time, not runtime at all. I never ran into issues like that, I wonder if you had those from the mix of full xamarin. With the strategy from this blog post, with only embedding and native nav, it all worked perfectly. I was sure that embedding XF in native code could be done in iOS, as I had managed it in Android, but it took me a while to find a good solution. This was perfect, thanks. I will say though that in addition to your solution, I ended up with the child view controller only taking up the left half of the screen, which I found strange to say the least.

After a few searches it was easily fixed by overriding the following method in the ViewController after ViewDidLoad. CGRect 0, 0, this. Width, this. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. The premise is this: First ViewController is non-Xamarin. Forms and loads your app right away Init Xamarin. Forms after this ViewController is loaded Embed Xamarin. Forms pages in other ViewControllers Lift navigation out of Xamarin.

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Forms Page and the native Activity and ViewControllers, using advanced native components with the embedded Xamarin. Forms Page, and more! Let me know what you think of this pattern — have you used it? What else would you want to hear about it?? Be sure to checkout some of the Xamarin examples on embedding too! This layout gives us the native Android toolbar with the shadow! Another plus! Now all we have to do is kick off this SomeActivity after calling Xamarin.

Forms the ScrollView natrually bounces. This could also be done with an Effect but I like to have a custom control with the verbosity and flexibility with a renderer. If you want, you can add a bindable property here to set Bouncable or something like that to true or false.

Instead just have your renderer replace the default ScrollView renderer. So we have our Xamarin. Forms apps using a custom renderer for iOS: Xamarin. Forms Buttons. Now with both our renderers, we can reference our MaterialFrame component in our content!

Now you can control the elevation of your frames for both iOS and Android in Xamarin. A while back, I put up a helpful Xamarin. Tip on how to create a simple CircleView in Xamarin. Forms for a BadgeView control — Xamarin. Controls — BadgeView. This view is a simple Xamarin. It is extremely useful in place of user avatars or profile pictures and can add a nice touch to your User Interface without much work at all. Forms component on top of this for our InitialsCircleView.

The key pieces to making this view unique and cool is:. We have a few properties that are directly bound to the subviews in the XAML which is facilitated by applying the Container. This in turn takes the name of a person, grabs the initials, and sets the text of the Label to it.

So if we say:. You can also create XAML Styles for it instead of managing all the colors and font options everywhere you use it. Forms or Xamarin Native! In a later post, we will also look at how to use the Shake Gesture to create useful tools for yourself as a developer, or for your users!

This fun post is the foundation for the more serious stuff and will show you how to use the Shake Recognition to do just about anything you want. In order to handle shake gestures natively, we have to write some Xamarin Native code, but we will assume you are using Xamarin. Forms application needs at least that. If you are using Xamarin Native or a mix, then you may want to implement this elsewhere such as your Application class or abstracted with a shared BaseActvity or add it as a field to the Activities you want it in.

Now all you have to do is add whatever your easter egg logic is in the EasterEggAsync method! In this method, you can also track what the current Xamarin. Forms Page is visible by tracking the App. MainPage to add some context to the page your in. Now that we have registered with the UIApplication. ApplicationSupportsShakeToEdit , we can start overriding the gesture recognizer. Doing this enabled the gesture to be picked up at the application level or in the current UIViewController.

Once again, just fill in the EasterEggAsync method with whatever easter egg you want to invoke! Easter eggs can make a neat experience in your mobile applications, but using this shake gesture can also help make debugging easier as well as give a QA team the chance to quickly move through stories in the app. In a future post, we will talk more about these possibilities and the benefits of building testing and development options into your apps for testing rather than user-focused and fun easter eggs.

Take this gif as an example:. There are 3 major parts to making a feature like this work: 1. Bind visibility to the hidden parts of your cell 2. Handle updating that visibility on selection or tap 3. Force the ViewCell to remeasure its size to show the hidden bits. I even have some long press handlers from my LongPressedEffect that you can read about here: Xamarin.

Tip — Xamarin. Forms Long Press Effect. Now in order to update this, we need to bind our SelectedItem in our ListView. Skip to content. I had seen this before, so I double checked everything and tried all my old tricks: Check that the AppIcon asset was in the Assets. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Tip — Add Easter Eggs on Shake to talk about how we can use these gestures in Debug mode to give ourselves some shortcuts for testing and moving through our application quicker.

This should be called after a native easter egg such as a shake. I like to add a simple helper property getter on my App class for this: App. Current as App?. Conclusion We can make our lives a whole lot easier when testing and running through our app by giving ourselves easier and contextual options throughout the entire application. Accessing the current KeyState is as easy as: CoreWindow.

GetKeyState VirtualKey. Control ; Where VirtualKey. Forms MainPage! The premise is this: First ViewController is non-Xamarin. Forms and loads your app right away Init Xamarin. Forms after this ViewController is loaded Embed Xamarin. Forms pages in other ViewControllers Lift navigation out of Xamarin.

Forms and into the native navigation. Used for embedding a Xamarin. Forms page within a native view controller. AddSubview xamarinFormsController. View ; xamarinFormsController. So now we can create a simple Xamarin. Forms page: SomePage. ViewDidLoad ; NavigationItem. IsInitialized Xamarin.

The premise is this: First Activity is non-Xamarin. Forms after this activity is loaded Embed Xamarin. Forms pages in other Activities Lift navigation out of Xamarin. BeginTransaction ; transaction. Add Resource. CreateSupportFragment this ; transaction. Commit ; SupportActionBar?. SetBackgroundColor Android.

Forms project: NoBounceScrollView. How about some more Material Design based controls for Xamarin. Forms project: MaterialFrame. Create nameof Elevation , typeof float , typeof MaterialButton , 4. Now we just need simple custom renderers for our iOS and Android implementations. OnElementChanged e ; if e. OnElementPropertyChanged sender, e ; if e. Elevation; Layer. CGColor; Layer. FromRect Layer.

CGPath; Layer. SetElevation this, materialFrame. Elevation ; ViewCompat. SetElevation Control, materialFrame. All we need to do is to use property GridItemsLayout and define how many columns we want to have. In my example I will use two column vertical scrolling grid with this XAML code: As you can see; we are using GridItemsLayout with Orientation set to Vertical and Span property represents us the number of columns which our scrolling grid will have, in my case that is two columns so I will set value of two to Span property.

Result of this beautifull code looks like this: next and final example is These are four really cool and life saver layouts which are comming with CollectionView in Xamarin. Stay tuned in next blog posts we will cover other features of CollectionView such as Selections, Scrolling, EmptyView, and we will play even more with design of it because I want to submit some design to our new Snppts website, so there is couple of more blogposts comming in the near future.

All the code and project you can find on my GitHub here. It was fun experience to write blog post again, this was one year break from writing it and I really e njoyed it. Best regards! Have you tried to change the Span value on screen rotation? On a tablet I want 2 columns in portrait and 3 in landscape. Changing the value using a bound property doesn't work. Can we implement staggered layout in xamarin forms collection view like recyclerview layout known as staggered layout? Microsoft MVP.

Microsoft Student Partner. Microsoft Certified Professional. Regular speaker at MS Events. Completely dedicated to Software Development, mostly on the. NET platform My place to write about programming and software development. Linkedin Twitter Instagram Facebook. Forms Thursday, July 18, CollectionView it is basically flexible and performant view for presenting lists of data using different layout specifications, we will cover all the layout options in this blog post.

Vertical list — a single column list that grows vertically as new items are added. CollectionView has a flexible layout model, which allows data to be presented vertically or horizontally, in a list or a grid. For this blog post I prepared example app which looks like this:. I know I know This is the default and standard CollectionView behaviour.

If you ask me, next really important layout which is available in CollectionView is horizontal scrolling list, it's crazy how easy it is to make horizontal scrolling list with CollectionView in Xamarin. If we runn our app and navigate to this page, result of horizontal scrolling list it this:.

How many you in the past had request to create scrolling list with two columns or more , if you needed to implement it If you carefully read the previous example, you seen that we can choose which Orientation we will use for GridLayout inside of our CollectionView for the this last example we want to have Horizontal scrolling grid with couple of rows and I will use three rows for that.

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The team at Xamarin has done a lot to help with this and give some more options such as XAML Compilation EdgesForExtendedLayout = UIKit. Posts about Xamarin. auri.jashe.xyz – Fixing Missing iOS App Icons. In the age of Xamarin Hot Reload and Hot Restart, EdgesForExtendedLayout = UIKit. I did notice it on one of the slides from a Xamarin University deck last My guess is that the following change (EdgesForExtendedLayout.