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Is Spotify Stock a good buy inaccording to Wall Street analysts? What is SPOT's earnings growth forecast for ? What is SPOT's revenue growth forecast for ? Min Forecast. Avg Forecast. Max Forecast.

Latest ipo updates has the price of silver gone up

Latest ipo updates

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The current business model has helped HomeSmart expand - as of September 30, , 23, agents were using the platform across offices in 47 states. According to RISMedia, HomeSmart was one of the top five residential real estate brokerages by number of transaction parties in the United States in HomeSmart's future revenue growth will depend on its ability to expand its network of independent sales agents for brokers, attract franchisees, improve and develop its platform, and enter related markets such as mortgages and title.

Among HomeSmart's main competitors is Compass, which also uses a commission-based model. By SMS code Password. Keep me logged in. Safe mode: when you enter this mode, notifications will be disabled and the ability to trade and the portfolio will be hidden. Sign In Logging in. Select an account to enter.

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Apply for participation. Deadline for accepting applications: MSK Please note — the exact IPO date, growth potential and other figures are not yet known. Our clients participated in the following IPOs: Total placements. Profitable over the 3 months period. Loss-making over the 3 months period. Average profit for 3 months. Your personal statistics on the participation in IPO Total placements in which you participated.

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Total placements OKYO Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group. VEDU 3. SOBR Safe. SOBR Actelis Networks. ASNS Prime Number Acquisition I. PNACU 0. ProFrac Holding. PFHC 1. Hanover Bancorp. HNVR Monterey Capital Acquisition. MCACU Global Blockchain Acquisition. GBBKU 0. Investcorp India Acquisition. IVCAU 0. Abri SPAC 2. Acamar Partners Acquisition II. Acies Acquisition II. Acri Capital Acquisition.

Aeon Acquisition. Affinia Therapeutics. African Agriculture. Agape ATP. Agora Digital Holdings. Aleph Group. Alpha Investment. Altamont Pharma Acquisition. Altitude Acquisition II. Altitude Acquisition III.

AMTD Digital. Aquarius I Acquisition. Aquarius II Acquisition. Aquaron Acquisition. Arago Acquisition. Aries II Acquisition. Artemis Acquisition. Artiva Biotherapeutics. Ascendant Mobility Acquisition I. Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle II. Atlas Growth Acquisition. Aurvandil Acquisition. Basis Global Technologies. Beamr Imaging. Bellevue Life Sciences Acquisition. Beroni Group. Biotech Group Acquisition. Black Dragon Acquisition I.

Blue Water Acquisition II. Bombax Healthcare Acquisition. Boustead Wavefront. Bridgetown 3 Holdings. Brigantine Acquisition. BrightSpark Capitol. BrightSpring Health Services. Building DreamStar Technology. Catcha Investment 2. Category Leader Partner Corp 1. CE Energy Acquisition. Cedarlake Acquisition. Cerberus Telecom Acquisition II. Chanson International. Constitution Acquisition.

Corebridge Financial. Corner Growth Acquisition 3. CorpHousing Group. Decarbonization Plus Acquisition V. Decipher Biosciences. Deep Space Acquisition I. Delphi Growth Capital. Distoken Acquisition. DMB Acquisition. Dynasty Financial Partners. Elate Group. Eleison Pharmaceuticals. Elicio Therapeutics. Elliott Opportunity I.

Embrace Change Acquisition. Endeavor Acquisition. Energy Cloud I Acquisition. Envirotech Vehicles. Erayak Power Solution Group. ESH Acquisition. Europa Growth Acquisition. Everside Health Group. Excolere Acquisition. Feutune Light Acquisition. First Digital Health Acquisition. Flag Ship Acquisition. Fogo Hospitality. Foresight Acquisition II. Fortune Joy International Acquisition.

Fortune Valley Treasures. Forza X1. Freehold Properties. Freestone Acquisition. Giant Oak Acquisition. Global Robotic Drone Acquisition. Golden Sun Education Group. Golden Ventures Acquisition. Gores Holdings X. Grandview Capital Acquisition. Graphex Group. Green Grass Ecological Technology Development. Guggenheim Special Purpose Acquisition I. Hainan Manaslu Acquisition.

Hanze Asia Growth A. Hash Space Acquisition. Haymaker Acquisition IV. Hemoglobin Oxygen Therapeutics. Hengguang Holding. Henley Park Acquisition. HomeSmart Holdings. Hongli Group. Huake Holding Biology. Hudson Acquisition I. ICG Hypersonic Acquisition. Igniting Consumer Growth Acquisition. Innovative Eyewear. Innovatus Life Sciences Acquisition. Integrated Energy Transition Acquisition. Intelligent Living Application Group. Intensity Therapeutics. Intrepid Acquisition I.

Intrinsic Medicine. Intuity Medical. Israel Acquisitions. Ivanhoe Electric. J-Star Holding. Jade Value Acquisition. Jeffs' Brands.